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Create CEO Speaks About The Way Forward For Post 2020

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Hi guys! Today, I’m doing this video from Anna bay which is Nelson Bay,  Newcastle way. It is a stunning spot and I’m hanging out here for a little while with my family enjoying the sun & surf!

This message is I guess really wanting to check in with you to see how you are doing…2020 has been really tough for a lot of people and at the same time, in all honesty, it’s been really harsh on some industries and it’s been phenomenally successful for others; our refund industry has been insanely growing, the growth that I’m seeing with our refund specialists is I’ve never seen it before. I believe it’s directly linked to what’s happening currently; covid, higher unemployment and restrictions/ lockdowns, and the impact of that.

So you know while I totally acknowledge that it’s been really harsh on most of us, myself included…being grounded not being able to fly and travel and do the things that we normally do, it’s been very hard on families that are based interstate; one of my kids lives in Queensland and I saw him literally twice this year which is very unusual for us and I’m really looking forward to things opening up a little bit better but there’s been a lot of big positives to come from this year. I think we started to really realize the value of our home & our environment which we hadn’t fully grasped before… Now, we’re like being caged in our homes and we’re like looking at our environment… is it healthy? is it nurturing? And that’s really very positive…sure, it’s been forced upon us but it’s positive! The value of family and true friendships, I think that’s also come through and being able to deal with external pressure being placed upon us which is toughening us up a little bit and making us more resilient as people, so even though it all comes from negative sources, it makes you stronger!

So with that, of course, definitely changing habits like discovering local places to the holiday instead of hopping on a plane … I, in a million years, would have not gone to a holiday spot as gorgeous as this, I would have gone to Ireland to see the Irish coast very easily but I wouldn’t have gone to Newcastle which is two hours from where I am, so that’s a positive change to some habits that enrich us and this amazing NSW coastline that’s absolutely magnificent!

Create CEO Speaks About The Way Forward For Post 2020
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And I want to share that with you I’m going to actually take you on a little bit of a walk just have a look so you can live vicariously through this little video… God knows I’m living vicariously through other people’s previous travel videos and whatever just to get me through this period of being grounded:)! but in all truth… I think it’s a time that forces us to reflect and to have a game plan! And I think if all you’ve been doing is just being involved in the drama of this year and nothing else you’ve not gone introvert and reflected about who you are and what you’re doing, whether you’ve got a plan… where the heck you’re going in your life and how you can go about a better future? you must reflect, listen to your heart, and make a plan.

If you have not done that, there’s still time and you actually need to do that.  You need to go inside and use this time to really prepare yourself in order to bounce into what I believe will be a much much better year! No doubt about it,  2021 is going to be a good year for us, and bless you!

I want to show you around so that you can have a bit of a look, so let me just do that…

This is the gorgeous Anna bay! I think got two names, actually, I think they go by Anna bay and Fisherman’s bay so it’s an incredible bay! I love rocks and beautiful water crashing on the rocks…

This is a very calm day! 🙂