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What I Told Santa As A Little Girl


Christmas was magic to me as a little girl, my mum wanted us to have a very special time filled with special memories, for that I will cherish her forever- there is nothing more wonder-FULL than experiencing the excitement, expectation & overwhelming Joy – that can come with Christmas, oh, and new things & the smell of that wonderful pine Christmas tree filling the home for weeks…

For me growing up, Christmas was all about anticipation, and dreaming of that special time Christmas night & Christmas day!  For weeks before xmas, I secretly harbored all these Christmas wishes, I thought santa could deliver ANYTHING not just presents…. My mum encouraged me, saying anything you want just ask Santa Claus– so I thought she meant it literally, anything I wanted he would bring me…. So for weeks before every  Christmas  before I fell asleep I would secretly ask Santa for a heap of things ‘ santa I really want that big doll I saw in the store when I was with my best friend, you know the one, with the long light brown hair, that one…. And santa I want to be really pretty like that doll, mum keeps cutting my hair short! i’d whinge…On and on I shared my little dreams & woes with Santa’ I was such a dreamy kid…  every night I’d have my chats with santa Until  it finally comes ‘that night’ Christmas night and we would have all new clothes; new undies, singlets, dresses, stockings, shoes, hair band… everything was brand spanking new and very festive, special Christmas food with all the goodies…. We would have to stay up late for midnight mass, before going to our grandparents house for the feast…we all stayed up, and on that night I always,  always ask mum to put a cup of milk and a biscuit by the tree for santa and I swear to myself that I will not sleep – I will stay awake to speak to santa one to one!! The next thing  I knew was getting woken  with ‘ MERRY Christmas’ and rushing to see our gifts!

The thing is that habit of secretly wishing as I drifted off to sleep, that stayed with me till….. well, till now & that is that part of the Christmas Magic that says ‘ always ask your heart’s desire, always hope for wonder, never give up on that whisper in your soul for the things that give you joy’  as a big girl, I dreamt of  working from home and having my babies around me so I can enjoy my kids and you know that wish was delivered 16 years ago with my own amazing refund agency that has been a blessing to me and many others, then I dreamt what it would be like to go a buy a brand spanking new BMW 323 straight from the dealer, yes, all black leather interior, sunroof and orient blue exterior… it’d be safe for my young kids I would say to myself, German cars are safe…that was my frivolous wish 16 years ago, and it got delivered too, ohhh waw I would dream imagine owning my own home, imagine living on the waterfront with my own boat, imagine my kids having anything they want, imagine travelling the world and showing my kids other cultures for months on end, imagine owning our own island, imagine imagine imagine…the dreams got bigger… you know as god is my witness ‘someone’ just keeps delivering my wishes… some cynics will say I am a fool, a dreamer or a liar or worse… but hey, no agenda here. If you clearly know what would give you joy, want it badly enough in your heart and ask for it with clear intention, magic happens. Call it manifestation or  goal achievement or call it answered prayer. It doesn’t matter. Children have it right. So I hope this Christmas your heart wishes are strong, don’t forget them or give them up, think about them every night as you drift to sleep, because if you want something good with faith and clear intent… life always delivers it to you.

God bless you & yours and may 2017 be filled with realisations of your hearts desires, and may it bring you joy, well-being and effortless abundance.

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