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My Adventures At Cottesloe Beach


As you know, I do a lot of travelling because I absolutely  love it,  it all depends on my kids school commitment and my mother’s health, well I just came back from Western Australia, only because everyone keeps teasing me about always going overseas, so hey I went to see more of Australia. Western Australia, Perth has some amazing beaches. I hung out between Cottesloe, and city beach for 5 days, the pace is slow, the people lovely and well it was a gorgeous 30 degrees average and I am brown from the sun. What I love about going away is that I reflect a lot on things – which in turn brings clarity. I love meeting people while travelling, its very different to meeting people in your day to day life, I am not sure if you get me  on this:)   while by the pool I had a long  chat with a lovely lady who was also visiting WA-  her name was Alison, she was about 20 years my senior and it got me thinking about all these people entering retirement.

Surveys reveal many Australian Men & women looking to retire feel anxious about their financial situations. They have little or no superannuation so this only adds to the apprehension of retiring. They fear they just can’t afford to retire. They fear living in poverty after a lifetime of work. It doesn’t have to be this way. “We live in exciting times,” “Never before has it been easier to start a part-time business from home. I am loving the balance, financial freedom & time to enjoy my life ”

16 years ago, I had different problems, after given birth to my second child, I knew I had to return to work quickly. I felt guilty about going back to work early after my first child, so I set out to find a way to make money from home so I would be there to share those special moments with my family.

I was in my 20s and itching to make something amazing happen in my life, “I answered a lot of ‘opportunity ads’. I wanted to investigate what was out there for people who wanted to be their own boss and work from home. Well, I’ve got to tell you, what I discovered shocked me. Most of what I got back was just plain silly, pie in the sky stuff.” “After much searching, I discovered a business that was perfect for me, but there was hardly anyone doing it and no teachers to guide me or assist me into it” said Myriam. “So, I went about self teaching and I loved it, still do.”

The business was in Lost Funds. This included lost superannuation, old banks accounts and so on. That I tracked down lost funds for people and for a small percentage, show them how to get these funds.

It was a win/win situation and everyone was happy. Quickly realising how big this opportunity really was. And I also realised many men & women were searching for a way out of the corporate rat race. With extensive business training background, she decided to show others how to set up their own version of her unique business.

“After I ironed out all the bugs and perfected my system, I realised just how big this opportunity was. I started training others how to do it. These days, I’m known as ‘The Industry Founder’. I still pinch myself. It truly is a freedom business and you can work anywhere. That’s the beauty of it.

It’s perfect for mothers who wish to stay at home and still make money. And it’s also perfect for those who are thinking of retiring, but want the security of an extra income. As long as you are willing to follow my advice and do the work, you too can easily start your own Refund Business just like me and my students.”

The key to success, well its loving what you do to bits.

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