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My pet peeve is chronic passivity….I feel that passivity is a social disease. that passivity is a by product of laziness & results in a life less fulfilling. the passive justify. they say things like ” you play the hand you are dealt”, “life gives you lemons and you make lemonade” and think they are being positive….Passive people believe that their circumstances are handed to them, and alas, “we can only make the best of it… these and other lame clichés are the give away of the passive society. Life is not thrust upon it, your life is an the accumulation of every thought, feeling and action you have had to date. What you did and even more importantly what you did NOT or failed to do? Your life current is the result of that. you can do as I do and say “heck, i hate lemonade” and if a lemon is handed to you, you say “no thank” and you bin it. you demand life delivers mangoes, by planting mango trees…what does it take? Hard work, clarify for one, stamina, focus, tenacity & faith… Being honest to yourself, taking risks, feeling the fear but taking action anyway, wearing your heart on your sleeve at times and even a little passionate aggression. Bloody hard work compared to doing nothing and simply saying ” hey them’s the breaks” and other justifications. but the alternative of a life less fulfilling, is not an option to me.

And it should not be an option to you. We all deserve our own version of an amazing life, a life worth living. So starting today, get clear get focused and go hard chasing your destiny.

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