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The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

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Long before ‘his story’ there was ‘her story.’ History tells us that before patriarchal society came into place there were tens of thousands of years of an entirely different world order—matriarchal society was prevalent worldwide and the child lineage was through the mother. That was a time of different social & religious practices. Child lineage was traced through the mother, land ownership was a female domain, and religion was a worship of a female goddess.  Women were the dominant sex. They were … [ Read More ]

Work and family time

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How are family and personal time important for entrepreneurs and corporate employees, given that these two groups have such contrasting levels of financial freedom? In a world where people, both young and old alike have become too preoccupied with striving to make a living, we sometimes forget that taking a break is essential. While our world has indeed become fast paced, it has become a luxury for some of us to take a break without realizing how important these really are. The … [ Read More ]

Home Business And Freedom

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Several years ago and much like a lot of people, I did not have more than a couple of small bills to rub together. But that IS the reason I decided to make a change! I borrowed, begged, and stole (well not the stealing bit 🙂 )….. but I pulled out all stops to change things. It takes COURAGE and ACTION. I set up a successful home business that has been going strong for almost a decade and half …. today, I … [ Read More ]

Anatomy of a beautiful business

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The Refund Consulting Program, it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂 It’s a beautiful business. And because you have low overheads.. guess what? That goes hand in hand with low risk. You’ve got no sales. You’re not selling anything. No sales or marketing budget. Which is another thing that kills traditional business. You’ve got a captive audience. Your clients… you know who they are. You know how big of a PLUS that is, that you don’t have to go out there and sell and be … [ Read More ]

What I Learned From Coffee

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      The coffee industry is a global industry. It’s monstrous in size. You can’t even imagine. The money in it is insane, that’s why it gets you rich very easily. And you’re competition is most likely local…  so it’s very, very limited and there for  very lucrative, did you know that? 🙂 I like business pictures like that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Here’s the Picture in the lost Money Refund Industry, Huge global pie –  with tiny local competition, AND embarrassingly low overheads  (Get the picture … [ Read More ]

Leaving A Foot Print

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Hey guys, I spent yesterday touring Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. I felt like I was walking through history, well because I literally was… I walked through endless villas preserved through the volcano and reinstated to amazing archeological work where you can see Roman villas from 79 AD, amazing fresco work on walls and columns, marble tables and chairs that survived even urns and storage facilities as well as vineyards and gardens… and of course the famous figures preserved forever in the volcanic … [ Read More ]

Conformity And Personal Freedom

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  Hey guys, Today I want to talk about something that use to really bug me and that was a strong motivator in getting me to where I am…. that thing was ‘conformity’. My mother, who is an amazing woman, liked conformity; it made her feel safe, it allowed her parameters and guidelines—and she wanted the same thing for me. She used to be a straight A student primary school to university. It was important—studying hard, becoming a professional then working really, … [ Read More ]

The need to change as a person

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The need to change ultimately starts within you. I am taking steps to allow love in my life and to let it serve as my guide. I also want to have enough confidence and determination in the ideals I believe in to create the impression of making the other people look right and not wrong.  I will pursue and not give up in making things possible according to the things I visualize and learn to accept things without apathy.  Try to practice … [ Read More ]

Find A Job You Love

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As you guys know I am currently travelling, as I head out of South Korea to Milan I want to share with you some of my thoughts… As you know I think a lot – and as I watch people I cant help but think if thy ever feel like they are living a lie? Do you feel like there is something else you are meant to be doing? Are you living the life you dreamed of or are you living someone else’s dream? … [ Read More ]

Keeping The Best Home Business


Seoul, Korea I love travelling to new places. Traveling is a way to challenge one’s self, to remain flexible and fluid. I am not a flexible person by nature; I like things done my way so you can imagine when that ideal is challenged, then I am  really challenged. There is no better way to challenge one’s self than going to a totally ‘foreign’ country… what do I mean? Well a place that has no English language, for one thing.The language barrier … [ Read More ]