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Home Business And Freedom

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Several years ago and much like a lot of people, I did not have more than a couple of small bills to rub together. But that IS the reason I decided to make a change! I borrowed, begged, and stole (well not the stealing bit 🙂 )….. but I pulled out all stops to change things.

It takes COURAGE and ACTION.

I set up a successful home business that has been going strong for almost a decade and half …. today, I am reaping the rewards of these choices!

Many of you know that earlier this year I did a big Trip with my family.

Yesterday, I returned from another short break – 3 weeks in the South Pacific in my waterfront cottage. I loved it so much I am seriously considering living and working from there all of next year (if I can manage to enrol my middle boy in online home schooling).

Now here’s the interesting thing, my home business did not skip a beat, I made more money in those last 3 weeks on holiday while planting organic seeds of pumpkin, silverbeet and various other vegetables in my South Pacific garden, than I did the 3 weeks prior while being “at work” in my home in good old Australia.

If that is not freedom, I don’t know what is!

I feel so blessed to be able to do that and am getting more ambitious; what if I can do it all WHILE living at the beach? I mean as a kid when people used to say “oh, you can’t be on holiday forever” my first thought was “why not?” Why not, indeed? My business is portable and flexible (I would never have anything to do with traditional business, Traditional business to me = slavery of a worse variety than being an employee- scary!).

What’s more, I certainly believe if I can do it ANYONE can! If you’re thinking of going into business for yourself, ditching your job and starting a home based business, or even developing a second income stream, then I have got fantastic news for you….there is better options out there!

if you have been a slave to traditional business which sucks the life out of you, that demands that you babysit the cash register for 15 hours a day, or babysit the staff, the narky customers or all of the above (I feel for you, I watched my mother do just that!), – guess what there REALLY  are legitimate, viable, ethical, FREEDOM businesses out there!

…I have developed one of the best programmes to enable people to do just that!

The Refund Consulting Programme is an excellent option for a first time entrepreneur, millions of hard working Aussies are for first time, faced with fewer job working prospects and starting a home based business just might be the best option.

Refund Consulting is one of the few businesses that places so little emphasis on your previous background (eg: your age, sex or experience is unimportant).

Stated simply, the people who succeed are the ones who know how to go about it in the best way. You can live anywhere, work at anytime and the best thing is you can start this part-time or full-time!

Read all about it here.

• Go on….. follow the yellow brick road towards freedom!
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