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Venture Down The Road Less Traveled

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So if you subscribe to my emails you know I left off yesterday on the conversation my client of 8 years (and friend) Cordelia and I had in Poland yesterday… her venture down the road less traveled and the BIG decision she had to make when she first decided to come on board with us.

I will let you guys go back to read through my last email to catch up on what we went over yesterday.

What I didn’t know about Cordelia was that on the morning she decided…

‘Enough Was Enough!’

She walked into work to quit her job and her manager instantly offered her a promotion and a raise! (An offer an ordinary person would have a problem turning down.)

I know, based on the people I talk to day in day out… most people would have taken this! She was actually about to take the offer herself, when she paused a moment to think about the decision she was about to make!

  • The 13 hour days weren’t going to end
  • The time she missed out on being with her family and friends she was never going to get back
  • The distaste behind serving someone else wasn’t going away…

She was about to sign her self up to continue down the same road she had been traveling down. She knew she was only signing herself up for more of what she had been getting…

But worse… she wasn’t just signing herself up.
She was signing up her whole family to be part of the exploitation.

To her kids this was normal, having a mum who didn’t respect herself enough to priorities herself above the injustice that was been dealt on her.

She knew what she had to do, she told her boss to ‘kiss her a$$’ and walked out!

That afternoon she bought our program.

And in her first year as an agent, she turned over $130,000 !!!

That’s what happens when you start putting in the same amount of effort into yourself as you are for someone else!

She knew why they were offering her a raise, they wanted her to stay because she had made it so easy for them exploit her.

When she told me this, my respect for her doubled.

She’s a fighter!

The strength it takes to realise you dream and prioritize others above what’s easy to just continue doing… is huge.

I know this because I see it day in and day out here. People who don’t follow through on their promises to themselves.

You have to ask yourself, is this you?

Are You A Fighter?

Do you have what it takes to venture down the road less traveled and do what is right by YOU!

I want you guys to think seriously about whether or not you are going to be one of the final applicants for our final intake of clients this year!

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