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As most of you know, 18 years ago I was broke, 9 months pregnant and clueless.

I had a dream to be a mumpreneur and to give my children the best of the best… with NOTHING but faith and goodwill I stayed home and ran a brand new agency, refunding lost money to people, I raised my children as a hands on 7 days at home mother, today that baby that I was pregnant with when I started my journey into being a mumpreneur has graduated from Northholm Grammar one of the most prestigious schools in Sydney, but that’s not my proudest moment, my proudest moment is seeing what an amazing leader and genuinely brilliant congruent human being I have raised.

Well done Northholm class of 2017, may god bless every one of you on the new journey you are about to embark on!

Today was one of my proudest moments! 🙂

Myriam Borg- My Proudest Moment
I think raising a generation of great people is critical for us all, they don’t have to be your children for you to want to see genuine, ethically sound, smart youth coming into our society- because they are the future of our world and its those exceptional kids that will define the world we live in 20 years from now.

This is why I decided to become a mumpreneur, because raising sound human beings is the most critical job we all have, yet in our dog eat dog world we forget what’s really important- but I don’t believe that you ever need to sacrifice lifestyle or income in order to raise your kids hands on 24/7, I believed you can have it all- by being mindful, congruent and strategic.

I have since proven its possible, every year for 18 years now. 🙂

I think being faithful to an ideal is your first key, and having a strong enough ‘why’ is your second key, but those two keys are worthless without a sound strategy in place- and a solid business model in place that allows you both time & income to bring about what you most desire in your world.

This is what Create is all about, assisting people on their journey towards their own version of wonderful. It is my privilege to be able to serve people who are genuine in their search for real options, so they can realize their life’s goals.

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Yesterday I was snooping around my office when my PA got a message from our receptionist- a client of ours asking us to return her call urgently- so of course  she did-I decided to listen on (being the snoope that I am – ha haa:) This particular client who had come on board about 15 months ago wanted some urgent changes made to her website which we manage for her as part of our ongoing customer support and commitment.

We made the changes on the spot,( this is how fast out team works for our customers). Our client, let’s call her Lauren, was telling us how she is doing so well handling approximately 25 refunds a month that she has had to employ her sister to cope with the growth. The bit that made me smile was that she is following in my footstep, she has placed her children in private schools thanks to her new business profits & took the entire family overseas for a month break to the United States. I listened & couldn’t help thinking “you go  girl!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                         She is sending us her testimonial so you will hear it from her own mouth in good time- but I coulnt help but feel over joyed, because the only thing that makes me really giddy is hearing that customers are KILLING it in business duplicating our business success!

When I hear stories like that I think wohhooo one more person liberated from “wage slavery”  via our Freedom business system, so YES!

When I started in business I have made 3 solid commitments;

1. To be instrumental in ensuring that tens of millions of dollars are refunded to their rightful owners each year
2. To assist people who are serious about succeeding in this industry, as much as I am able.
3. To never compromise my lifestyle for profits, in other words to stay true to my initial goals regardless of growth

Myriam Borg Speaks About Barriers To Success

So every time I hear about a client’s resounding success, I feel proud, every time I think about how much our Refund agents are retuning to their clients it reinforces my commitment.

And that is what its all about isn’t it growing as a person, as a business, and as a community.

If you have any questions about The lost money industry we are here to help, simply email us via the contact us link HERE and we will be in touch

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Myriam Borg Says Live A Little…

In my life and my travels have met allllll kinds of people:) nice people, amazing people, fun people- some awe inspiring people. I have also met some nasty people and some well how can I say this… some major losers. The interesting thing is you can NEVER ever read a book by its cover. You see, success and happiness, ‘living with meaning’ are not always easy to detect, most people try to present themselves as ‘successful’. And money or status alone don’t dictate success at all- in fact the biggest losers I’ve met were wealthy,the most miserable person I know has high status (doctor), and the coolest couple on earth were real ‘hippy’ types. Fair dinkum. So how do you measure success???



I believe you measure success by the quality of life you have, the happiness you have in your life and the extent you have managed to materialise and actually live your dreams.

I can’t define success for you, I can only perhaps define the criteria and even that is subjective. I love pushing myself, growing and experiencing life on a bigger and bigger scale- mind you I get criticized for it ‘you are always travelling’ YEAH. It makes me happy. ‘You set people in business? Why don’t you get a real job?’ Ha haaa, what can I say! and it goes on but you know here’s a secret the more successful you are the more critics you get and the more people feel entitled to comment on your choices. So if people are criticizing you KEEP going you are on the right track, if people are trying to hinder you from doing something meaningful DON’T STOP, your on your own journey.

The hippies that inspired me were a family who traveled the world lived everywhere; India, Sri lanka, Europe, south pacific, Asia… they were not financially rich (though they were very clever to afford such a rich freedom loving lifestyle, while the majority struggles to pay bills!) so to me they were truly rich in experiences- they did more, saw more and lived more than most people in 5 lifetimes. I thought they were amazing, because they resonated to my highest values fearlessness and freedom. To someone else on the outside at least they looked like bums and just way too ‘hippy dippy’.

True freedom is going your own way. Living a little, loving a lot and never allowing the opinions of anothers to influence how you act or what you do in life. Life is way too short and should be lived joyfully not just occasionally but every single day- THAT is not easy to achieve and I believe that is the definition of true success!

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Myriam Borg is an Australian business woman who has excelled at creating a business empire doing exactly what she loves the most,  creating business lifestyles that fits “in” with the people who live them.

Too often people live their entire lives uncomfortable, for no good reason at all. It makes no sense. I am no good before 10:00 AM I am not a morning person, so waking up at 6:00 AM to get to run myself stupid dropping kids at kindly then rush to work by 8.30 AM usually stressed out from the rush and commute then doing it all again in the evening was my idea of hell. It had to stop immediately. So I developed a business that is fluid that runs around me. And I’ve been doing life my way for 17 years now and still counting.

What does my head in is that people live crazy uncomfortable lives for decades and then wonder why they develop heart conditions or get cancer. Its clear. Years of Disease will ruin you physically, emotionally and mentally. So I develop a simple business vehicles. Because life is about more than work.

Its about more than earning money. It should be balanced and enjoyed every day. That’s what I believe

If you are interested in reading more about Myriam and her business ideas and tools please refer to or

So if you subscribe to my emails you know I left off yesterday on the conversation my client of 8 years (and friend) Cordelia and I had in Poland yesterday… her venture down the road less traveled and the BIG decision she had to make when she first decided to come on board with us.

I will let you guys go back to read through my last email to catch up on what we went over yesterday.

What I didn’t know about Cordelia was that on the morning she decided…

‘Enough Was Enough!’

She walked into work to quit her job and her manager instantly offered her a promotion and a raise! (An offer an ordinary person would have a problem turning down.)

I know, based on the people I talk to day in day out… most people would have taken this! She was actually about to take the offer herself, when she paused a moment to think about the decision she was about to make!

  • The 13 hour days weren’t going to end
  • The time she missed out on being with her family and friends she was never going to get back
  • The distaste behind serving someone else wasn’t going away…

She was about to sign her self up to continue down the same road she had been traveling down. She knew she was only signing herself up for more of what she had been getting…

But worse… she wasn’t just signing herself up.
She was signing up her whole family to be part of the exploitation.

To her kids this was normal, having a mum who didn’t respect herself enough to priorities herself above the injustice that was been dealt on her.

She knew what she had to do, she told her boss to ‘kiss her a$$’ and walked out!

That afternoon she bought our program.

And in her first year as an agent, she turned over $130,000 !!!

That’s what happens when you start putting in the same amount of effort into yourself as you are for someone else!

She knew why they were offering her a raise, they wanted her to stay because she had made it so easy for them exploit her.

When she told me this, my respect for her doubled.

She’s a fighter!

The strength it takes to realise you dream and prioritize others above what’s easy to just continue doing… is huge.

I know this because I see it day in and day out here. People who don’t follow through on their promises to themselves.

You have to ask yourself, is this you?

Are You A Fighter?

Do you have what it takes to venture down the road less traveled and do what is right by YOU!

I want you guys to think seriously about whether or not you are going to be one of the final applicants for our final intake of clients this year!

Because there really is NO BETTER TIME to get in on this.

If you’re looking to give your business the leg up that it deserves… then you won’t pass up this opportunity.

If you’re looking for a business you can work from home… or Poland (like I am today)…


(Something you can switch on and switch off if and when you want to… So that… well you can go and live once and a while!)

We Have
3 Spots Remaining!!

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1800 617 111

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“What legacy can I pass on my children?”—this is probably the most common question every parent has in mind. Whether it’s financial or ethical values, as a parent, we are constantly under the pressure of honing our children’s future. We want to prepare them and help them learn the skills and knowledge they need as they live through the challenges of life independently especially when the time comes that we perish.

Of course, who doesn’t want their kids to have a bright future?  Parents, we want to give them everything that we can. But ultimately, we want to leave them the best things.

And so you ask yourself, “What legacy can you pass on?”

Five to 10 years back, I am in the same situation constantly asking myself the same questions, thinking of ways of what can I teach my children that they can use in the future? What legacy can I pass on?What would I want them to remember me as? What mindset should I instill in them to ensure that they are able to withstand the challenges that comes in their way?

The answer will always tend to be subjective. But at the end of the day you want to pass a legacy that inspires your children to work hard for their dreams and stay focused on their goals. You want to teach them the power of financial freedom.

Yes, financial freedom—being able to pay for your bills, travel, eat at great restaurants, give gifts to your children and grand kids, and all that jazz without the need to get tied to a 9 to 5 job at the office or suffer the stress of traffic. Make money and work anywhere and anytime at your own terms—you are your own boss! That is the dream they say, and yes it is possible.

Your kids will thank you for it! Success and financial freedom can only be achieved if you have the right mindset. You have to believe in your own hype, stay focused on your goals, and never stop finding ways to do more.

When I launched my business, I have one goal set: help individuals unleash their entrepreneurial mind and realise their potential to handling their own freedom business—a business which they can run anywhere, don’t have to commute or leave the house if you don’t want to. It is a system we have discovered that lets you earn the income you need. Ask us how! Call us 1800 617 111 let’s start working on your legacy.

Success is a simple formula; its 1 part attitude, 1 part will, 1 part alchemy and 1 part karma. If you know the formula you can achieve anything. I believe it is harder for the average person to be successful today, even though it should not be that way at all…. why? well I call it ‘the dumbing down of society’ you know in today’s ‘me too’ society where important events don’t count unless they are posted on Facebook and where image is far more important than reality, where media dictates to us how we should look, sound and live. What happened to innovation, invention, uniqueness? It is SO refreshing to meet people who are unique, who have serious attitude and who genuinely have their own vision & convictions.

I am a massive advocate of REALLY knowing what makes YOU happy, and often its very simple. What genuinely makes me happy is very, very simple; being free & unrestricted, having a beach lifestyle for part of my year (sand between my toes, salty water on my skin and fresh fish being cooked for us by the beach are all ‘bliss’ triggers:) and my family enjoying it all ofcourse, add to that my portable business and its my version of paradise. As you all know that IS how I live, I travel entensively mostly to coastal destinations, doing things I love and that have real meaning to me. Whether I am living on the beach in the south pacific, hanging out on the Med in Europe or home in Australia I am constantly creating success for myself and my clients. Its living from ‘my authentic self’, you see I believe if you live your most authentic self, if you follow what your heart loves, you can build a vision and a life that feels blissful to you. Living your authentic self is about being true to your self, rather than living a life your parents/partner/teachers/ family & friends/ society/ Facebook/ the media tells you to live… often the things that that make YOU happy has nothing to do with the things ‘THEY’ tell you you should be doing or ‘THEY’ tell you would make you happy. Last year I promised you a program that assists you in breaking through barriers that block you from living your dream. Well its almost here, the ‘live your authentic self; materialise your dreams’ program will launch next week. With only 7 initial closed door members this program reveals my step by step process from clarifying ‘what I want’ to making it a reality you can see and touch, that is the alchemy of successful people. So keep your eyes open for the launch which I will announce here soon because this will be the first group accepted. To your success always,

To know more call us on 1800 61 71 11

Myriam 🙂

There are very few words that are more irritating to an educator like myself than ‘I knew that’. I sit down with people every day who tell me in depth about their dreams of wealth, working from home, traveling the world and retiring young. They then pause… sit back and wait for me to start sprouting words like they will magically convert in to cash mid-air.

I take a deep breath, and begin to explain why it is they are not achieving all of this… (the reason is more simple than you think) but let me tell you right now, the major response I get from people isn’t muffled my mouthfuls of money, its ‘I knew that’. My pet hate… because it begs the question… well… if you already KNOW ALL about it, why aren’t you DOING it? Now the reason for the ‘I knew that’ response isn’t all that hard to work out; it’s the answer that is actually blocking them from their goals! They know how the answers; they just can’t bring themselves to do what it takes.

In order to stop working 9-5… you have to stop working 9-5. In order to become wealthy… you have to cut out the job you are currently doing and look for something that’s actually lucrative. And in order to work from home… you have to start working from home. IT’S THAT STIMPLE.

When I was 29 years old, 8 months pregnant and dreading going back to work and leaving my second child the same way I had to leave my first in order to support us financially. I had to make a decision, and it wasn’t an easy one. I had to decide whether I was serious about making a change or whether I wanted to live the rest of my life this way.

(I will tell you what I decided in a second.) But let’s try something, if I were to ask you personally, why you often don’t achieve what you set out to do with the best of intentions, I am willing to bet several words might spring to mind, such as ‘procrastination’, ‘confidence’, ‘laziness’, etc. there is absolutely NO doubt that many people don’t succeed at much because of these traits. But above all I’m willing to bet that at the head of all this… a lack of TIME is blamed the most; ‘there are just not enough hours in the day for me to do XXXX!’

This is as a defense mechanism we use because we don’t like the actual idea of changing we are currently doing to achieve these things. If there was a REAL band aid fix to all of the above issues. If we stopped trying to ‘know everything’ and started ‘doing everything’ I can guarantee 9/10 people would be a whole lot more wealthy, retiring young, working from home, traveling, etc. So how to you stop being an ‘I knew that’ person and start being a ‘do it’ person?

TRICK QUESTION! You need to stop asking how and starting doing what it is that will allow you to meet your goals; you already know how to do it, so begin TODAY! By following this rule alone, I went from being a working 9-5 mother of 2 to owing my own HIGHLY LUCRATIVE business while working from home, the beach… where ever I wanted. And now in my early retirement, I show other people how to start this business themselves. To read my story in full and for in-depth secrets about running your own 6 figure income business from home. Call us on 1800617111

Question: What do you call someone who does business their way, whenever they want, with whomever they choose, wherever they like, on their own terms at the price they want?

But how do you become a Renegade Millionaire? How do you reach that place where you are free to make your own choices; where you are able to be AUTONOMOUS?

I started my journey to become a Renegade Millionaire initially out of desperation. I was working 9-5, commuting 4 hours a day and was 8 months pregnant with my second son (about to go on maternity leave). I was scared that life was about to become a whole lot harder, while I was already barely holding it together as it was. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to go back to work for a while, but we needed money… and fast. I looked around for jobs or businesses I could do from home; my criteria was that:

  • It had to be something I could do when I felt like it
  • Charge what I wanted to
  • Something with very little competition
  • Something with very little to no start up fees
  • Obviously something I could work from home while raising my two children
  • Something I wasn’t going to have to spend a lot of time learning how to do or becoming qualified for
  • Something that was quick and easy to get going and something that was going to earn me a lot of money FAST!

Sounds impossible right? But I was determined.

I searched high and low but all I could find where a ton of get rich quick scams and other rubbish like that. That was until one day, when unsuspectingly I was watching a current affair (as I did on a week day) and on came this report. It was about how one person was returning money that was rightfully owed to people. Money that had gotten lost and needed returning to them FAST! Most people didn’t even know that they had money owing to them, but the clients where SO HAPPY TO HAVE BEEN REUNITED WITH IT (as you can probably imagine if you had upwards of $100,000 owing to YOU…) And for the agent, it was like… NO BETTER THAN CHRISTMAS… they were charging as much as 30% to reunite people with their lost funds. That’s upwards of $30,000 dollars for one job!!

Needless to say… I was sold. I started immediately researching the industry. But no one wanted to share their secrets with me, as you can imagine- who would want to share the secrets in an industry that had been kept hushed up and exploited by people in the know?

Did you know… that there is over $81 BILLION DOLLARS owed to Australians in lost money? I know I didn’t, chances are we all probably have a little bit owing to us! I wanted to be in the industry so badly. It took me over a year and a half to collect all the information I needed to become what I like to call A REFUND CONSULTING AGENT and now… I’VE DONE IT!

I work just under four hours a day
I work when I want
With whoever I want
From wherever I want and
I charge what ever I want.

It’s been a hell of a ride, but I wouldn’t give up the time I got to spend with my kids while they have been growing up… Not a single moment.

I want to challenge you this week to find or peruse your inner renegade! For my full story or how to become a refund consulting agent yourself, To know more call us on 1800 61 71 11

I want to make one very valid and important point; contemplation is a good thing. And mediation has been known to spawn great ideas and deep insightfulness. But in business, MOTION beats mediation any day!

I’ll put it another way… YCDBSOYA or “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Arse!”

You have to take ACTION and just about any kind of action is better than doing nothing at all! The business owners who have an idea and set this idea in motion are what I refer to as Entrepreneurial business owners. Passive business owners, on the other hand, might have a great idea, but that where it ends. They are the dreamers who spend their time punching out one idea after another but never take it to the next step. But if you are under the illusion that you can stick to having bright ideas and leave the rest to somebody else. I’m afraid you’ll spend our life ‘sitting on the bench’ watching other people playing the real game and getting rich.

The entrepreneurial business owner, the REALIST, combines his idea with business building.

• Does he still hold the same goals and ideas as the passive business owner? YES
• Does he dream of a business in which he can create his own freedom? YES
• Does he have the same aspiration to take his idea to the same six figure earning level? YES

So what’s the difference you ask?

This person knows that in order to succeed they must become a “DO’ER” not a “GONNA”. It indisputably takes focus and drive to finish wat you start. YOU are the greatest champion of your own cause, your product or service! In my capacity as mentor/ coach, I can be of the greatest help to these people.

Now let’s get down to dispelling some popular myths on the subject of business. “You can’t have a business that operates itself…” Well sorry to burst you sad bubble, but actually you can! You just can’t start a business, expecting it to get its self-off the ground. But once you’re there, once you have it all up and running, it should run like CLOCK WORK without you. Take trips to Bora Bora… Tahiti… Italy… (all three if you like…) there is no end to the efficiency of DO’ERs. The Refund Consulting Program is one of the very few businesses that can give you this kind of freedom because you don’t have merchandise that you need to ship places, you don’t have a store front that you have to station yourself at… it’s all completely portable and can be set up to be completely self-sufficient.

I don’t have the time to explain the whole system here, if you want to how to set up your own refund consulting business you will have to GET OFF YOUR ASS and call us on 1800 61 71 11. Because even though this business is for the people who dare to dream and know that living life without a care is REAL and ACHIEVEABLE- its also only for people who know that MOTION beats MEDIATION and that they have to GET OFF THEIR ASS to chase their dream.