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Create’s CEO Working From Vienna, Austria-working across time zone…

0 comments Create Australia Refund Consulting Reviews -Working From Vienna,Austria

Create Refund Specialist System CEO & Founder Working From Vienna, Austria.

25 Austrian days & nights

Austria is stunning, between the European architecture, the art, the Opera and famous skiing you really can’t fault it for a place to hang.

Create Australia Refund Consulting Reviews -Working From Vienna,Austria

But what about running a business that caters to people on the other side of the world, can you really run an operation on the other side of the world, with entirely opposing time zones successfully?

Myriam decided to review the reality of running her portable business from Austria over a 30 day period.

Here are her findings in her own words. 

I love Austria, in fact, I love that part of the world that entire European block, so has always been drawn to it, secretly asking can I really live in Europe and still cater to my Australian, New Zealand and American clients?

Over the years I have experimented with the nomadic entrepreneurial ‘thing’, to mixed success- I regularly live in Vava’u Tonga, for 4 months at a time and have a home there, in the Carribbean for 12 weeks  on a boat, and in Italy a couple of times for 5 weeks and 12 weeks, but this current Austria experiment was brutal. My working day started at 11 pm local Austrian time- I had spent the morning skiing, shopping and going up the mountain for dinners-  starting in Australia at 9am its 11 pm my Austrian local time.  I am already tired then Australia is online for work….

I try and try each day, am exhausted by it, but I log in to work day in day out- everyone on my team is fresh its morning there, am yawning.

I decide to cut my hours and only worked from 11 pm to 1 am. But I feel like I am missing out on a lot as we have a fast-paced work environment. By week 2 I hand over management to my team leader and only log in 1 hour per day.

This works, but I can honestly say it worked because it was only for a few weeks, long term 1 hour a day would not suit me, I enjoy the collaboration, banters and work interactions too much.

So if I was really honest, I would say it’s doable but not preferred. would I permanently locate to Austria while running my virtual business which has an Australia/ New Zealand target market, the answer, unfortunately, would be a definite NO.

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