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Success Alchemy

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Success is a simple formula; its 1 part attitude, 1 part will, 1 part alchemy and 1 part karma. If you know the formula you can achieve anything. I believe it is harder for the average person to be successful today, even though it should not be that way at all…. why? well I call it ‘the dumbing down of society’ you know in today’s ‘me too’ society where important events don’t count unless they are posted on Facebook and where image is far more important than reality, where media dictates to us how we should look, sound and live. What happened to innovation, invention, uniqueness? It is SO refreshing to meet people who are unique, who have serious attitude and who genuinely have their own vision & convictions.

I am a massive advocate of REALLY knowing what makes YOU happy, and often its very simple. What genuinely makes me happy is very, very simple; being free & unrestricted, having a beach lifestyle for part of my year (sand between my toes, salty water on my skin and fresh fish being cooked for us by the beach are all ‘bliss’ triggers:) and my family enjoying it all ofcourse, add to that my portable business and its my version of paradise. As you all know that IS how I live, I travel entensively mostly to coastal destinations, doing things I love and that have real meaning to me. Whether I am living on the beach in the south pacific, hanging out on the Med in Europe or home in Australia I am constantly creating success for myself and my clients. Its living from ‘my authentic self’, you see I believe if you live your most authentic self, if you follow what your heart loves, you can build a vision and a life that feels blissful to you. Living your authentic self is about being true to your self, rather than living a life your parents/partner/teachers/ family & friends/ society/ Facebook/ the media tells you to live… often the things that that make YOU happy has nothing to do with the things ‘THEY’ tell you you should be doing or ‘THEY’ tell you would make you happy. Last year I promised you a program that assists you in breaking through barriers that block you from living your dream. Well its almost here, the ‘live your authentic self; materialise your dreams’ program will launch next week. With only 7 initial closed door members this program reveals my step by step process from clarifying ‘what I want’ to making it a reality you can see and touch, that is the alchemy of successful people. So keep your eyes open for the launch which I will announce here soon because this will be the first group accepted. To your success always,

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