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What A Blessing…..

0 comments Myriam Borg What a blessing

Today I want to talk about emergencies in life, you know when drastic things happen, your partner gets sick, you elderly parent(s) need care, god forbid you are diagnosed with an illness that needs you to slow down…. you can’t maintain the same work pace…the same lifestyle… well does your life fall apart at that point?? I know, doom and gloom but questions worth asking in ADVANCE BELIEVE YOU ME….WHY? LET ME TELL YOU… In 2012 my mother, a 64 year old … [ Read More ]

How To Overcome Sales Objections And Rejections

0 comments Myriam Borg Learn how to Minimize Objectives and Rejections

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is involved in all manner of selling and marketing, then you better listen close. We all know that closing networking and recruiting someone to buy into your program, service or product can be difficult most of the time. Some of you may be starting to become more and more wary of rejections and objections coming from seemingly all sides possible. Turning a “No” to a Resounding “Yes!” What if I told you that I have … [ Read More ]

How To Become A Successful Business Person

0 comments Myriam Borg How to become the best business person

If I can be successful in business, then there’s no reason to believe why you can’t, too. There is no such thing as a born businessman. You can definitely be a business expert as well especially if you put in time and practice. The most important thing to learn in business is how to sell properly. Once you do, then the knowledge will really help you out a lot as you set out to achieve your goals in selling your product or … [ Read More ]

Do You Have the X Factor?

0 comments Myriam Borg Do you have the X Factor

Have you ever noticed how two people would undertake to do the exact same thing and yet somehow yield very different outcome? Have you ever seen seemingly very ordinary people attain more success than those who have undergone significant training & expertise? Has the line, “I don’t know how he/she does it, but it sure does work!” ring a bell? The thing is, a lot of people often look past something that is called Alchemy. You see, alchemy is one’s capability to … [ Read More ]

Business start-up secrets


Today, I’m going share some big lessons on launching new business ventures….so when you purchase our Create Australia Refund Consulting Business, you will already be streets ahead. Lessons I didn’t learn from textbooks but by actually having learned them from my own experiences, experiences that you won’t have to face now you know what they are. When launching a new company, you need energy and commitment. Frankly, if you’re not willing to put in the hours, especially at start-up, you’re best off with … [ Read More ]

Recipe For Success


I was sitting down reflecting on my personal and professional successes to date, and there’s been many. It got me thinking. What is the REAL secret to success? Assemble any group of the population. In a business sense, it could be your industry if you’re in one. Assemble your entire family if you like. Take 100 of the richest people on the planet, take 100 of the best tennis players, pick any small country town, any sales force, and the following is what … [ Read More ]

Greed is good


Gordon Gecko said it. “Greed is good.” Gordon Gecko was the fictitious character in a movie called, Wall Street. When he said that, initially it stirred my stomach up. At the time, I was struggling and couldn’t really relate to high-flying stock market gurus fleecing companies and destroying jobs in the process. So, is greed good or bad? Here’s another take on it. You may have heard this recently in the media. It comes from the great man, Warren Buffet. He said: “When … [ Read More ]

Life Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle

0 comments Myriam Borg Over Worked

I’ve gotta tell you that up until about 11 Years ago, I perceived life and money as a real struggle. I came from a Professional family. You know, well educated professional parents, but life was not easy, finances were always tight, we never holidayed overseas, and never splurged. I couldn’t get it. Here were my parents. They were professionals. They spent years & years at university studying really boring stuff, they had to keep these skills updated constantly by attending more “professional development” courses. … [ Read More ]

The Biggest Con Of All Time

0 comments Myriam Borg Time

The Biggest Con of All Time This may be one of the most critical articles you will ever read. You may want to go get a cup of tea or coffee. If you are naughty and reading this at work, tell the boss you are on a very important deadline and can not be disturbed. Then, read this slowly, think about it and then re-read it again. It’s that important. Listen up. The most valuable currency EVER is TIME. It’s all we … [ Read More ]

The Modern Day Robin Hood


The Modern Day Robin Hood Robin Hood was my childhood idol. As the most famous English outlaw of all time, he lived outside the protection of the law and was a law unto himself. But he was no common criminal because his entire purpose was to defend the underdog against oppression. He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Now the poor did not fear Robin Hood. His enemies are the rich and corrupt, especially the Sheriff of Nottingham and … [ Read More ]