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I love strong, wonderful women. I love working with them, hanging out with them and enjoying my life journey as part of a community of women. There are a certain variety of women that really understand the sisterhood. They are supportive, they applaud your successes and propel you forward. These women tend to be leaders in their fields, and rightly so. 17 years ago when I rook that crazy leap of faith quitting my job to start up my own business, i had two amazing women managers. The operational manager Sue  and my immediate supervisor Maureen, I loved them both…i was the much younger woman in my 20s and cocky as hell, sure of myself and sassy to boot… i  often think I must of been annoying and that they could have eaten me alive, because well I was a lot of confidence and not too many years experience not by comparison anyway…but they didn’t, they applauded me, encouraged me and gave my ego and antics a loooong leeway. that is grace. Graceful behaviour. They didn’t come from competition, but from the sisterhood.When I resigned, Sue didn’t accept my resignation. When I insisted Maureen throw a big farewell party and gave me a card from her and Sue only,  not a regular staff card… on it it said aim for the moon, if you fall short you will be amongst the stars. In the card they wrote Myriam you are a star, your success in business is inevitable. Waw. I had that card in front of me for those early years in my business. And its lesson never left me, if you have a chance build people up do, endorse them, tell them you see the potential in them. If you are a woman support other women, if you are a man show your faith in that woman’s capacity. Endorse.endorse.endorse.

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