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Myriam Borg Founder Talks About Why Refund Industry Is Amazing Place To Work And Play


Myriam Borg, Unrecovered Money Industry Founder Talks About Why Refund Industry Is Amazing Place To Work And Play


I have been working in the Lost money industry for 17 years now, and during this time I was lucky enough to grow both financially & as a person. I think loving the industry had a lot to do with my success in it. When I first encountered the unrecovered money industry there was approximately 5 people in it. it was not an industry at all:)! You see, the “Refund Consulting Business” is a well kept secret. Even though there’s plenty of money to go around, it really was a monopoly closely guarded by those already in the industry. I went about changing things, and in the process wrote the book on refunding lost funds for profita,  training most industry players for the past 15 years.

Well, I see things a little differently. I think there’s more than enough money for all of us refund consultants … and I like helping people. It’s a Business with Many Perks.

You can run it from home, so you can still have time with my family.

It provided flexible hours, so you can keep your day job and start slowly part time.
Minimal cash or equipment required. (you could get by with my computer and printer.)
you don’t have to hire staff Best of all, it had the potential of bringing in a steady, decent income.

You see, I think that if you’re going to get into this business, you might as well get a jump start. I wish I had something like the business program I offer now to help me out when I got started. There are certainly a lot of shortcuts to discover….

Introducing: The Refund consulting Business – Insiders Secrets Revealed!

A SWOT Analysis that reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this business.
ROI expectations and financial forecasting (real statistics)
How to gain an edge over competitive fund finders.
How to brand your new business
Precisely where to find the money. You get detailed listing and links to resources in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA etc.

The system I use to track down money owners and legal heirs, etc.

Sample contact letters (you just fill in the blanks and plop them in the mail).
How to properly complete agency claims. (What departments really require!)
50 industry terms and buzz words to speed up your learning curve.
Where to find the MOST hidden money (dividends, salaries, wages)
Plus, much, MUCH MORE!

The Complete Guide to Getting Started!

Like I said before, in this business you’ll have to work for what you get. But, I can show you how to work smarter and how to cut through the red tape. In my 17 years of running this business, I’ve discovered a ton of shortcuts.

But be warned: I’m not going to sugar coat anything. I’ll tell you the pros and cons, and give you the straight goods. That’s just the way I am. So if you’re expecting this business to be a walk in the park, you better look elsewhere.

That’s because I want you to be fully informed before you embark on this journey.

Sure, you must be thinking “It sounds too good to be true”, well in this line of work, you need to throw that saying out the window, because that is what this business is all about…… By helping others get their money back and improving their financial situation, you are improving your financial situation. It’s a win-win for everybody. Find out more now go to: Create Australia

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