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How The Mobile-preneurs Do It

Create Business Refund Specialist System CEO

Greetings from Koh Samui!

I’m counting down my last few days in paradise and I’ve been getting a lot of questions filtering through my inbox asking me ‘how do I become an online business owner?’ ‘how do I attain lifestyle freedom?’ ‘I want to travel and work from my mobile, where do I start?’ So I am calling this post… How the mobile-preneurs do it!

Truth is, I work hard! I put a lot of effort into running my company in order to provide the best possible service I can to my clients… That was always my goal and it’s definitely a choice I made which was driven by a passion for what I was doing. Another one of my goals was control over my own life… I am the captain of my own ship, I still take time out if and when I please and I work from home. But make no mistake, this didn’t all come around by accident. I made very crucial and key decisions that have allowed me to become a mobile-preneur who has the luxury of picking up at a moments notice and going on a trip with my family.

Here’s what I did…

1. I set myself some goals and a checklist of exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to work from home, spend time with my kids, I wanted a business vehicle which required very little risk and very little investment to get off the ground.

2. I chose something I was passionate about.

I needed to do something I was passionate about, I wanted something that I would be proud to tell people about and that actually served the world in a really wonderful way.


This is the most important step of all, and you might think ‘well dah, without action how do you expect to see a REACTION.’ Exactly… The reason you’re looking at this post right now is probably because you’re looking for something which will no doubt give you more freedom, control over your time and finances, etc. And the fact that you have gone out and have clearly researched hard enough to end up here says some pretty incredible things about you. So thumbs up! But without taking action from here, this is all likely to still be a dream to you in a year’s time. What steps have you taken towards putting a plan into action or gaining mentorship from someone with REAL experience in the industry that you’re interested in pursuing?

When I stumbled onto the refund specialist business model for the first time, I knew instantly that it was the business for me. It was simple, straightforward and easy to scale and I can safely dedicate all of my successes to date to this incredible business.

If you do nothing else today, check out the Create Business refund Specialist business for yourself… maybe it’s for you… maybe it’s not… What I know is that this could be your first step towards following your dream to become a mobile-preneur.