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Myriam Borg – Who is “Entrepreneur” And How You Can Become?

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Most people believe – an entrepreneur is all about coming up with the BIG idea. This basic definition hardly scratches the surface. Hard work and persistence, risk-taking, an innovation is what makes a true entrepreneur. Entrepreuners shape their own path  and rarely follow the status quo!

An Introduction – Entrepreneur.  




The term entrepreneur is much broader than the creation of a new business venture. Suffice it to say, entrepreneurs choose to start a business rather than working as an employee – assuming all the risks as well as rewards included in a particular business venture. An entrepreneur is the one who searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. Innovation is the major focus of an entrepreneur, the mean by which they execute new ideas to market, make the right decisions – leading to profitability.

In other words, entrepreneurs are risk takers, willing to roll the dice with their money or reputation on the line in support of an idea or enterprise. They willingly assume responsibility for the success or failure of a venture and are answerable for all its facets.

Now, just a short question from my side – Are you itching to venture out on your own? If yes, your attributes require an innate skill set and below tips to get started.

Here are some tips from Myriam Borg – A qualified Entrepreneur


Love What You Do.

Being passionate is fundamental to endure an in an entrepreneurial journey. Half-heartedness endeavor chip away at your drive to succeed. Perseverance is the key element that ensures to move everything over time, whether it’s a person, a job or an entire company.

As you know- “Abraham Lincoln failed in most of his efforts until late in his life, but he never gave up”.

Evaluate Your Current Financial Status.

Your growth is restricted until you evaluate your current financial status. Before initiating your journey, you need to put everything on paper. By physically analyzing your financial status, you can take appropriate steps to achieve financial goals. A clear plan – about your earnings vs. the expenditure assist you creating a financial plan while taking next steps.

When creating your future plan, you need to:

– Know your full income
– Establish how much you spend
– Be clear about where you could save
– Use an online invoicing tool to track your finances.
– Write down your financial and lifestyle goals
– Know your full income
– Establish how much you spend

After analyzing financial status – if you aren’t satisfied with your income as well as your spending, don’t get discouraged. Follow the next step to make positive changes.

Work On Increasing Your Current Income.

After creating your plan and listed your financial and lifestyle goals, it’s time to work out on – how to maximize your income for accomplishing goals? Realistically, you can`t become a millionaire by cutting back on your daily coffee. You need to opt for optimum opportunities that promptly increment your current income.

Opt for opportunities with your current employer. Perhaps, there is a promotion up for grabs or a new position that suit you better while offering you a higher income. Also, consider a side hustle enabling you to regularly generate more money. Lots of people do freelancing to make money on the side.

Start Learning New Skills.

Learning is about more than enabling you to do your current job properly. It’s a way forward to become an expert in multiple fields. Increase professional network, participate in online discussions to discuss topics with other professionals more broadly. This will help you to become a well-rounded intellectual.

You don’t have to reapply to go to college to learn new skills. You could simply:

– Read more
– Listen to podcasts
– Attend events and conferences
– Do an online course

Seek Opportunities.

Opportunities aren’t going to land on your lap as you sit at your desk during your usual nine to five routine. You have to go out there and grab them. Enhance your skills, build a powerful presence so that employers will consider you person when jobs pop up.

On the other hand, if you’ve got a business idea you’ve been sitting on for a long time – work on it! Invest your spare time developing it until it starts generating a side income for you. Once it’s up and running, it could even become your million-dollar baby.

Build Network.

The phrase “it’s not what you know, but who you know” couldn’t be truer. You perhaps observed that successful people associate with equally as successful peers, whether or not they are from the same business venture. Building a strong network with professionals in an ideal way with which to catapult you to success.

For examples – if you are the best brain surgeon in the world. Nobody will know it unless you tell them, so find out where your industry icons will be, go and meet them. There are a number of ways disclosed by Myriam Borg – A Refund Consultant through which you can build your professional network, some of them are:

– Sending a simple email
– Using social media to contact them
– Meeting them at events and conferences
– Subscribing to their newsletter
– Attending their webinars
– Read great finance blogs like Jeff Rose, CFP, and Good Financial Cents.

It`s true – you can’t become a millionaire by sitting in the same chair every day until retirement. Importantly, your attributes require mindset and implement otherwise the above Entrepreneur tips from Myriam Borg are of no use. Start your day with a new sense of drive, discipline, and make the necessary sacrifices to reach the milestones that will propel you towards your goals.

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