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‘Less Stress And A More Meaningful Life’ By Myriam Borg

0 comments 'Less Stress And A More Meaningful Life' By Myriam Borg -Creator of Refund Consulting Program

Did you know that when your professional life and personal life are out of balance, your stress level would likely to rise which is not a good thing for you and your loved ones! And that’s the exact same reason why the Create Australia CEO Founder “Myriam Borg” came up with an idea of creating her fully portable “refund business” in which enables her to work from home or anywhere in a flexible time as she always wanted!

Based from Myriam Borg experiences nothing is impossible if you just believe that when you start doing more of what will work in your life and take the risk to stop of what doesn’t – you’ll definitely create a “Less Stress and More Meaningful Life” kind of lifestyle that we all really wish for. Thus, Myriam’s courage, open mind, and strong-willed personality were her roped towards success.


According to the CEO, defining your beliefs and guiding principles is the most important part of running a successful business. So she always advises her refund consultants team that in order to achieve the real SUCCESS: “You should have a passionate, determined and committed character on turning your dreams into a reality because if they do not – it will be worthless!” Because that passion, willingness, and self-belief will definitely give you a great power on your journey into a wonderful experience at Create Australia – Refund Consulting Program.

Thus and so, Myriam Borg want to share you all today that to truly build up your business; you’ll have to build up yourself as well. So think of your belief as guiding principles that will help drive you to your goals! 😉

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