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Yep, its that time of the year again. Winter has set in. Its colder, wetter, not much sun. Working from home sounds perfect.

So what is holding you up from doing that??

I was talking with some lovely clients who quickly became friends (husband & wife team) last week,  and they were in a similar position to what many of you are in right now.

Let me tell you their story…They were both very hard working, struggling to pay off their mortgage, constant monthly outgoings, kids bills and their house ‘value’ was actually decreasing in equity. Paying a premium for their two cars car and going out to the occasional restaurant.  They felt that they were killing themselves working and were still going backwards! They decided enough was enough. They needed a change from their boring jobs, their unappreciative bosses, their always empty bank accounts…So what they did was a lesson for us all…. , they had bought The Refund Consulting Program package, went through it, set up the basics of the business… and then the unexpected happened.

They sold their house, sold their cars, paid off the mortgage, hired a container, packed the stuff they wanted and garaged sold the junk. They picked up the kids and said their see ya laters to family & friends and they are now half way across the world in Croatia…

I couldn’t believe it, but its true.

They are now both working from their beautiful little stone villa  with ocean views. I should add that they have bought it for a ridiculously cheap price compared to what we pay here in oz (78,000 EURO – no mortgage) and are renovating it in their spare time.

Why Croatia…? Well that’s where they went on their honeymoon twelve years earlier and they always said…one day we will be back and they promised themselves…. They didn’t know it at the time but it was the smartest little promise they could have made. The kids are both becoming proficient in their new language and they are all loving it. They told me it was the best thing that they have done, beats all the utter struggle & stress that they were going through here in Sydney. By the way did I mention that the villa is on 1 acre of land and with ocean views…?! They told me that they feel like they can actually  breath now, they are getting back their energy and are feeling alive and  excited about the future rather than feeling pressured and  under the mercy of the government and banks.

After paying off the banks and credit cards they were left with only AUD$190,000 to make a new start in a new country. Well, they are doing exceptionally well! Breaking free & LOVIN it….apparently big weekend feasts are the thing in Croatia, where everyone does spit roasts, makes their own grapa (home made wine) and has loads of friends round for feasting, and listen to this; popping to ‘Italy’  for Italian food  or Germany for some German food is a weekend thing they do often, yup! they are loving every minute of it. They are working with the Refund Program and making a decent living, renovating in their spare time, which they have a lot of now as they aren’t wasting it on travel and traffic jams. Good on them for having the courage and the faith in themselves and their dreams! I love hearing these stories, and I love sharing them! why?

It gives you options, ideas, new dreams and this is good. I don’t think it’s noble to struggle, I don’t think fear and stress are holy. and I don’t think its ‘being responsible’ to stay put in a harsh reality till you drop dead from a heart attack or worse. I genuinely believe in striving for living in a state of joy, if like these couple it means having a sea change then waw, that is courageous & wise.

When these lovely couple decided to follow their hearts, everyone criticised them, ‘they’ll be back’ they said, ‘ they won’t survive in Europe’, ‘ its a cop out who does that?’ they said, well… as ALWAYS, the dream stealers were wrong, not only did they survive in their new environment, they are STRIVING.  I believe that ‘ Boldness has genius, power and magic in it’ and I cant be happier for them.

I know not everyone is as gun-ho as this family and we all can come up with reasons and excuses of why we shouldn’t do it just yet. Good job, good friends, my family is here…..etc but in the end it is all just fear of the unknown. I know that if you had the same dream, you can easily sell your family home and cars and all the useless doodads you have lying around and with the money left over you can go somewhere else and build a nice home which you can do the refund work from and seriously live like a KING or Queen with whatever money is left over. Cleaners, cooks, living by the beach everyday…paradise!!!  It is soooooo tempting right now. You are so close to actually living your version of wonderful….Where will you go? what would you want?

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Myriam Borg

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