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Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program (Changes Lives For The Better)

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Having a child and being a responsible parent is oftentimes the most difficult of tasks, and yet the most rewarding and fulfilling experience a person can have.

There are numerous ways a person becomes a parent; by giving birth, fostering, third party reproduction, adoption, etc. But none of them are an easy thing to do because becoming a parent requires huge responsibility and transition on a person’s lifestyle. One big reason that most people are not prepared for being a great parent because it is the beginning of you putting someone else’s needs above your own and having more financial obligations and acting in a way as to have responsible parenting.

This way every parent tries different ways to achieve greater financial stability and continuously searches for better opportunities or even considers starting in business.

Almost, all parents have these need to better their family’s financial future, to plan for their family and regardless of how hard and stressful it can be… However, did you know that there are a million ways every working mum or dad can make money outside of the regular 9-to-5 grind? Or did not notice because you are overwhelmed by the job promotion possibilities, or feeling that you don’t have the skills or training to be able to be your own boss and care for your family… Or let’s just say you already have a business but still looking for an inspiration right now on how to make it thrive without compromising your current lifestyle?

Yes, that is the reality in parenthood; parents like Myriam Borg & many of us experiencing and can relate to that situation, even asking for those exact questions with same reasons why and yet until now still stuck, finding solutions and greater chances of opportunities… Why? Because it’s not that easy and it is truly an art; juggling the commitments of full-time parenthood while growing a profitable small business.

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So, Myriam Borg “the founder” of Create Australia – and the creator of the Refund Consulting Program

who already had achieved that perfect work/life/financial success says’ its now her turn to help and give back to new entrepreneurs. Her goal is to educate people like her 17 years ago, struggling with their life, trying to balance parenthood & financial success to change their lives for good… Myriam is very passionate to see many people grow their own successful business while they fulfill their best life ever that everyone deserves.

According to Myriam Borg of Create Australia – Refund Consulting Business,

our world is full of opportunity and change… So, every person should have an opportunity to live an alternative way of life today, a life that fits with them the “best life with work-life balance with better financial freedom” and not like it was before “working in a traditional career, dedicates their whole life to the one company for fifty years then get a gold watch at retirement age”.

Myriam’s influence

is to create a path for parents to live a better quality of life as well as develop a business vehicle in order to improve their family’s financial future.

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So is it doable I hear you ask?’Yes absolutely, no doubt about it!’

“Myriam Borg”

–  successful business woman living in New South Wales, Australia with her family who is a vocal advocate of work/life balance and living a life of greater freedom and flexibility through owning a portable business loves to travel now in different parts of the world and experiencing the beauty, food & people of it together with her family while successfully running her portable online business model – “Refund Consulting Business” which can only proved that her business is really a “Success”.

Aside from that, Myriam’s refund consulting business is well-known in the refund industry because it is fast-growing and never stop seeking new and better ways to produce, promote and deliver the company’s best value. And she prides herself on launching this very helpful Refund Consulting Program of her which is now a huge dynamic sector in Australia that main goal everyday is also to help every Australians claim their lost & missing monies and assets.

So, what can Myriam really contribute to the entrepreneurs? How can her program help you manage and balance all demands in business while keeping their family still at the top of the priority lists?!

Right Now, Myriam Borg virtually runs her “Refund Consulting Program” whereas they unconditionally assist, educate and train each refund consultants on setting up their business startups, tools & system, right sales attitude and strategies plus a 24/7 customer support on refund consulting services.

At this moment, you already have the opportunity to experience the work-life balance and the BEST LIFE ever…

It’s in your hands now! 🙂

To find out more stories and experiences about how she surpasses all the bumps along the way and achieved the most ever difficult healthy “WORK AND LIFE BALANCE” called LIFE SUCCESS…

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