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Myriam Borg; My Proudest Moment

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As most of you know, 18 years ago I was broke, 9 months pregnant and clueless. I had a dream to be a mumpreneur and to give my children the best of the best… with NOTHING but faith and goodwill I stayed home and ran a brand new agency, refunding lost money to people, I raised my children as a hands on 7 days at home mother, today that baby that I was pregnant with when I started my journey into being … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program (Changes Lives For The Better)

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Having a child and being a responsible parent is oftentimes the most difficult of tasks, and yet the most rewarding and fulfilling experience a person can have. There are numerous ways a person becomes a parent; by giving birth, fostering, third party reproduction, adoption, etc. But none of them are an easy thing to do because becoming a parent requires huge responsibility and transition on a person’s lifestyle. One big reason that most people are not prepared for being a great parent … [ Read More ]

My Gorgeous Great Aunt, Missing You Already…

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This is a very hard post to write. Its a post about love. No not the romantic kind. I want to tell you this story, 30 years ago I met my husband and with him came a big family. The matriarch Tatiana, she a true matriarch, a true Russian babushka and straight away she told me she disapproved of my ways… I was a kid really, I was cheeky and very playful and she wasn’t impressed. She let me know it, my … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg – Who is “Entrepreneur” And How You Can Become?

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  Most people believe – an entrepreneur is all about coming up with the BIG idea. This basic definition hardly scratches the surface. Hard work and persistence, risk-taking, an innovation is what makes a true entrepreneur. Entrepreuners shape their own path  and rarely follow the status quo! An Introduction – Entrepreneur.       The term entrepreneur is much broader than the creation of a new business venture. Suffice it to say, entrepreneurs choose to start a business rather than working as an … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Refund Consultant: 5 Tips for Refund Consultant Hiring

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Have you been looking around for a refund consultant to help you get back your hard earn money? How do you ensure you find best refund consultant for your refund claim. Please follow the simple question and answers provided by Myriam Borg refund consultant who could help you to make your task easy. QUESTIONS TO ASK A REFUND CONSULTANT IN ORDER TO ASSESS SUITABILITY. How would you remain progressive on industry patterns? You need to work with somebody who is continually LEARNING … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg, Entrepreneur Maker On Refund Consulting

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Have you ever woken up energized and with a dream to become that one in million, to join the successful entrepreneurs’ league? To be your own boss and call the shots? Surely you know that it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Tens of thousands of people do it world wide every single year, so there is hope for you yet! yes you may need something innovative and different from the ‘same old’ on offer. So, what to do and were … [ Read More ]

Work / Life Attitude That Creates Success

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Working days can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs of day-to-day responsibilities. Business is challenging at best of times. So what creates success or failure? Where is that divide. Myriam Borg, the Create Australia Founder has mentored hundreds of new business start ups and has been instrumental in setting up a great many business success stories. The key divide according to Myriam is ATTITUDE. Attitude dictates whether the glass is half full or half empty, it … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Business Woman – Interview

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Learn More From Myriam Borg Interviews On How She Became A Successful Business Woman.. Myriam Borg Business Woman – Interview from Myriam Borg

There Is Nothing Like Good News!

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Yesterday I was snooping around my office when my PA got a message from our receptionist- a client of ours asking us to return her call urgently- so of course  she did-I decided to listen on (being the snoope that I am – ha haa:) This particular client who had come on board about 15 months ago wanted some urgent changes made to her website which we manage for her as part of our ongoing customer support and commitment. We made the … [ Read More ]

Myriam Borg Founder Talks About Why Refund Industry Is Amazing Place To Work And Play


  I have been working in the Lost money industry for 17 years now, and during this time I was lucky enough to grow both financially and as a person. I think loving the industry had a lot to do with my success in it. When I first encountered the lost money industry there was approximately 5 people in it. It was not an industry at all:)! You see, the “Refund Consulting Business” is a well kept secret. Even though there’s plenty … [ Read More ]