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RIP Robin Williams


The world lost a wonderful soul today. Robin Williams was Amazingly insightful, I loved his humor & observations. He will be hugely missed I know that I loved his cooky quirky yet very real take on things. One of my favourite quotes was this one; You’re only given a little Spark of Madness, You musn’t lose it. it really resonates why we shouldn’t be scared to try things out, live a little, reach out for those deeams of yours…. Yes, it says all that … [ Read More ]

Best Home Business Opportunities For Stay At Home Mothers

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Grab The Best Home Business Opportunities For All Working Mothers I bet all working mothers can relate to the dilemma of having a baby to take care of, a husband to get constantly in touch with, and a routine – or better to say, MERCILESS – job to catch up with at the rush hours of the day. Maybe you have not even noticed, you are already losing half of your life for a job that couldn’t even suffice your personal needs … [ Read More ]

Avoid chronic passivity


My pet peeve is chronic passivity….I feel that passivity is a social disease. that passivity is a by product of laziness & results in a life less fulfilling. the passive justify. they say things like ” you play the hand you are dealt”, “life gives you lemons and you make lemonade” and think they are being positive….Passive people believe that their circumstances are handed to them, and alas, “we can only make the best of it… these and other lame clichés are the … [ Read More ]

Never Rely On A Boss Again


I was going through and cleaning up my computer being the end of financial year and all, and I found these two old articles regarding lost monies being found by ecstatic people, it’s like ” winning the lotto”, they said.Now, I think of what lost money agents do in helping people find lost fortunes, and how fulfilling that is, especially with the lack of Australian jobs in the market, the lack of easy businesses to run and the lack of any genuine business … [ Read More ]

Playing The Blame Game


People often blame the banks & big corporations when the economy is doing poorly, when  mortgage rates soar high & home affordability gets out of reach. However, what everyone fails to see is that we are all responsible, just like giant corporations lose billions of their  money & assets; individuals mismanage too! a good example of this is lost funds…. unclaimed & lost funds account for around $100 billion dollars, that’s right ONE HUNDRED BILLION in lost funds belonging to moms & … [ Read More ]

What is holding you back?


Most of us have an excuse which holds us back. You know the ones. Not enough money, not enough time, can’t get the right business, blah, blah, blah. But if they were real barriers then nobody who was busy or broke would achieve success, would they? I mean, both the homeless and Bill Gates have 24 hours in the day and everyone started from point ZERO. So what is it that really determines our level of success? It can only be one … [ Read More ]

Awesome and inspiring true story


Stop and Think… Just for a moment when I first read this story in 2000, it touched me deeply. I wanted to share it with you….This story is about a Father of a disabled child, in his case, a son named Shaya. It was originally reported in the New York newspapers. It was so touching, it spread like wildfire across the internet and many began to question – “Did this really happen, or is it just another urban legend?” Well, that’s the … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg: Life Without Boundaries; Work, Rest & Play!

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Myriam Borg: Life Without Boundaries; Work, Rest & Play! My name is Myriam and I have been a work from home mum for the last 14 years, it started when I was 29 years old, I was commuting to the city everyday for my office job, the return trip to and from work alone was 3 hours. I had a 4 year old who I left at 5.30am every morning and picked up at 7.00pm every night…. It was no life, I spent the … [ Read More ]

Break out and head towards wealth


Break Out and Head Towards Success Everyone professes to wanting to be rich and successful. Slowly, one realises that all people PAY LIP SERVICE to wanting to be rich and successful – But the truth is that most people did not ACTUALLY want to be rich & successful.  The truth was that most people held negative values and thoughts towards wealth and wealthy and successful people. They didn’t all say it out loud, but many thought the rich were “corrupt” “greedy” and “dishonest”, many … [ Read More ]

My Rags To Riches Story

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My Rags To Riches Story The other day, I was going through my photo album and I came across a certain picture I remembered all too well. It was a photo my husband took of me in the year 2000.  As i looked at that photo, a flood of emotions & memories came back to me. Let me give you an idea of what I was feeling at the time… Guilt Inadequacy Confusion Worry Strain And hopelessness There I was, sitting cross … [ Read More ]