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Myriam View From Hotel In Thailand | Refund Consulting Review

0 comments Myriam Borg Create Australia CEO Hotel Room View


Myriam View From Hotel In Thailand

Refund Consulting Review


Have you seen the view from my hotel room?

Pretty crazy ha?

Myriam Borg Create Australia CEO Hotel Room View

(This photo was taken just before I turned my laptop around so I could watch the waves and get a bit of work done at the same time.)

It never gets old to me, being able to work from anywhere I want to and being able to experience new places with my family! Right now I am in Silver Beach Koh Samui, one of my favourite places in the world. The beaches are pristine and the water is to die for!

One of my big fears when I was living the corporate life was that I would never be able to travel the world with my family, not living life to it’s fullest… or worse… getting around to it a little too late. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was want of the big underlying reasons I decided to start searching for a ‘WAY OUT’ of that life. A way to work from home, pay off my debts and travel the world!

I remember I got a lot of negative feedback from the people around me at the time. Calling me a ‘dreamer’ a ‘time waster’ and even ‘too optimistic…’

It wasn’t until I was eventually fed up to the point where I said ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!’ I threw in the towel at work and just like that… I had made a decision where I HAD to move forward. There was no going back and I knew that.

Have you ever had a moment like that?

I have never looked back from that moment, and my life has never been the same!

Starting a refund business has allowed me to

Be able to work on MY TERMS
Earn a living from ANYWHERE
Spend time with MY FAMILY
But most of all…

It’s allowed me the freedom to live my life the way I always dreamed I would.

And let me tell you this, there is NO better feeling than realising that you’ve made it!

I want to know where your at! Have you had your big realisation yet? Are you in the process of finding how your going to make living your dream life a reality?

Where every your at! I want to hear YOUR story!

Just comment below!