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I love strong, wonderful women. I love working with them, hanging out with them and enjoying my life journey as part of a community of women. There are a certain variety of women that really understand the sisterhood. They are supportive, they applaud your successes and propel you forward. These women tend to be leaders in their fields, and rightly so. 17 years ago when I rook that crazy leap of faith quitting my job to start up my own business, i … [ Read More ]

Success Alchemy

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Success is a simple formula; its 1 part attitude, 1 part will, 1 part alchemy and 1 part karma. If you know the formula you can achieve anything. I believe it is harder for the average person to be successful today, even though it should not be that way at all…. why? well I call it ‘the dumbing down of society’ you know in today’s ‘me too’ society where important events don’t count unless they are posted on Facebook and where image … [ Read More ]

Love Working, Hate Commuting?


As you all know, I work from home, and I just love it,  in fact my staff and contractors complain that meeting are always held at my home or local cafe (local to me that is!)….I am a real home body, and I love doing life around my family- even my fitness trainer comes to my place to train me. Well this morning I had a meeting with a business partner, he flew in and was staying at a city hotel, can … [ Read More ]

My Adventures At Cottesloe Beach


As you know, I do a lot of travelling because I absolutely  love it,  it all depends on my kids school commitment and my mother’s health, well I just came back from Western Australia, only because everyone keeps teasing me about always going overseas, so hey I went to see more of Australia. Western Australia, Perth has some amazing beaches. I hung out between Cottesloe, and city beach for 5 days, the pace is slow, the people lovely and well it was … [ Read More ]

The underlying reason for your inaction


There are very few words that are more irritating to an educator like myself than ‘I knew that’. I sit down with people every day who tell me in depth about their dreams of wealth, working from home, traveling the world and retiring young. They then pause… sit back and wait for me to start sprouting words like they will magically convert in to cash mid-air. I take a deep breath, and begin to explain why it is they are not achieving … [ Read More ]

A Renegade Millionaire


Question: What do you call someone who does business their way, whenever they want, with whomever they choose, wherever they like, on their own terms at the price they want? Answer: A RENEGADE MILLIONAIRE! But how do you become a Renegade Millionaire? How do you reach that place where you are free to make your own choices; where you are able to be AUTONOMOUS? I started my journey to become a Renegade Millionaire initially out of desperation. I was working 9-5, commuting … [ Read More ]

Become a doer


I want to make one very valid and important point; contemplation is a good thing. And mediation has been known to spawn great ideas and deep insightfulness. But in business, MOTION beats mediation any day! I’ll put it another way… YCDBSOYA or “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Arse!” You have to take ACTION and just about any kind of action is better than doing nothing at all! The business owners who have an idea and set this idea in motion … [ Read More ]

Expectations Versus Reality


For most business owners, there’s a giant gap between what we EXPECTED running our own business would be like and what it’s REALLY like. When we decided to take the plunge and start our own business, most of us hoped that success would bring freedom to work on our own schedules, a level of financial abundance that our jobs couldn’t provide, and the fulfillment that comes from knowing that you’re making a positive difference for your clients. Unfortunately, when you look at … [ Read More ]

What I Told Santa As A Little Girl


Christmas was magic to me as a little girl, my mum wanted us to have a very special time filled with special memories, for that I will cherish her forever- there is nothing more wonder-FULL than experiencing the excitement, expectation & overwhelming Joy – that can come with Christmas, oh, and new things & the smell of that wonderful pine Christmas tree filling the home for weeks… For me growing up, Christmas was all about anticipation, and dreaming of that special time … [ Read More ]

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

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Long before ‘his story’ there was ‘her story.’ History tells us that before patriarchal society came into place there were tens of thousands of years of an entirely different world order—matriarchal society was prevalent worldwide and the child lineage was through the mother. That was a time of different social & religious practices. Child lineage was traced through the mother, land ownership was a female domain, and religion was a worship of a female goddess.  Women were the dominant sex. They were … [ Read More ]