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Greed is good


Gordon Gecko said it. “Greed is good.” Gordon Gecko was the fictitious character in a movie called, Wall Street. When he said that, initially it stirred my stomach up. At the time, I was struggling and couldn’t really relate to high-flying stock market gurus fleecing companies and destroying jobs in the process. So, is greed good or bad? Here’s another take on it. You may have heard this recently in the media. It comes from the great man, Warren Buffet. He said: “When … [ Read More ]

Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle

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I’ve gotta tell you that up until about 11 Years ago, I perceived life and money as a real struggle. I came from a Professional family. You know, well educated professional parents, but life was not easy, finances were always tight, we never holidayed overseas, and never splurged. I couldn’t get it. Here were my parents. They were professionals. They spent years & years at university studying really boring stuff, they had to keep these skills updated constantly by attending more “professional development” courses. … [ Read More ]

The Biggest Con Of All Time

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The Biggest Con of All Time This may be one of the most critical articles you will ever read. You may want to go get a cup of tea or coffee. If you are naughty and reading this at work, tell the boss you are on a very important deadline and can not be disturbed. Then, read this slowly, think about it and then re-read it again. It’s that important. Listen up. The most valuable currency EVER is TIME. It’s all we … [ Read More ]

The Modern Day Robin Hood


The Modern Day Robin Hood Robin Hood was my childhood idol. As the most famous English outlaw of all time, he lived outside the protection of the law and was a law unto himself. But he was no common criminal because his entire purpose was to defend the underdog against oppression. He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Now the poor did not fear Robin Hood. His enemies are the rich and corrupt, especially the Sheriff of Nottingham and … [ Read More ]

Genghis Khan


From time to time, I get clients and friends asking me how a mum of three like myself started out with less than $300 and in just a few short years managed to create her ultimate lifestyle through business, working from home around her young family, travelling the world regularly and making a seven figure income. Whenever I get asked how I managed it, I think of Genghis Khan. Strange huh!? Ghenghis Khan was one of the greatest conquerors in history. He … [ Read More ]

What Is Success?


What is Success Take it from me…. a mum of three, working from home in this awesome business being able to give my most precious commodity to my children…. my time. You might have your own definition of success.  For you, it might be the shiny new car, the large house, the exotic holidays….but how do you achieve these things?  How do you become successful?  The road to success in anything you do isn’t an easy path but believe me, it really isn’t … [ Read More ]

Word of the day


I have a few favorite words, words that I find have great meaning in my life, I’m sure you will also have a few words of choice. One word I really like is ‘congruent’.  It means harmony, agreement, truth. If something is congruent, it means a truth.  We’ve all seen it (and maybe done it too!) where someone professes to be something, tells you something and then you see them doing the exact opposite!  What fakes!! Listening to someone spout on about how … [ Read More ]

It is all in your head


Ever heard the phrase “ cash is king”?  Well, it applies all the more today in our cashless society, where we are tricked into consuming more than we earn!  charge it on the card, it doesn’t feel like spending:)… But what is it about people walking around without cash in their wallets anyway? Is it a scarcity thing? Are they broke? Are they scared to carry cash in case they are robbed? I mean seriously?! Who knows but I tell you, it … [ Read More ]

Fear of risk


I get this all the time – “I love the idea of working from home but risking $5k is too scary” or “I want to work in this industry from home but am not to willing to risk my money” Okay I am going to say it….nothing changes if nothing changes. I think “fear of risk” is the most harm you can do to yourself and your family. In order to suceed you need to take a lot of calculated measured risks, you … [ Read More ]

Here is to freedom


Here Is To Freedom Hi. If you’re thinking of ditching your job and starting a home based business, then I have got fantastic news for you. As you know I love my freedom and am something of a home based business fanatic. There is nothing like it. Refund Consulting is an excellent option for a first time entrepreneur. Millions of hard working Aussies are faced for the first time with fewer job working prospects, and starting a home based business just might be the … [ Read More ]