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Myriam Borg Speaks About Barriers To Success

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Myriam Borg Speaks About Barriers To Success

In a new business and social environment people tend to be more cautious and hold more Fear, and ultimately this limits their options and opportunities.

Fear is the darkest emotion, it is our enemy and the challenge we must overcome over and over and over again- fear is not “ being sensible” its not “ being cautious” its not “what keeps us safe” Fear is what – holds us back from trying, experiencing and living – the difference between the highly successful and the dismal failure is often their capacity for risk – you will rarely see a truly successful person who is not also a high risk taker.

Fear is your number one enemy- you must condition yourself to feel the fear but “do it” anyway, sense the doubt but “do it anyway”.

Your new motto must be there is nothing to Fear but fear itself. Come from the point of view that its OK to fail, failure is just a result you did not want, the more you do it the more you learn grow, and come closer to what you want- it’s OK. Its OK to fall, and make a fool of yourself.

BIG people can handle failure- the people who fail the most are always the biggest winners amongst us, that is not a coincidence it’s a rule. In life there is something called the risk reward principle – the more risk the more reward, the less risk the less reward. Fear holds you from taking risks and it holds you from risk’s rewards!

Myriam is candid about her own struggles with the dreaded “fear” – she states in her own words ” I have two quotes I try to live by each day- the first is ” feel the fear but do it anyway!” and the other is ” the key to success is to start before you are ready”. Follow your heart, work hard, be true to yourself and above all never listen to the nay Sayers and dream stealers. Never ever give up on yourself or your dreams.

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