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The need to change as a person

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The need to change ultimately starts within you. I am taking steps to allow love in my life and to let it serve as my guide. I also want to have enough confidence and determination in the ideals I believe in to create the impression of making the other people look right and not wrong.  I will pursue and not give up in making things possible according to the things I visualize and learn to accept things without apathy.  Try to practice … [ Read More ]

Find A Job You Love

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As you guys know I am currently travelling, as I head out of South Korea to Milan I want to share with you some of my thoughts… As you know I think a lot – and as I watch people I cant help but think if thy ever feel like they are living a lie? Do you feel like there is something else you are meant to be doing? Are you living the life you dreamed of or are you living someone else’s dream? … [ Read More ]

Keeping The Best Home Business


Seoul, Korea I love travelling to new places. Traveling is a way to challenge one’s self, to remain flexible and fluid. I am not a flexible person by nature; I like things done my way so you can imagine when that ideal is challenged, then I am  really challenged. There is no better way to challenge one’s self than going to a totally ‘foreign’ country… what do I mean? Well a place that has no English language, for one thing.The language barrier … [ Read More ]

How To Deal With Anger

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For about 70% of our existence, we all operate from a subconscious level, on autopilot  and understanding this is essential to changing or attempting to improve your life, especially to people who maintain daily routines for our work from home.  When there is a burst of sudden emotions or when we become angry, blood flows directly from our front brain all the way to the middle brain. at that point our minds are no longer thinking rationally.  ‘in emotion’ we lose rationale, We end up being unreasonable … [ Read More ]

Online Business Mindset: Are You Doing Something Of Real Value?

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I have just come back from a 5-week break in the South Pacific, taking time out and lying in a hammock reading, and just staring out at endless shades of blue ocean day in day out. It’s so therapeutic… you get affected by the people’s super laid back mindset, and you slow down. You aren’t pushing and shoving. You don’t check your messages every half an hour anymore and you relaxxxxxx. It made me think of how insane our Western lifestyle is … [ Read More ]

Ultimate Financial Freedom

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Hi Guys, I am currently island hopping the stunning South Pacific and my office environment changes, depending on what I am doing around the balmy palm tree islands of the south pacific island group of Vava’u – but no matter where I am I mix up work & play, fresh coconut juice in one hand, laptop in front me and my phone on roaming- my customers and staff can contact me here in the remoteness of the South Pacific exactly the same … [ Read More ]

What A Blessing…..

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Today I want to talk about emergencies in life, you know when drastic things happen, your partner gets sick, you elderly parent(s) need care, god forbid you are diagnosed with an illness that needs you to slow down…. you can’t maintain the same work pace…the same lifestyle… well does your life fall apart at that point?? I know, doom and gloom but questions worth asking in ADVANCE BELIEVE YOU ME….WHY? LET ME TELL YOU… In 2012 my mother, a 64 year old … [ Read More ]

How To Overcome Sales Objections And Rejections

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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is involved in all manner of selling and marketing, then you better listen close. We all know that closing networking and recruiting someone to buy into your program, service or product can be difficult most of the time. Some of you may be starting to become more and more wary of rejections and objections coming from seemingly all sides possible. Turning a “No” to a Resounding “Yes!” What if I told you that I have … [ Read More ]

How To Become A Successful Business Person

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If I can be successful in business, then there’s no reason to believe why you can’t, too. There is no such thing as a born businessman. You can definitely be a business expert as well especially if you put in time and practice. The most important thing to learn in business is how to sell properly. Once you do, then the knowledge will really help you out a lot as you set out to achieve your goals in selling your product or … [ Read More ]

Do You Have the X Factor?

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Have you ever noticed how two people would undertake to do the exact same thing and yet somehow yield very different outcome? Have you ever seen seemingly very ordinary people attain more success than those who have undergone significant training & expertise? Has the line, “I don’t know how he/she does it, but it sure does work!” ring a bell? The thing is, a lot of people often look past something that is called Alchemy. You see, alchemy is one’s capability to … [ Read More ]