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Refund Consulting Programme Business Owner Talks

We love gathering testimonials and stories from our clients. One of our Refund Consulting Program refund consultants speaks about some of the key elements to their success…..four years on from purchasing the program. 

Having purchased the program four years ago, Myriam has asked me a few times, to share what I believe to have played such a large part in my success with the programme. So, one of the first things I really believe is at the core of how you work this business is how you can ‘think yourself’ to success.

What I mean by that is how you align your thoughts, your actions and the habits you form, all in order to achieve the life-goals you set yourself.  When I first started my Refund Consulting business, I had to have the right thoughts (think positively), I had to take the right actions (put the business into practice) and I had to discover what bad habits I had developed or brought with me from my previous working life, into this business, then change them!!  Sounds easy right?  Well, yes and no….

The thing is, life can sort of get in the way, just the everyday living means that it’s easy to let my daily business goals slide a little but whilst I’m running around being mum, working from the comfort of my own home with this Refund Consulting Programme and juggling everyday aspects of life… I remind myself that success starts from within.  I have to look closely and carefully at everything I do TODAY because everything I do TODAY, affects what success I achieve TOMORROW and the next day, the next month, the next year.

So, I would encourage you to ask yourself two questions everyday:

  1. What kind of mood are you in?
  2. What are you thinking about the most?

What you are feeling is important…. Are you annoyed, stressed, anxious or are you ready to start the day with plenty of energy and enthusiasm?

I constantly ask myself how I’m feeling before I start my day.  I need to assess my feelings because I need to know if what I am feeling will help me achieve my daily goal or not.  It’s not some mad scientific thing, it’s just about me being honest with myself and making sure I’m in the right frame of mind to give 100% to my business.  This goes without saying when I first bought the Refund Consulting Programme and today… four successful years on.

So, I can hear you asking “what if you don’t feel positive?”  Well, what’s really eye-opening about being your own successful business owner is realising that YOU, yes you, have the power to change how you feel, to put yourself into the right frame of mind to make your business successful.  This programme is amazing, it gives you all the tools you need to operate within this enormous industry…. But that’s the just starting point…. The rest is up to you.  You can change how you think, you can be that successful business owner (with a little help from Myriam!!) and you CAN have the life you desire.

I did.

Don’t wait for the next thing to appear on your plate… go and serve yourself up a healthy home-based business, decide you are going to make the changes in order to build yourself a fantastic business and just do it (in the words of Nike!).


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Lou, Refund consultant