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Christmas Time In Prague, Long Live Dreams

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This time of year is magical

It holds so much reflection for its the very end of the year- we are tired and reflective, ready for Christmas time in Prague and kicking back. A time for real thought and emerging to all that the new year will bring.

I think December and Christmas time is a time of gratitude.

You have survived another year and you are wiser for it, so spend moments at the end of the year thankful. This year was the toughest year of my life. I had a major emergency operation and the shock of it shook me. I am not a woman that shakes easily or at all for that matter…. and It changed me.

I am grateful for it.

The shock, the pain, the aftermath, it made me gentler, softer. And it made me stronger. I had a really tough year with my health and yet I had amazing times. In the end I traveled extensively, one of my dreams was to spend Christmas time in Prague, well, right now I am sitting in a street cafe eating goulash soup in Prague, the air is fresh and crisp & I am LIVING MY DREAM.

I look onto the square and I give thanks, for a blessed year and a blessed life. When I was 29 years old I had a dream, ‘if only I can work from home around my kids’ I thought, ‘wouldn’t that be something.’ Someone was listening and my dream became a reality. It grew and grew and grew.

A life of true privilege…

You see I believe that life tests you to see if you can be a true and good custodian of little blessings. If so, then life gives you more. So from a little dream grew a big life. I think you can not achieve great things without integrity, without good intent, this is a universal law- you must earn success.

Many people think they can “steal success”, that they can hussle their way into it- success is a state of being, its not just dollars in the bank, its your health, your mental state, your daily joy, your people and your wealth- and you can’t fake that or steal it- life destows it upon you once you have proven yourself deserving through years of good action. at least this is how I have seen it work out:)

So have faith in yourself, work on your beliefs, ensure you do everything from good intentions, be true to your ethics, and be good to others- don’t buy into other people’s negativity – it’s their problem, not yours… don’t worry what others are doing, run your own race.

Christmas time in Prague, long live dreams! I can’t help but be amazed at  the state of grace my life is in. No matter what happens its like divinity has bestowed grace on me. I feel satisfied and blessed. I am thankful for everything the good and the bad, for both have made me better. I encourage you to start viewing your life in similar terms.

As I explore Prague this time of year I am filled with a sense of joy, and I wish you my reader endless blessings, and may god’s absolute grace engulf your life so that all things that happen to you are to your advantage and for your good.

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