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In Search of Financial and Lifestyle Freedom?

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Life doesnt come with guarantees, it doesnt even come with a ‘how to do it right’ guide book! So navigating around life without being given the rules of the game can be really tough for most of us. Especially since we are all having to survive and keep going ALL WHILE figuring it out.

Early on I knew the only way ahead is through self education. I can not put enough emphasis on the value of learning. Learning from successful business leaders, learning about investment options and developing your awareness.

Because the sooner you are educated (it never stops), the sooner you will feel confident in yourself to take control of your life.

Today, you dont really have an excuse. The internet allows us access to information in seconds. You can have a great business thats fully portable, that gets you to where you want to be in a matter of months not years.

I did alot of reading to ‘change my mind’ first.

For your mind, there are 5 books that can alter your thinking and therefor your life forever, these are;
1.Think and grow rich
2.The Science of getting rich
3.The secret to Money is having some-by Stuart Wilde
4. The millionaire mindset
5. Money Master the game- by Anthony Robbins

If you want to really get centered read Stuart Wilde’s earlier books.

This is mental stuff. Next comes Clarity.

Have a clear vision of what you are wanting to achieve. For me its a big picture it involves multiple streams of income all via portable or passive businesses, it involves the best education money can buy for my kids, it involves alot of travelling and chilling out.

Today, I am writing this from Silver beach Koh Samui, I have been in Samui for 4 weeks now and loving it. I take in the place, the culture and the feel- my hair is braided and am wearing local casual clothes, my family is currently rock climbing the bolders of silver Beach… while i sip a coffee and write this… to me this moment is the realisation of my dream vision. It reinforces it. And endorses my capacity to bring about what I want.

The more you clarify what you want, and reinforce your ability to manifest it or ‘Make it happen’, the easier it gets make things happen the way you want them to…

Now what is your dream life? Imagine it in full. In detail. Write it down, cut out pictures of what it looks like… its not silly. It WORKS…. DO this for yourself.

Next comes the ‘work bit’ you need to get into business for yourself. There is no freedom or wealth as an employee. So if you want an easy pathway to a portable, proven system you can come onboard with the refund consulting program. Read about it here;


The next stage is to invest wisely. Real estate and shares.. look around your area for real estate opportunities… learn in the real estate market you are most familar with to start, for shares go with index 500,  its really not hard… Start small, and you will gain knowledge and expertise in no time. This is where you get wealthy.

The last part is Consistency.

Keep on the path. Dont chop and change. Dont get side tracked because  if you stay faithful to your dreams you will get rewarded by living them.

Learning about what it takes to achieve financial and lifestyle freedom is essential to changing your current patterns… so you are always getting better, bigger, happier… its the quest we are all on, at different stages of the journey:)


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