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Word of the day


I have a few favorite words, words that I find have great meaning in my life, I’m sure you will also have a few words of choice. One word I really like is ‘congruent’.  It means harmony, agreement, truth. If something is congruent, it means a truth.  We’ve all seen it (and maybe done it too!) where someone professes to be something, tells you something and then you see them doing the exact opposite!  What fakes!! Listening to someone spout on about how … [ Read More ]

It is all in your head


Ever heard the phrase “ cash is king”?  Well, it applies all the more today in our cashless society, where we are tricked into consuming more than we earn!  charge it on the card, it doesn’t feel like spending:)… But what is it about people walking around without cash in their wallets anyway? Is it a scarcity thing? Are they broke? Are they scared to carry cash in case they are robbed? I mean seriously?! Who knows but I tell you, it … [ Read More ]

Fear of risk


I get this all the time – “I love the idea of working from home but risking $5k is too scary” or “I want to work in this industry from home but am not to willing to risk my money” Okay I am going to say it….nothing changes if nothing changes. I think “fear of risk” is the most harm you can do to yourself and your family. In order to suceed you need to take a lot of calculated measured risks, you … [ Read More ]

Here is to freedom


Here Is To Freedom Hi. If you’re thinking of ditching your job and starting a home based business, then I have got fantastic news for you. As you know I love my freedom and am something of a home based business fanatic. There is nothing like it. Refund Consulting is an excellent option for a first time entrepreneur. Millions of hard working Aussies are faced for the first time with fewer job working prospects, and starting a home based business just might be the … [ Read More ]

Follow That Dream!

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Follow That Dream A decade ago, I did something crazy! 9 months pregnant, toddler in tow and with an unemployed husband I chucked in my career as a vocational Trainer (VET trainer) and decided to start my own business. I chose an industry I knew nothing about–an industry where very little literature can be found–and where there was no teachers to guide you. But, with one of my favorite quotes in mind (“boldness has genius, power and magic in it”) and the absolute … [ Read More ]

Find the best home business

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How To Find A Business That Can Give You The Ultimate Freedom! Many individuals are longing to find an answer to this very fascinating question: “How to  find a Business?” Read on and see the answer here.  Do you want to spend more time with your family but you are trapped in the four corners of your office cramming to finish your monthly reports? Are you longing to go on a vacation but the schedules & your budget are too tight? If your answers … [ Read More ]

Make life count

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Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal Make it Count Posted on 24 June 2011. Tags: time strategies I am a massive advocate for living a life of ABSOLUTE freedom. Now, personally, I don’t mind working. In fact I enjoy the stimulation. What I hate is “restriction” and I despise having to live or work according to someone else’s rules! Years ago, as an “ employee” I had to commute for 3 hours a day to sit on someone else’s grubby desk under neon … [ Read More ]

A picture is worth 1000 words

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Today’s world,  we simply do not know who to trust, it seems that everyone is a “star”, everyone is an “expert”. The truth is people talk a whole load of rot! So why should you trust a word that comes out of my mouth? They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, I couldn’t agree more! As you may remember,my name is Myriam Borg 14 years ago i was  a struggling mum on maternity leave for my second child and my … [ Read More ]

Do You Really Think You are a Free Person


Do You Really Think You are a Free person? I read this totally cool article, it talks about how people who live in “first world” places like Australia and the US, Canada, UK and most of Europe are slaves and they don’t even know it. Worse, they all support their own slavery and, in many ways, make themselves more into slaves every day… on purpose!The average person says “hey I am free! I live in a free country” while slaving away for 10 hours … [ Read More ]

Your Top 10 Refund Questions Answered


Your Top 10 Refund Questions Answered You’ve decided to run your own business and have chosen the Refund Consulting Program as your ‘go-to’ business opportunity to ponder.  Apart from the information we’ve already sent you, detailing some of the fantastic benefits of running this business… Work from home, flexible and portable business, work part time hours and generate a full time income… We know you’ll have many questions about the ins and outs!So, what do you REALLY want to know about this business? … [ Read More ]