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What my son did this morning, will resonate with me forever!

I got out of bed this morning, smiling. I got in my car, drove to my sons school, took a seat in one of the front rows of parents and waited for the ceremony to begin.

Out stepped my son onto the stage above us, proud as anything, excited that all of his hard work throughout the school year had yielded such results.

Immediately… he looked down, he was looking to see if I was there in the crowd to watch him. Then he saw me, he grinned ear to ear and waved!

… I can’t tell you what I means to me that I was there…

This is what I did it for. The day I quit my job and career as a trainer was one of the scariest days of my life. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into let alone how I was going to make it work.

All I knew was that I had to. Today… I tell you, from the heart of a proud mother of 3… It’s all worth it. I was there for the early mornings, the homework, the life lessons, the “mum… we need to talks” and I can’t tell you what that means… you have to live it or live without it to really know.
I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since I embarked on what was one of the biggest leaps of faith of my life. I know that if it wasn’t for my fierce determination and resilience I wouldn’t have made it as a Refund Consultant (especially without any help)…

Because that’s what it takes.

If you haven’t read my story of how I stumbled onto this hushed up industry that made all of this possible, I will leave you a link below… it also comes with important industry information that you will need to know as an agent, critical info if you’re serious about becoming an agent.

Read My Story Here

I want you to consider if you’re someone like me with bull dog tenacity, ready to do what it takes to work from home, own your own business and lead a portable lifestyle.

If you’ve got a feeling that my refund consulting program is right for you… or if you’ve got questions and been meaning to reach out for a while… then send me an email now.

Let’s talk.

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As you all know, I work from home, and I just love it,  in fact my staff and contractors complain that meeting are always held at my home or local cafe (local to me that is!)….I am a real home body, and I love doing life around my family- even my fitness trainer comes to my place to train me.

Well this morning I had a meeting with a business partner, he flew in and was staying at a city hotel, can I catch up with him for an early morning meeting ? he asked… gosh, I didn’t want to seem rude. So I obliged – I woke up at 6.50am got ready and hopped in my comfy car, put my favorite music on- I was determined to enjoy the drive, I mean it’s not like I do it every day… Boy was I delusional by the time I got to town in very heavy early morning traffic, I was totally stressed, and road ragey!

I thought lord and people do this every day!! I thought of all the people who commute to and from work every single day and what that must do to their mental well being! I felt immediately grateful for having a home based business.

So I’d like to encourage you to use these horrible daily commutes, working for a mean boss or anything else that unbalances your happiness as a motivation to get you moving towards your becoming your own boss, developing that home business or saving and investing towards it.

Because there is a whole different world out there, a different way of doing life- that doesnt involve commuting!:), in fact there are now tens of thousands of people who have portable businesses, and like me, they can make more money than an average corportate suit, but they get to do it from home, or the beach or a boat…you get the idea.

And to give you a little help go to and see you on the other side!

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Myriam Borg

The need to change ultimately starts within you. I am taking steps to allow love in my life and to let it serve as my guide. I also want to have enough confidence and determination in the ideals I believe in to create the impression of making the other people look right and not wrong.  I will pursue and not give up in making things possible according to the things I visualize and learn to accept things without apathy.  Try to practice by taking things lightly and not personally.  Some people may be experiencing a rough day resulting to bad moods.  Do not also feel offended if the person does not wish to talk with you.  Respect them.  Do not create a big deal out of a small stuff. What is important is that you know deep down yourself that you are not threatening or hurting anybody.

The Need to Change Your Perception

But regardless of how people see you or perceive you, there are proper ways in choosing the correct perception and that is through careful analysis and understanding. This is very crucial to understand and perhaps you could impart this too to those people who seem indifferent to the world.  In pursuing your goals, you try to visualize a clear path along the way without any obstruction.  If road blocks set in, face the adversities with calmness, positive attitude, utmost consideration, compassion, and others depending on how you perceive it.  You can also describe it in merely two words.  I am not trying to come up with a lengthy argument but most of it is my own point of view.  One person’s ability to see in a different perspective can dramatically increase or decrease depending on the other person’s capacity to view things.  When you instruct someone to think outside the box, it’s either they react or accept it differently.  It could result to fear, anger or could fall in deaf ears.  It is usually the emotion that sets in instead of thinking objectively. Simply put, all you need to have is a stable emotional quotient. This may be easy to say, but definitely difficult to master.

Your Emotional Intelligence as a Tool for Your Home Business

There are various books written about emotional intelligence where it has been written that emotion is based on perception.  It allows love to be your guide and the other one is through achieving goals. This is a kind of perspective which allows people to be more effective and see things differently. This could manifest to those people around you, yourself or to the whole society itself.  Infinite potentials begin to manifest within you through accurate perception and the field of unlimited potentiality itself.  It is like being able to produce something unique or magnificent out of crap.  It is also being able to balance life’s inaccuracies like learning to differentiate those you can trust and cannot.  It allows you to gain power and knowledge compared to other people. Eventually, the need to change will be actualized.

Take for example how I turned my life around, from rental place to grand estate, from rundown sedan to brand new BMW. This is not an entry for arrogance but more so a motivational plug to let you know that your goals can be more than just milestones you leave up in the air. As a matter of fact, let’s do an activity. I want you to list down the top five things you want most in life IF money was not an issue. A yacht, a private island, you name it. Write them down and put the list somewhere easily seen every morning, day in and day out. You’ll be surprised how actuality can be such a solid agent for attaining these goals! Again, it’s all about changing your mindset!

Forget about the limitations and actually GO FOR IT! I’ll be here with you every step of the way, with the Refund Consulting Programme serving as your banister as you go up those stairs towards your dreams.

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For about 70% of our existence, we all operate from a subconscious level, on autopilot  and understanding this is essential to changing or attempting to improve your life, especially to people who maintain daily routines for our work from home.  When there is a burst of sudden emotions or when we become angry, blood flows directly from our front brain all the way to the middle brain. at that point our minds are no longer thinking rationally.  ‘in emotion’ we lose rationale, We end up being unreasonable and we want to fight or run away immediately from the situation we are dealing with. its called fight or flight, and its triggered by strong emotions. And sometimes, it is the urgent desire of coming up with a perfect result which leads to the inability of accomplishing simple tasks.  It affects everyone young and old alike.

Change Your Life by Eliminating Anger or Using It To Propel Yourself

One way to be aligned & manifest your goals is to focus on  them. Focus is key.   Don’t get distract by others and what ‘THEY’ are doing.   you are different, your goals are different to everyone else. and so while everyone is entitled to their own actions depending on how their life story goes or what they have been through.  What is effective to us may not be effective to others.  Your voluntary action to help someone might lead to negative reactions.  Sometimes watching someone achieve something you can’t seem to attain can lead to mixed emotions,  confusion and anger.  In this life, you will experience anger. some people will experience it a lot others not as much – but anger is a fact of life.  Biologically speaking  functions when you are in ‘ anger’ its like the blood shuts off the thinking part of our brains. As a result, we cannot use our brain effectively. 

Dealing With Anger to Change Your Life

Your brain is a powerful tool to give direction to your life and if it is not working, it becomes a liability and not an asset anymore. I have come to believe that this universe is perfect in its entirety and what needs to happen is actually happening. However, during challenging times that we get really pissed off, we get lost and all we have to do is eventually go back. This happens to me but I just need an eye-opener. As soon as I realize that anger can lead me to nowhere, the creative part of my brain is switched on again. and I get to reflect on why this particular situation or person made me so mad. By reflecting on my anger burst, I use my anger to grow as a person & eventually  I am able to create the reality that I want that I didn’t realize was even possible before.

I was a very angry young person, but my ability to reflect & use that anger as a tool for growth helped me change my life completely and I hope you could change your life, and your work from home business into a success, too.

Take another look at your options, go to and read about what this business is, listen to the videos and audios of our customers and see what they say about it…. wishing you all the best, always.

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Fair in Love And Business A Great Home Biz Break For The Disabled

australian-home-business-250x180 A home business for the disabledYou can escape from the dreaded situation you are in TODAY. Your escape vehicle is here! A true and tested home biz system that can lead you to self-fulfillment. Everyone is created equal. That’s precisely true in a perfect world. But hey, let’ face it; it’s not always the case especially if you are trying to look for a job. Although, there’s already a law protecting the rights of the disabled person to get a decent work, still some businesses in Australia do not entertain this idea.You may be one of these people who have lost self-esteem because of your disabilities. Perhaps you may have lost your appetite to live because you feel that you are feeling useless and cannot do anything for yourself and your family and the society. You are disabled, right, but you are not yet dead; and there are still many good things you can do, you can contribute and be rewarded…. You can still work and  earn top a fulltime income. You can still help and support your personal needs as well as your family’s. You can still live your life to the fullest. All you need is a leap of faith in yourself and the genuine support from the best home based business in Australia, the Create Australia Refund Consulting Programme. This programme can make home business a life-changing instrument and can transform your dreams to reality. It’s open for people who dares to live their dreams, young and old, men or women, disabled or otherwise. This is a business opportunity that is not limited or limiting! It is not limited by who you are as long as you have strong determination to succeed. It does not require physical mobility, qualifications or large on costs.

If you are thinking that this is just the same as other home business solutions you often see on the internet….

IT IS NOT! This is a genuine business in Australia is a product of a mother’s love for her kids. And just like you, Myriam Borg, the author of this system had the strong desire to escape from what seemed to be a weary situation she had before, nine-month pregnant, with a toddler and unemployed husband. She courageously explored something that only a few has dared to try.

Today, she is now enjoying what she thought as impossible before. She had successfully combined home and business and experiencing the joys of being financially free. It’s perfect work/life balance, You can do it too!

Don’t let you disability prevent you from getting your fair share of wealth or fulfillment. Success and happiness are yours to take, only if you choose to. The first step is to become a Refund Agent NOW! And be a part of the home biz exclusive community of self-fulfilled individuals.

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emergancies-in-life-250x180 Home Business And Life EmergenciesHi guys! Today I want to talk about how a 3 hour work week helped me with ‘emergencies in life’, you know when drastic things happen……

Your partner gets sick, you elderly parent(s) need care, god forbid you are diagnosed with an illness that needs you to slow down…. you can’t maintain the same work pace…the same lifestyle… well does your life fall apart at that point??I know, doom and gloom right? ….. but these questions worth asking in ADVANCE

In 2012 my mother, a 64 year old who was super fit, retired chemist, and an avid bushwalker & paraglider, suffered an aneurism in the brain… a brain bleed…. out of the blue as she was changing out of her day clothes for the night… she suddenly screamed “my head” and fell down….it was a “level 5” bleed they told us… which meant as bad as it gets…. they told me to say my goodbyes to her on that Wednesday night 6th of June, 2012.It was a fateful night, despite the fact that they (the neuro unit at the hospital) refused intervention to save her life saying that the damage is too far gone BUT I had NO intention of letting my mother go…. she was simply amazing and a fighter! That decision not to allow them to write her off, cost me 12 months of my full time life and a further 12 months in part time care…. a total of 24 months, which I gladly gave because my mother lived and strived.In ICU with mum – keeping positive!

The effort, expense and sacrifice it took to bring her to where she is today, is not for the faint-hearted!

Just to give you an idea, we had our own neurosurgeon intervene to ensure she got operated on, otherwise “sorry no intervention….”, I lived in the RPA hospital ICU unit, sleeping on a chair in the isolation unit for 6 weeks showering in the ICU bathroom and barely sleeping more than 3 hours a night- because frankly the nurse response was too slow in an emergency and there was a major emergency daily until she stabilised 4 months later.

My sister and I were in hospital every day, full days, for exactly 11 months until she was released to go to rehabilitation….. all that is great but if I had been an employee or a ‘traditional’ business owner, what would have happened to me? Would I have just let my mum die because I couldn’t afford the expense, time and effort? Would I have acted the same and let my finances collapse?

11 months after her injury, still in hospital but alive, well and smiling! I am pleased to say that she is now back at home.

Lost my home, my assets, taken my kids out of the expensive private schools?? That would have been my picture had I been an employee or even a big time corporate… thankfully though, I have been working a 3 hour work week in my home based business for 14 years now… not because it’s the lesser option but because a home-based business can be run from any laptop anywhere.

During these 12 months where I did almost no work, to speak of, I was able to have my laptop there in the ICU isolation unit, or in the ward and whilst nurses were attending to my mum, I checked emails, I got virtual support, admin support via my brilliant staff…. who all stepped up. In other words, my business went on as normal….my finances did not take a hit.

If you stop and think of the magnitude of what I am saying here you’ll know that having a lucrative home-based business in times of crisis is a near miracle! You see, in crisis, you NEED more money not less… if you can’t ‘go to work’ go out there and do stuff….well, you lose your income source and you are in double trouble.

The Refund Consulting Program is a fully portable business, a true home business…..

Once your home business is set up and established, you can run it from anywhere – I have run mine from the beach (up to 3 months at a time), from a sail boat in the Caribbean and the South Pacific and from 5 Sydney hospitals, including St George hospital and the RPA.

To tell you the truth I always thought I needed the portability and flexibility of a home based business so I can travel and see the world but until that fateful nite on the 6/6/12, I never realised what the benefits of my home business would be if life forced me to be bound attending to a crisis. It wasn’t until 2012 that I truly got to appreciate what a home business afforded me. You see, all I needed was my laptop, wifi access and my mobile phone… what a blessing!

Take another look at your options, go to and read about what this business is, listen to the videos and audios of our customers and see what they say about it….

To know more call us on 1800 61 71 11

wishing you all the best, always.
Yours sincerely
Myriam Borg
Managing Director
Create Australia

Hi, as you know, I work from home. I just love it. In fact, my staff and contractor complain that meetings are always held at my home or local cafe (local to me that is).Well, this morning I had a meeting with a new JV partner. He flew in and was staying at a city hotel. Can I catch up with him for an early morning meeting, he asked? Gosh, I didn’t want to seem rude. So I obliged. I woke up at 5:50am, got ready, and hopped in my comfy BMW, putting my favorite music on. I was determined to enjoy the drive. I mean, it’s not like I do it every day…Boy, was I delusional by the time I got to town in very heavy early morning traffic. I was totally stressed, and full of road rage!I thought of all the people who had to commute to work every single day of the week and what that must do to their mental well being. Yuck! I felt immediately grateful for having a home based business.gateway-225x300 Do you love work but hate commuting?I’d like to encourage you to use these daily commutes, working for a mean boss or anything else that unbalances your happiness as a a motivation to get you moving towards you becoming your own boss, developing that home business or saving and investing.

I’d like you to take advantage of the most amazing business system. To know more call us on 1800 61 71 11


Live A Life Of Freedom And Excitement While Running A Portable Business

beach-250x180 Live life to the fullestWe can’t deny the fact that we are living in a society where almost everything is instant and portable. From portable television sets and portable restrooms in some countries to instant noodles and instant messaging. Name it, it’s out there! Surely, this isn’t your first time to hear about a portable business too. There are actually a lot of them everywhere, but only few have been proven as effective and long-term as the online home-based business we offer.Being a mother, a wife, and a career woman is time splitting. I’ve been there so I know the everyday drill of wishing the day to become more than 24 hours to accommodate all the obligations at hand and at the same time managing my way out to earn extra income. You feel so responsible and heroic while you try to maximize the little time that you’ve got to take care of your family, your husband, your home, and balance your office workload. Isn’t it an ecstatic feeling to see all the tasks done within the day? However, how many times do you experience such rewarding days? Quite a few, twice, once, or never at all?As much as we love our families and are ready to sacrifice a lot for them, we have all the right to enjoy life as well. As soon as I came to realize this, I flung my doors open to all legitimate work at home opportunities in Australia with the little resources that I had to start with. These little resources primarily involve only my personal computer and a strong desire to change my life and my family’s life FOR THE BETTER. You, too, could start where I started, plus an irresistible help from the online business systems which have become a product of my work-from-internet career.Children spell the word love as T-I-M-E. It is heart breaking for a mother to see her child being raised by someone else. It gives a feeling of guilt about having your hands tied up in chains. Many mothers, if not most, do feel what I once felt towards my first years of parenting while working. There’s no point in denying that you are a slave to your own time, when in fact, it should work the other way around! So why not free yourself up NOW? The moment you read this, you are already on your way to living a life of freedom and excitement. See our kids grow within your very eyes and spend vacation memories with them as often as you want with the online home jobs for every mother. With these home business opportunities Australia has, you can conveniently be working online without hassles and worries of meeting schedules, dealing with not-so-nice bosses, and putting up with annoying coworkers!Have you been wondering all this while on what this TOP SECRET offer is that I am leading you to? Simple. Home based businesses by itself could not always guarantee 100% success rate. However, if done right and systematically, it could go beyond your expectations! Running a portable business is the simple solution to every working mum’s dilemma. And run it right with online refund business program system!
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Money Making Tips From The Best Home Based Business

Worried about money? Are you running out of cash? Don’t give up; it’s not yet dooms day. Check out how you can turn your fate from the best home based business.

The effect of the credit crunch in the US and the global economic turmoil has resulted to a massive unemployment rate in almost every part of the world. Many people lost their jobs, lost their dreams and suffered a lot. But as the saying goes, there’s an opportunity amidst chaos and this event has led many individuals to search for alternative means to sustain their way of living. Thus, online home based business became a wide-spread avenue to earn money.

It is also where the business trend is going as many companies are now engaging their workforce offshore or allowing individuals to do jobs from home to lessen their costs and maximize their profit. Working online is now easy to achieve as we have technology to do so. It has made the world a smaller place and allowed almost everyone to be virtually connected.

If you are one of those people who are unemployed, disabled or just seeking ways to earn extra, here are some ways to do it:

• Internet Marketing Business – One of the most common ways to earn using this concept is affiliate marketing. Many companies use this method to blast their ad campaigns, increase web traffic, create virtual exposure and generate sales. You can capitalize on this demand. You just need to find a good niche, one that probably suits your specific interests. Then develop a good website, advertise and get paid.
• Online Writing – This is also becoming a very lucrative business, particularly the need for search engine optimized articles. You don’t need to have a formal education to start; just be imaginative and resourceful. Strike those keys and earn.
• Online Web Development & Designs – Another growing trend for web wizards. Many companies all over the world are willing to pay for a good website. Search and you will find.
• Online Virtual Assistants – If you love organizing, setting up appointments and other related stuff, this one is for you.
• Online Data Entry Jobs – This job is very easy. You can be a document transcriptionist, do secretarial tasks, or perform online accounting and bookkeeping.

money1 Money making tipsYou see, there’s a lot to choose from. However, please always be on the guard to select only the legit online jobs. Statistics show that the ratio of scams to genuine deals is at 30 is to 1. Don’t be easily persuaded by the get rich quick scheme. There is one REAL DEAL that can surely rock your world. This is not a direct selling nor a multilevel business or any other business out there that will give you false promises. Create’s Refund Consulting Program can be your gate pass to financial freedom.

For a very reasonable amount, you will get the full access on how you can make money from the $800 Billion dollar industry. In addition, you will be provided with 365 days of rock-solid support. This is a complete and tested system that can truly give favourable results. There are no other requirements, just your desire to earn extra income.

Refund Consulting Program is the best home based business that you can ever have. Don’t be left out and start making money NOW!

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