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Sea Mercy’s Australian Ambassador

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Myriam Borg | Sea Mercy’s Australian Ambassador

Sea Mercy is a floating health care clinic that continuously making a positive impact on many people’s life. Sea Mercy is well invested and contributing directly to the medical/physical well being of remote islanders that have poor access to medical services and basic community education due to the remoteness of the islands.

Fast forward six years, as the Australian ambassador of Sea Mercy

The rewards I’m getting from it is that I was able to help & make a positive difference in the lives of the many people we assisted, and the good relationship built with these remote Islanders that were so warm, friendly, helpful, and highly appreciative of our work!

That made my journey as Sea Mercy’s Australian ambassador – a perfect blend of adventure, challenge, worthwhile and appreciated work, relaxation, exercise, friendship, and fun. And luckily, I got to do it all with my lovely family while doing my portable freedom business! 😉

Overall, it was beautiful, the sea life is incredible, the work is challenging, the camaraderie and recreation are all superb!

And if you think you might also like to explore and expand your horizons while doing something really good for folks who aren’t as fortunate as we are, now’s the time! 🙂

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