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Anatomy of a beautiful business

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The Refund Consulting Program, it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

It’s a beautiful business. And because you have low overheads.. guess what? That goes hand in hand with low risk. You’ve got no sales. You’re not selling anything. No sales or marketing budget. Which is another thing that kills traditional business.

You’ve got a captive audience. Your clients… you know who they are. You know how big of a PLUS that is, that you don’t have to go out there and sell and be seen and be known? As a refund consultant, I never met a client. Not a single client, face to face. It’s all via telephone, email, fax, etc.

I made obscene amount of money. Where can you do that? From the Refund industry, really. The lost funds Industry is amazing and it’s given me huge confidence to go from being an employee to being a business woman and doing it successfully which is an amazing thing. But I think that the biggest thing about being a refund consultant in lost money is that profits and profit margins are insane. If you ordered my report, I’ve actually got a picture of one of my checks… I think it was my third check. That was my commission on one job was nearly 12,000 AUD.

The most important thing of course is you can also switch the business off and attend to any emergency, attend to anything in your life and actually step out without you having any losses. In any other traditional business, the minute you stop working you are LOSING money. You are bleeding money. Because you’ve got monstrous overheads. In any business, whether it’s marketing, sales, staffing. But in Refund, the overheads are so low. I was in profit, in serious business within six months of becoming a refund agent. To teaching staff from having zero knowledge and skills… you know what, that doesn’t happen in any other business. That doesn’t happen.

So how can you be able to push off the business and go off and do whatever? You don’t want to be working while you’re attending to things? How do you do that? The only thing you can do that is you have very little overhead and this business has such low overhead that it becomes a problem for your profitability. Why? Because you only have to maintain a laptop and your mobile. That’s it!

I guess what I’m saying is, amazing industry, amazing profit margins, flexibility, portability and you’re doing something of real value. Very often you get people that are feeling down and desperate… and I was getting all this feedback from people and it was very exciting for me.

And so those key things got me inspired to write a post. In a nutshell, for me, these are what makes a business beautiful in its intrinsic value and worth, time- and resources-wise:

  • You have low overheads
  • No sales or marketing budget
  • You’ve got a captive audience
  • You don’t have to go out there and sell and be seen and be known
  • You can also switch the business off without you having any losses
  • You only have to maintain a laptop and your mobile
  • You’re doing something of real value

I hope this post has given you insights on how to forge your own path to success and financial freedom!


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