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“Hi” From Koh Samui, Thailand:)


Hi Guys, When i was 15 I read a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That book became a catalyst in my life. For the first time ever I realized that I was not a victim of circumstance, that if life gave me lemons I didn’t have to make lemonade I toss the lemon in the bin because I liked Mangos best:) in other words at the tender age of 15 I clicked onto the fact that I was … [ Read More ]

Be A Leader

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OK guys, today is pretty hardcore.  Normally I’m fairly “gentle, gentle’ but every now and then whammm! I just say it as it is:)! So many people come to a new business opportunity with high hopes, big dreams and a bad needy employee mentality.  They need so much support, they need so much training, so need so much encouragement, they need so much recognition, they just plain need need need all the time. This is how employees are they need to be … [ Read More ]

The Modern Day Robin Hood

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My name is Myriam Borg and Robin Hood was my childhood idol. As the most famous English outlaw of all time, he lived outside the protection of the law and was a law unto himself. But he was no common criminal because his entire purpose was to defend the underdog against oppression. He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Now the poor didn’t fear Robin Hood. His enemies are the rich and corrupt, especially the Sherriff of Nottingham and … [ Read More ]

Why Homebased Mums Should Start Their Own Business


They say women are not born to become entrepreneurs. Handling your own business for homebased mums can take so much time, focus and effort that it might be too much for them especially if they are mothers. Yes, we here at Create Australia couldn’t agree more that women have so many responsibilities in their family that the thought of running their own business can sometimes be far fetched. It’s either you say goodbye to your career or you say goodbye to your dreams of being homebased mums; … [ Read More ]

A Legacy You Can Pass On

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“What legacy can I pass on my children?”—this is probably the most common question every parent has in mind. Whether it’s financial or ethical values, as a parent, we are constantly under the pressure of honing our children’s future. We want to prepare them and help them learn the skills and knowledge they need as they live through the challenges of life independently especially when the time comes that we perish. Of course, who doesn’t want their kids to have a bright … [ Read More ]

Perks of Being a Mobile-preneur – Work While You Travel

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Being a Mobile-preneur means I can catch some sun in one of my favorite European spots…Where you ask?:) Beautiful Nice in the French Rivera. Hey guys, yep I’m in my short shorts and having fun under super sunny weather which is perfect to avoid the cold   Sydney May weather that’s for sure!:) That’s the beauty of being a Mobile-preneur- work while you travel. You can have a business or two or more that can make you income conveniently. Guess what, my faithful iPhone tucked … [ Read More ]

Business Mum and Stay at Home Mum

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Mothering isn’t easy. Raising children, supporting spouses, cleaning, cooking and shopping for a household; Mothers have an alarming tendency to transform into one woman armies capable of managing an entire business whose sole product is a loving and healthy home environment…but are often so busy they rarely have time to pursue their money making aspirations. On the flipside: Business mums have it hard. Juggling schedules, balancing home and work, making time for children, business, spouse and sales, all at once…all the while … [ Read More ]


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I love strong, wonderful women. I love working with them, hanging out with them and enjoying my life journey as part of a community of women. There are a certain variety of women that really understand the sisterhood. They are supportive, they applaud your successes and propel you forward. These women tend to be leaders in their fields, and rightly so. 17 years ago when I rook that crazy leap of faith quitting my job to start up my own business, i … [ Read More ]

Success Alchemy

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Success is a simple formula; its 1 part attitude, 1 part will, 1 part alchemy and 1 part karma. If you know the formula you can achieve anything. I believe it is harder for the average person to be successful today, even though it should not be that way at all…. why? well I call it ‘the dumbing down of society’ you know in today’s ‘me too’ society where important events don’t count unless they are posted on Facebook and where image … [ Read More ]

Love Working, Hate Commuting?


As you all know, I work from home, and I just love it,  in fact my staff and contractors complain that meeting are always held at my home or local cafe (local to me that is!)….I am a real home body, and I love doing life around my family- even my fitness trainer comes to my place to train me. Well this morning I had a meeting with a business partner, he flew in and was staying at a city hotel, can … [ Read More ]