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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A White Christmas

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Hi guys I bet you are all super ready to enjoy a marvellous and blessed Christmas:) where I am right now It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A White Christmas!

As you are aware I am in Eastern Europe Prague & Poland at the moment, so while you are all running around in shorts and singlets enjoying 35 degree temperatures I am wearing 4 layers of clothing leather Gloves and boots, a beanie to cover my poor ears from the sub zero temperature here… and you know I am lovin it!!!!!

This Christmas I feel overwhelming gratitude for 2016, which was my toughest year to date.

I hadn’t shared this with you before but 2016 started with a major hit to my health, it was brutal, endless medical tests, numerous complicated medical issues, emergency life critical surgery, add to that a very demanding year in my growing business, a family that’s active and a mother that had medical needs and you end up with a most challenging year indeed! so why am I so grateful you ask?

Well…as Tony Robbins (a totally cool dude btw) so eloquently says,

“I live in a state of grace.”

Its that feeling that no matter what happens everything will be fine, and in fact better than ever. It living in the belief that my life is filled with grace. And so I will always be blessed.

Grace is neither deserved nor is it earned. It just IS. That is a critical part of grace. the most important defining feature of grace and it’s very real. This is very real guys so do not dismiss it…..

Now review my year as you had seen it, it was filled with business triumphs, travels to exotic destinations and tons of fun….

Then remember I had major health issues that would have destroyed most people…. totally wiped them out, can you see it in my pictures? I was travelling the world living an amazing life … and it was no lie-  If you meet me in person you wouldnt believe the year I had, I am usually glowing and buzzingly happy, not because I am amazing, I had some off  from time to time, but because I reside i a state of real grace. my worse year ever was actually awesome- I got to meet amazing people, learned a ton of new things, grew up as a person alot, got serious about taking care of my health…I travelled alot  from Hong Kong and hung out for a few week with my brood loved it, then I went tothe south pacific and soaked in the sun in Vava’u , followed by 5 weeks in Koh Samui Thailand which I love, love love… then back to Oz, only to go off to Prague & Poland for a nice white Christmas, I can’t help but think “thank you!”

because I believe and choose to live in a state of GRACE.

So I am super grateful for what 2016 brought me good and bad for truth be told I am bigger, better, perhaps kinder because of how tough it was. I look at the experiences as real blessings add today as I write this I can’t help but be deeply thankful. I am in fact more fearless than I had ever been which is a huge plus for my future success!

I survived the toughest year in my life in style, enjoying amazing surrounding and travels with my family and becoming a better person for it.

BUT the truth is I am most grateful for having a portable business that can be taken anywhere and run in any state:)

That my friend is the greatest blessing of all….

So my friend, take time this Christmas to give gratitude for what 2016 good and bad, bless someone around you who needs kindess, give small thoughtful gifts and then be truly MERRY 🙂

And if you were truely wise you would give the first gift to yourself, be kind to yourself and may 2017 bring you a life full of grace.

God bless you all

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