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Myriam Borg’s – What If?

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Myriam Borg’s – What If?

Imagine a world where every human being has the financial and personal freedom to live their best life ever. Why not?

In society we are indoctrinated from the time we are babies we are conditioned to follow rules, not ask questions, stay safe, play by the rules- and sadly the vast majority grow up to be good little drones, they work work work, never mind that they have poor quality of life, that they may have stopped dreaming- I mean “ safety is more important than living some foolish dreams – right?” Well wrong, very wrong and very sad too. In the end, the majority are just used up by the system, they live and die without actually LIVING, what’s even more tragic is they they don’t even question it, and if they do they soon dismiss it. If you are that guy or girl, this is the wrong place and I am the wrong person to read up on. I see the world differently, I believe in order to do that we as individuals should be making choices, choices to live on one’s own terms- without compromising or selling out on our true selves.

How do you develop everything in your life to be by your own design, so it fits in with YOU? Well first you need clarity, to know who you truly are, and what makes you comfortable and happy- then you assess how to bring that into your life. People who decided only to live life on their terms tend to be doing just that. Those who decided only to earn income in ways that they enjoy tend to do just that.

In keeping with that mandate, my team and I developed an amazing refund consulting program, with business tools & business vehicles that allow you to earn an income on your own terms. We have a set criteria to anything we would ever consider for our customers in regards to businesses we would ever recommend this is some of our basic criteria generalized.

An income vehicle needs to be 100% virtual & 100% portable – in other words if you want to be like me & enjoy sailing for months at a time your business comes with you, if you love going to the laid back south pacific & hang out at a beach with your family for 4 weeks your business comes with you me. As a society we have the technology to allow us to be anywhere and still do business, I do it every day and have done for 14 years!

It needs to be a very low risk ALL ROUNDER, meaning it must have a tiny start up cost under $10,000, it needs to have low overheads so any time you need to take time out it isn’t costing you very much to actually remain in business (this is a huge risk minimizer!), and it needs to have extremely low business risk exposure.

It needs to be a fun business- while “fun” means different things to different people – it needs to be enjoyable, intriguing & something you can really enjoy, because we figure if it ain’t fun you cant do it long term & smart business (as well as wealth creation) is all about longevity! So we promise never to offer you anything boring.

It needs to be a real business and something that is 100% under your control.
Your business – your standards, you become the boss… meaning we don’t believe in fad business, that are not really businesses… MLM and the like where you are reliant on “other people” and their “systems” well that’s not actually a business, there are many fads & schemes nowadays masquerading as genuine businesses – we are only really interested in REAL businesses because frankly the rest are little more than a waste of time- we would rather set up a solid business for the long haul and then enjoy it!

It needs to be LUCRATIVE and in a growing niche market. This is key to you working “a little” and earning “a lot” for it! rather than go in tiny business markets with cut throat competition and on costs that slaughter you, we go into high demand areas where there is great demand and where the competition is still low.

It needs to be ethical & socially responsible. Why? Because again longevity relies on you being able to live with yourself log terms doing business, and the best way to stay in business is to do something that resonates with you & your personal values & ethics, so you feel like you are doing something of REAL service, and REAL value to others…. long term it needs to be about more than just the money. So whilst you will make your choice according to your own values & your own code of ethics- we only ever advocate a business if it sits well with us.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for your time.

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