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Perks of Being a Mobile-preneur – Work While You Travel

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Being a Mobile-preneur means I can catch some sun in one of my favorite European spots…Where you ask?:) Beautiful Nice in the French Rivera.

Hey guys, yep I’m in my short shorts and having fun under super sunny weather which is perfect to avoid the cold   Sydney May weather that’s for sure!:)

That’s the beauty of being a Mobile-preneur- work while you travel. You can have a business or two or more that can make you income conveniently. Guess what, my faithful iPhone tucked in back pocket in my denim shorts is the only “business tool” I need to connect to my businesses while enjoying the beautiful sun, in Nice France… the south of France is right up there in my top 10 favourite destinations, pourqoi you ask? Well, the place is very sexy, the french Mediterranean is a cut above the rest and let me tell you…. I would know I am Mediterranean after all and a total beach destination junky:)!

I love hanging out in the south of France and as a portable business person I have developed strategies and tools to allow me to run my businesses in any time zone or world location. And true to my usual style, any tool or strategy I develop that makes running a business while having fun is added to the business tool box a resource tool I share with my tribe; the brave men and women who like me decided to do life on their terms, starting out on a journey that can lead them to doing what ever they want.

That level of freedom is very do-able, make no mistake; there is a time and money investment and plenty of sweat equity but boy is it worth while once you get it right.

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