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The underlying reason for your inaction


There are very few words that are more irritating to an educator like myself than ‘I knew that’. I sit down with people every day who tell me in depth about their dreams of wealth, working from home, traveling the world and retiring young. They then pause… sit back and wait for me to start sprouting words like they will magically convert in to cash mid-air.

I take a deep breath, and begin to explain why it is they are not achieving all of this… (the reason is more simple than you think) but let me tell you right now, the major response I get from people isn’t muffled my mouthfuls of money, its ‘I knew that’. My pet hate… because it begs the question… well… if you already KNOW ALL about it, why aren’t you DOING it? Now the reason for the ‘I knew that’ response isn’t all that hard to work out; it’s the answer that is actually blocking them from their goals! They know how the answers; they just can’t bring themselves to do what it takes.

In order to stop working 9-5… you have to stop working 9-5. In order to become wealthy… you have to cut out the job you are currently doing and look for something that’s actually lucrative. And in order to work from home… you have to start working from home. IT’S THAT STIMPLE.

When I was 29 years old, 8 months pregnant and dreading going back to work and leaving my second child the same way I had to leave my first in order to support us financially. I had to make a decision, and it wasn’t an easy one. I had to decide whether I was serious about making a change or whether I wanted to live the rest of my life this way.

(I will tell you what I decided in a second.) But let’s try something, if I were to ask you personally, why you often don’t achieve what you set out to do with the best of intentions, I am willing to bet several words might spring to mind, such as ‘procrastination’, ‘confidence’, ‘laziness’, etc. there is absolutely NO doubt that many people don’t succeed at much because of these traits. But above all I’m willing to bet that at the head of all this… a lack of TIME is blamed the most; ‘there are just not enough hours in the day for me to do XXXX!’

This is as a defense mechanism we use because we don’t like the actual idea of changing we are currently doing to achieve these things. If there was a REAL band aid fix to all of the above issues. If we stopped trying to ‘know everything’ and started ‘doing everything’ I can guarantee 9/10 people would be a whole lot more wealthy, retiring young, working from home, traveling, etc. So how to you stop being an ‘I knew that’ person and start being a ‘do it’ person?

TRICK QUESTION! You need to stop asking how and starting doing what it is that will allow you to meet your goals; you already know how to do it, so begin TODAY! By following this rule alone, I went from being a working 9-5 mother of 2 to owing my own HIGHLY LUCRATIVE business while working from home, the beach… where ever I wanted. And now in my early retirement, I show other people how to start this business themselves. To read my story in full and for in-depth secrets about running your own 6 figure income business from home. Call us on 1800617111

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