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Today’s world, we simply do not know who to trust, it seems that everyone is a “star”, everyone is an “expert”.
The truth is people talk a whole load of rot!
So why should you trust a word that comes out of my mouth?

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, I couldn’t agree more!

As you may remember,my name is Myriam Borg 14 years ago i was a struggling mum on maternity leave for my second child and my musician husband was unemployed- things were not pretty. But as they say necessity is the mother of all inventions, and I took a step into the unknown that changed my life forever- below is a picture of my flat in Strathfield where I was living at the time, and below that is my home now – where I am currently living;

From this to this; To residing in my current home, also in Sydney – apparently it’s called an estate:)! I went from driving a beat up Hyundai excel (sorry never took a picture of that piece of junk!) to driving my dream ride, a Porsche!

And no I am not telling you to brag, not even a little!: The reason why I am telling this little picture story is to show you that every now and then very rarely there comes a person who actually walked the talk!

Anyone that has ever spoken to me knows that I am just a regular Sydney girl, a mum of three. Who simply dared to want more. Make no mistake I did it while working in an erhical business from home in my PJs!! But the thing that made the difference was that I was a believer, I believed I can get my dream job!

You do need a healthy dose of scepticism to survive in today’s world, but the secret to getting places is that you really gotta be a believer!

Sometimes the biggest opportunities are right under our nose! Isn’t it time you took a serious look at something real?

I believe that success is there for all to share wishing you the very best always,

I hope you have a magnificent day!

Myriam xox

Tel 1800 61 71 11