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Refund Business, The Greatest Home Business of All Time

0 comments Refund Business, The Greatest Home Business of All Time

Create Business was founded by a Myriam Borg, a business woman who wanted more of her life, back in 1999.

A corporate business trainer, Myriam envisioned a life where she shouldn’t choose to juggle between her work and her family.

Bearing this in mind and with sheer determination, she found herself in the midst of an industry she wasn’t prepared for – the refund business industry. The industry was silent until she came along, and now she’s helped thousands of people from across the globe reclaim money that’s rightfully theirs.

The refund business industry is somewhere where the brunt of missing money, shares and assets are put together for consolidation, after several years of not claiming it’s taken over as government revenue.

It can come from multiple sources – your bank account, investments, and many more.

When Myriam founded Create Business, she wanted to shed light on this multi-billion industry and teach other people to further help those with accessing what is rightfully theirs.

Create Business is on a mission to perpetuate the cycle of helping good folks get refunds of their missing money.

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