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Myriam Borg, Entrepreneur Maker On Refund Consulting

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Have you ever woken up energized and with a dream to become that one in million, to join the successful entrepreneurs’ league? To be your own boss and call the shots? Surely you know that it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Tens of thousands of people do it world wide every single year, so there is hope for you yet! yes you may need something innovative and different from the ‘same old’ on offer. So, what to do and were to actually find that novel idea that could help you get the edge?

For a smart, easy and well thought through solution that has a solid 17 years of proven track record, look no further than Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program, a business system that helps you to tap into a unique and lucrative industry that can literally change your life for the better in a very short space of time. Myriam Borg is from Australia; a female entrepreneur and the founder of Create Australia – she tells us 9 Reasons why The Refund Consultant Program, is one of the last remaining opportunities for genuine business successful for the newbies or start ups.

Fully Portable Business
For those you who’s location may be their biggest barrier to seeking better opportunities, this model allows you to work with freedom and flexibility to start wherever you are and allows you the portability to ultimately live wherever you want.

The ability of fully portable business help many to work freely with more flexibility and fluidity.
Untapped Multi-billion dollar industry

According to Myriam Borg’s interviews the money refund industry is growing at a rapid rate with a whopping 1.4 Billion dollars added each year in Australia alone, The international markets which are covered in the Refund consulting program International Version has a combined total of $89 Billion dollars as of January 2017- so there is no lack of money for refund consultants to work with and there is no sign of slowing down- the sky is the limit.

Acceleration In Learning And Career
Isn’t it great that you earn while learning as you are supported in launching your new start up business, without any pressure- you do not have to pass and exam or rigid criteria. Myriam and her team at Create Australia pace your learning and support based on your own pace, because life and work should be a good fit and the right pace for YOU.

Work Of Real Value, Delivering REAL Service
Refund consulting is all about serving others, its the process where you have to make you money by providing money to others and so you work in a positive cycle, you make great money for doing something of great service to someone else. Myriam Borg had a very clear concept of this business approach, this model of service as you are providing service to those who are in need of your service and receive their refunds of monies via the Refund Consultants good work. That positive cycle of WIN/WIN/ WIN is a major difference to many businesses and jobs around today that have no real value/purpose or good deeds- this distinguishes this business model as head and shoulders above anything else around.

Continuous learning approach
Myriam Borg founder of the Refund Industry ensures as a new consultant you not only get access to the 24/7 Refund Consultant online support and training platform, the Create Business team also ensures you have everything you need for a successful business launch. This is the core aim of the company to see you succeed to ensure that you hit the ground running.

Eligibility to join industry instantly
The real credibility that you get through the Refund Consulting program is a gateway into an untapped multi- billion dollar industry that is regulated and promoted by Unclaimed Money Association of Australia to perform the ethical practice of refund consultant role. The Refund Consulting program helps to give the qualification to join the UMAA.

Easy startup and management system
With the Refund Consulting Business lets you have an innovative & unique business model, based on 17 years of industry experience and mentored by the renowned industry founder- you need not have to spend a cent on marketing expenses as the program has systems in place to assist you in a “set up, brand and launch’ 3 step process that is truly cutting edge. Leaving you to focus on the important things in your business- namely refunding and making money!

Tax deductible
Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program it is completely tax deductible which means that you can claim it all back as part of your business expense. As this could provide you the most affordable way to start your own business via a small initial investment.

This business program is completely affordable and with minimal risk and solid proof to be less expensive than another business type that you may wish to start – especially when you look at the lack of overheads in this business model. Let’s be honest even thinking of going back to college would cost you a lot more than this amazing business program and college education doesn’t give you any assurances of income or real potential for financial freedom.

These are the nine benefits that were revealed by Myriam Borg Australia which she genuinely believes can help give you new wings to launch yourself into business success.

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