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Myriam Borg Lifestyle “She Says Live A Little!”

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Myriam Borg Says Live A Little…

In my life and my travels have met allllll kinds of people:) nice people, amazing people, fun people- some awe inspiring people. I have also met some nasty people and some well how can I say this… some major losers. The interesting thing is you can NEVER ever read a book by its cover. You see, success and happiness, ‘living with meaning’ are not always easy to detect, most people try to present themselves as ‘successful’. And money or status alone don’t dictate success at all- in fact the biggest losers I’ve met were wealthy,the most miserable person I know has high status (doctor), and the coolest couple on earth were real ‘hippy’ types. Fair dinkum. So how do you measure success???



I believe you measure success by the quality of life you have, the happiness you have in your life and the extent you have managed to materialise and actually live your dreams.

I can’t define success for you, I can only perhaps define the criteria and even that is subjective. I love pushing myself, growing and experiencing life on a bigger and bigger scale- mind you I get criticized for it ‘you are always travelling’ YEAH. It makes me happy. ‘You set people in business? Why don’t you get a real job?’ Ha haaa, what can I say! and it goes on but you know here’s a secret the more successful you are the more critics you get and the more people feel entitled to comment on your choices. So if people are criticizing you KEEP going you are on the right track, if people are trying to hinder you from doing something meaningful DON’T STOP, your on your own journey.

The hippies that inspired me were a family who traveled the world lived everywhere; India, Sri lanka, Europe, south pacific, Asia… they were not financially rich (though they were very clever to afford such a rich freedom loving lifestyle, while the majority struggles to pay bills!) so to me they were truly rich in experiences- they did more, saw more and lived more than most people in 5 lifetimes. I thought they were amazing, because they resonated to my highest values fearlessness and freedom. To someone else on the outside at least they looked like bums and just way too ‘hippy dippy’.

True freedom is going your own way. Living a little, loving a lot and never allowing the opinions of anothers to influence how you act or what you do in life. Life is way too short and should be lived joyfully not just occasionally but every single day- THAT is not easy to achieve and I believe that is the definition of true success!

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