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They say women are not born to become entrepreneurs. Handling your own business for homebased mums can take so much time, focus and effort that it might be too much for them especially if they are mothers. Yes, we here at Create Australia couldn’t agree more that women have so many responsibilities in their family that the thought of running their own business can sometimes be far fetched. It’s either you say goodbye to your career or you say goodbye to your dreams of being homebased mums; and too often people assume doing both is too hard.

It is very tempting to focus only on the challenges. However, my team at Create Australia and I believe that if you understand the advantages of becoming a female entrepreneur and starting your business now, you will become more open to achieving your goals not just for yourself but also for your family.

I was just like you a few years back. Strong willed and not willing to give up hope on the prospect of being able to juggle both a family and a career, my only question though was how? I struggled for a long time, searching for a solution.  I wanted to do both—be a loving mum to my children and be an entrepreneur at the same time.

Now I look back and I know that if I hadn’t followed my dive for freedom or my dreams of watching my kids grow up then I wouldn’t be in the financially stable situation or exist in the happy lifestyle I have. So I want you to do the same. I want you to follow your heart, muster the courage to go out on a limb by starting your own business.

If you are thinking about starting your own business but is held back by all of these self-doubts, these are the 3 reasons that will tell you you’re wrong.

  1. This is the best time to start your own business. Thanks to technology, you can manage your business wherever you are. If you have a laptop or an iPhone, you can earn money if you want to.
  2. You can get more support from working mums like you. Since many more women are into business it is easy to get the support you need to start your own. Just here at Create Australia, you have so many colleagues going through the same thing every day.
  3. If you’re a parent, chances are you know how to balance, work out your responsibilities better. That is the primary advantage of being a mum when you’re a businesswoman. We’ve heard the rumours of how parenting can teach you so many valuable lessons in life, and I will tell you every bit of that is true. You will treat your business as if it’s one of your children.

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Mothering isn’t easy.

Raising children, supporting spouses, cleaning, cooking and shopping for a household; Mothers have an alarming tendency to transform into one woman armies capable of managing an entire business whose sole product is a loving and healthy home environment…but are often so busy they rarely have time to pursue their money making aspirations.

On the flipside: Business mums have it hard.

Juggling schedules, balancing home and work, making time for children, business, spouse and sales, all at once…all the while keeping a calendar flexible enough to afford minor changes; Business mums are walking talking whirlwinds of energy and efficiency, able to do half a dozen jobs with only one head.
But sometimes this can force people to make sacrifices.

That is me speaking from painfully learned experience…

But, let me tell you, it is completely possible to raise children, be a business mum and make money, without making painful sacrifice, and that’s exactly what our business model will teach you how to do, and already has allowed people from Australia, the United States and New Zealand to free up their time while growing a valuable asset from the comfort of their home, in the company of their families!

If you want to learn more about the business that I successfully used to prosper financially while raising my three young children, then please, just ask…and let Create Australia do for you what it did for me.

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I love strong, wonderful women. I love working with them, hanging out with them and enjoying my life journey as part of a community of women. There are a certain variety of women that really understand the sisterhood. They are supportive, they applaud your successes and propel you forward. These women tend to be leaders in their fields, and rightly so. 17 years ago when I rook that crazy leap of faith quitting my job to start up my own business, i had two amazing women managers. The operational manager Sue  and my immediate supervisor Maureen, I loved them both…i was the much younger woman in my 20s and cocky as hell, sure of myself and sassy to boot… i  often think I must of been annoying and that they could have eaten me alive, because well I was a lot of confidence and not too many years experience not by comparison anyway…but they didn’t, they applauded me, encouraged me and gave my ego and antics a loooong leeway. that is grace. Graceful behaviour. They didn’t come from competition, but from the sisterhood.When I resigned, Sue didn’t accept my resignation. When I insisted Maureen throw a big farewell party and gave me a card from her and Sue only,  not a regular staff card… on it it said aim for the moon, if you fall short you will be amongst the stars. In the card they wrote Myriam you are a star, your success in business is inevitable. Waw. I had that card in front of me for those early years in my business. And its lesson never left me, if you have a chance build people up do, endorse them, tell them you see the potential in them. If you are a woman support other women, if you are a man show your faith in that woman’s capacity. Endorse.endorse.endorse.

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Long before ‘his story’ there was ‘her story.’ History tells us that before patriarchal society came into place there were tens of thousands of years of an entirely different world order—matriarchal society was prevalent worldwide and the child lineage was through the mother. That was a time of different social & religious practices. Child lineage was traced through the mother, land ownership was a female domain, and religion was a worship of a female goddess.  Women were the dominant sex. They were leaders, rulers, priestesses & warriors. That feminine world order is a very different place than today’s world.

Every now and then, especially in the world of business, you can see glimpses of these powerful female figures that serve as motivation for today’s up-and-comers; women in business are today’s rulers, warriors, and champions.

To give you an idea, here are some of the most prominent women entrepreneurs known through time:

  1. Tory Burch

She is the CEO of well-known fashion and clothing line in US that started in 2004. Today, they have almost 125 stores and are visible in department stores as well. Burch also established Tory Burch Foundation to give back to the women entrepreneur community by supporting them.

  1. Leslie Blodgett

She is the CEO of Bare Escentuals which is a makeup company. In 1994, Blodgett was the one responsible in revitalizing the then struggling company. Through improved marketing, the company was once again opened to the public in 2006. Later on in 2010, Shiseido acquired them.

  1. Sara Blakely

With a small capital of $5000, Blakely took the leap and started creating undergarments for men and women. Now, the company has almost $250 million in revenue. Blakely also established a foundation which helps women all over the globe.

  1. Arianna Huffington

In 2005, The Huffington Post was launched and she was the editor-in-chief then. She let AOL acquire them in 2011 but she continued to oversee the company as she continuously provided insight and aimed to globalize the brand in Europe, Canada, and Japan.

  1. Weili Dai

She co-founded Marvell Technology Group, Limited or MRVL. This is a semiconductor company and she is the only founder who is a female. Being president, she was able to bring in huge revenue to the company and this made her a recipient to a lot of awards such as Entrepreneur of the Year and Gold Stevie Award to Woman.

  1. Coco Chanel

She was actually born poor and an orphan. She started by designing hats for the elite in Paris. This made her climb up the social ladder quickly and she became well known in the fashion scene. Until today, her brand is still alive in the runways.

  1. Estee Lauder

She is well-known for the cosmetics line she established. What started to be as an effort to help her uncle sell his skin care formulations became a billion-dollar worth business. Today, they have branched out to Clinique, Prescriptives, and Aramis.

  1. Debbie Fields

On her first day in selling her baked goods, almost no one bought so she decided to give a free taste. This marked the start of success of Mrs. Fields’ Cookies. Perhaps no one ever thought how far a plain housewife could go.

Through time, women have been breaking stereotypical images of them that they should only be left at home to let them do the household chores. While most women are more known to rule the fashion or cosmetic worlds, more and more are getting to be known in other arenas as well such as technology, real estate, and even biotechnology.

These women have truly become trail blazers and serve as shining beacon to working mums all over the world.

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Myriam Borg At The Beach
On women, family & doing business our own way! What a heady combination; motherhood, family & business. No wonder it’s such a daunting move for most women, but according to Myriam the alternatives, are far scarier. “I look at my girlfriends who climbed the corporate ladder and none of them are coping. Their day starts at 6:00am so that they get the kids to day care and be at work by 8:30am. Because they have good positions, they rarely get home before 7.30 pm… A lot of women can relate to that and it’s not pretty, these women are exhausted!”

“Unless you are really not very Ambitious, combining a brilliant career & a family is sheer madness”, she says.

She should  know. As a young mum, she had to ask herself some really tough questions. Questions like “do I want to pay the heavy price of leaving my babies from 7:00 in the morning till 7:00 at night 5 days a week for my glorious career?” I started to feel like the career woman “thing” was just a big lie.

“Like many of my friends, we were young women and ambitious as hell, and we really thought we could have it all!” Myriam  speaks about climbing the career ladder to top management, which was enjoyable and challenging, but left her missing her child and totally guilt ridden. “As THE boss, my staff needed me & so did the board. That meant morning starts at 7:00am and at night it was not odd to get home after 9:00pm.

I had a 4 year old at home that didn’t see me until the weekends. He was more attached to his day carer than he was to me. It simply was not a sacrifice I was willing to make. Period! So I climbed all the way down the ladder back to a training job and even then, with a second child on the way, it was not viable, but other women keep on this madness for years, even decades because they can’t see a viable alternative.”

In 2000 with a second baby in tow, Myriam went on a search for  an alternative or a real business and found none to meet her requirements.

Myriam Borg Lifestyle

“I was so frustrated by the garbage that was being offered, I wanted a REAL business that I could run around my family from home that had tiny overhead, so that if I take a week or two off with the kids sick or for breaks and it would cost me nothing in overheads to stay in business. I wanted total control being a control freak, any franchise, MLM or multi structure would just not work for me… Oh, and I wanted goodwill, so that my work brings me income but also develops me an asset,” she laughs. “You’d think there would be tons of opportunities that fit my bill – there was a big fat NOTHING! So, true to form, I went about creating it….”

Myriam thinks there is no better time in history for women to get entrepreneurial than right now. Why? “With new technological connectivity and access to tidal waves of information, a shift in society is occurring and it’s affecting how business is done.  And by the looks of things, it’s all good news for women wanting to stay home,” she says.

Rapid changes in technology are causing disruption in the way corporations do business. Communication is now digital. Products are now digital. Marketing and delivery of product and services must be done in a different way to meet the digital age.

And she’s packaged a number of great opportunities to suit, in a number of industries, and has set up her own consultancy service to help women get into business for themselves via tailored solutions. “I have some really fabulous opportunities, but it may not be for everyone, so I set up the consultancy to cater to individual requirements. Because we should have the right career satisfaction & be good mothers & partners. Today, I do life on my terms and that’s a real viable option for every woman out there sitting in that same spot I was in; we don’t need to sell out.

I am living proof of that.” With that, she smiles and leaves her office room to run upstairs. “The kids are on school holidays”, she explains, “and they need lunch made”. That’s what it’s about for her seamless work/family life balance – It’s a beautiful thing.


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Grab The Best Home Business Opportunities For All Working Mothers

Grab The Best Home Business Opportunities For All Working Mothers

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