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Become a doer


I want to make one very valid and important point; contemplation is a good thing. And mediation has been known to spawn great ideas and deep insightfulness. But in business, MOTION beats mediation any day!

I’ll put it another way… YCDBSOYA or “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Arse!”

You have to take ACTION and just about any kind of action is better than doing nothing at all! The business owners who have an idea and set this idea in motion are what I refer to as Entrepreneurial business owners. Passive business owners, on the other hand, might have a great idea, but that where it ends. They are the dreamers who spend their time punching out one idea after another but never take it to the next step. But if you are under the illusion that you can stick to having bright ideas and leave the rest to somebody else. I’m afraid you’ll spend our life ‘sitting on the bench’ watching other people playing the real game and getting rich.

The entrepreneurial business owner, the REALIST, combines his idea with business building.

• Does he still hold the same goals and ideas as the passive business owner? YES
• Does he dream of a business in which he can create his own freedom? YES
• Does he have the same aspiration to take his idea to the same six figure earning level? YES

So what’s the difference you ask?

This person knows that in order to succeed they must become a “DO’ER” not a “GONNA”. It indisputably takes focus and drive to finish wat you start. YOU are the greatest champion of your own cause, your product or service! In my capacity as mentor/ coach, I can be of the greatest help to these people.

Now let’s get down to dispelling some popular myths on the subject of business. “You can’t have a business that operates itself…” Well sorry to burst you sad bubble, but actually you can! You just can’t start a business, expecting it to get its self-off the ground. But once you’re there, once you have it all up and running, it should run like CLOCK WORK without you. Take trips to Bora Bora… Tahiti… Italy… (all three if you like…) there is no end to the efficiency of DO’ERs. The Refund Consulting Program is one of the very few businesses that can give you this kind of freedom because you don’t have merchandise that you need to ship places, you don’t have a store front that you have to station yourself at… it’s all completely portable and can be set up to be completely self-sufficient.

I don’t have the time to explain the whole system here, if you want to how to set up your own refund consulting business you will have to GET OFF YOUR ASS and call us on 1800 61 71 11. Because even though this business is for the people who dare to dream and know that living life without a care is REAL and ACHIEVEABLE- its also only for people who know that MOTION beats MEDIATION and that they have to GET OFF THEIR ASS to chase their dream.


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