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They did not know what to expect when they began the Refund Consulting Program and started their own home business, despite our amazing starting conditions.

These people had all decided that they were going to make a change and stop with the exhausting and unfulfilling jobs, the overwhelming mortgages and all that’s associated with that harsh reality.

And so, they did.

Like for all of our clients, they invested very little at the beginning of their journey – this is how the program is designed.
You see, I know how stressful launching your own business can be, probably more than anyone . So I decided that my program would reduce the financial risks for my clients to the very minimum by including very low overheads, a 12-months money back guarantee and a start-up cost below 10,000 $.

One of our refund consultant build a very successful business with our Program!

Our home portable business has helped them build a new life by working from anywhere and spending more time with their family. They now have a high income and have fulfilled those dreams that they talked about for years, like moving to a foreign country close to the ocean. Some of our beloved clients finally bought their dream house in Croatia and broke free from all social obligations to enjoy life in the sun!


Because everything in our lives is all about choice.

If you are crippled by debt, over stressed at work and just generally unhappy, then YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE TO CHANGE THAT. You are not obligated to live that way and follow what society tells you is “the right path”.

We only have so much time here – let’s make it valuable. And while it very well may be the scariest thing you have ever done, it will be worth it. You can have the life you have always wanted if YOU decide to take the leap.

Our Program will allow you to work from anywhere you fancy while earning a high income (and I mean high) while doing work of real value.

Stop missing out on life and launch your very own home business with Create Australia. I am here to help you during this journey towards financial freedom.