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Create Australia | Refund Consulting Program Business is all about living your dreams, working flexibility and loving life…

Today we want to share our travel pictures, currently in St Petersburg Russia… Guys its a mind-blowingly STUNNING place, a winter wonderland and full of opulence…

Check our pictures! 🙂

We toured the cathedrals, one of them was 7kms do you know how big that is!

The beauty, attention to detail and love and care is unbelievable!

I got this message from one of our Create Australia – Refund Consulting staff members here this morning which she asked me to pass on to you guys! 🙂

This morning I woke up in a bizarre country surrounded by strange people going about their incredibly DIFFERENT lives!

What a way to start off an email I bet you’re thinking. Well, it’s exactly the thought that was running through my head this morning when I looked out the window to see a world completely coated in white snow! A very different place to sunny Sydney today I’m betting.

But the journey of how I got here is perhaps more important than the destination. They often are… 😊 So let me take you on a journey with me on how I came to this distant land in a far-off country.

Believe it or not, we only decided we would be going on this trip a month ago! A bit of a spur of the moment decision which turned out great! Apparently, St Petersburg is best seen in winter so that’s when we had to go.

Thing is, when I told my friends and family I was going I received some pretty mixed messages. Don’t you work? How will you have time? How will you afford to go?

You’d think people would be less interested in how and more interested in the what. Now, this is not a dig at anyone, I am lucky to be surrounded by so many caring people and they were only worried ABOUT ME!

But that’s the key thing there folks, they were saying what THEY were worried about and I sort of realized in that moment just how blessed I really am…

I work how I want…

I work when I want…


And not everyone gets that…

This is the reality of working a completely virtual lifestyle. YOU call the shots in your business, not the other way around.

Today I saw an amazing city surrounded by culture, history and insanely interesting people… you seriously can’t imagine! It’s the most different place I have ever been, there really is no comparison, it’s a place you simply have to visit.

I have no doubt just inspired your next hour of google searching for competitive plane ticket prices… but before you get too far immersed I want you to ask yourself this…

How far would you go to be able to live the life you want to lead?

To earn on your own terms? or to travel to the far reaches of the earth to see the places you want to see!

How far would you go?

If you haven’t already checked out other testimonials from successful refund consultants then I implore you to do so… what I see other refund consultants do here with us never ceases to amaze and inspire me. I am not the only one jet-setting around the world, living the life of my dreams and sampling the very best life has to offer. And believe us… If we can do it anyone can!

The sky is never the limit, your belief system is.

It’s a beautiful world, hope to see you on the other side of it!

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Having a child and being a responsible parent is oftentimes the most difficult of tasks, and yet the most rewarding and fulfilling experience a person can have.

There are numerous ways a person becomes a parent; by giving birth, fostering, third party reproduction, adoption, etc. But none of them are an easy thing to do because becoming a parent requires huge responsibility and transition on a person’s lifestyle. One big reason that most people are not prepared for being a great parent because it is the beginning of you putting someone else’s needs above your own and having more financial obligations and acting in a way as to have responsible parenting.

This way every parent tries different ways to achieve greater financial stability and continuously searches for better opportunities or even considers starting in business.

Almost, all parents have these need to better their family’s financial future, to plan for their family and regardless of how hard and stressful it can be… However, did you know that there are a million ways every working mum or dad can make money outside of the regular 9-to-5 grind? Or did not notice because you are overwhelmed by the job promotion possibilities, or feeling that you don’t have the skills or training to be able to be your own boss and care for your family… Or let’s just say you already have a business but still looking for an inspiration right now on how to make it thrive without compromising your current lifestyle?

Yes, that is the reality in parenthood; parents like Myriam Borg & many of us experiencing and can relate to that situation, even asking for those exact questions with same reasons why and yet until now still stuck, finding solutions and greater chances of opportunities… Why? Because it’s not that easy and it is truly an art; juggling the commitments of full-time parenthood while growing a profitable small business.

Myriam Borg - Refund Consulting Program (1)

So, Myriam Borg “the founder” of Create Australia – and the creator of the Refund Consulting Program

who already had achieved that perfect work/life/financial success says’ its now her turn to help and give back to new entrepreneurs. Her goal is to educate people like her 17 years ago, struggling with their life, trying to balance parenthood & financial success to change their lives for good… Myriam is very passionate to see many people grow their own successful business while they fulfill their best life ever that everyone deserves.

According to Myriam Borg of Create Australia – Refund Consulting Business,

our world is full of opportunity and change… So, every person should have an opportunity to live an alternative way of life today, a life that fits with them the “best life with work-life balance with better financial freedom” and not like it was before “working in a traditional career, dedicates their whole life to the one company for fifty years then get a gold watch at retirement age”.

Myriam’s influence

is to create a path for parents to live a better quality of life as well as develop a business vehicle in order to improve their family’s financial future.

Myriam Borg - Refund Consulting Program (3)
So is it doable I hear you ask?’Yes absolutely, no doubt about it!’

“Myriam Borg”

–  successful business woman living in New South Wales, Australia with her family who is a vocal advocate of work/life balance and living a life of greater freedom and flexibility through owning a portable business loves to travel now in different parts of the world and experiencing the beauty, food & people of it together with her family while successfully running her portable online business model – “Refund Consulting Business” which can only proved that her business is really a “Success”.

Aside from that, Myriam’s refund consulting business is well-known in the refund industry because it is fast-growing and never stop seeking new and better ways to produce, promote and deliver the company’s best value. And she prides herself on launching this very helpful Refund Consulting Program of her which is now a huge dynamic sector in Australia that main goal everyday is also to help every Australians claim their lost & missing monies and assets.

So, what can Myriam really contribute to the entrepreneurs? How can her program help you manage and balance all demands in business while keeping their family still at the top of the priority lists?!

Right Now, Myriam Borg virtually runs her “Refund Consulting Program” whereas they unconditionally assist, educate and train each refund consultants on setting up their business startups, tools & system, right sales attitude and strategies plus a 24/7 customer support on refund consulting services.

At this moment, you already have the opportunity to experience the work-life balance and the BEST LIFE ever…

It’s in your hands now! 🙂

To find out more stories and experiences about how she surpasses all the bumps along the way and achieved the most ever difficult healthy “WORK AND LIFE BALANCE” called LIFE SUCCESS…

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Have you been looking around for a refund consultant to help you get back your hard earn money? How do you ensure you find best refund consultant for your refund claim. Please follow the simple question and answers provided by Myriam Borg refund consultant who could help you to make your task easy.


How would you remain progressive on industry patterns?

You need to work with somebody who is continually LEARNING and developing their professional skills- keeping in mind the end goal to completely comprehend your clients. You need that learning to be SO engrained that support for you as the end-client turns out to be second nature to them.

Give a case of a very poor refund process?

Here you look for a legitimate answer, look straightforwardness from the very first moment. You ought to have the capacity to tell if their answer is genuine. According to Myriam Borg refund consultant, she generally likes when a refund consultant can reflect on how they could have improved a given task, taking responsibility for deficiency is a very decent sign of honesty.

How would you assess your achievement as a consultant?

Search for a specialist with clear criteria in mind. For example, If you are looking at getting a refund for an old business you had – look for someone who specializes in B2B refunds. Think of who can be met qualified to assist in your particular situation.

Myriam Borg, Entrepreneur Maker On Refund Consulting

What will you require from getting a guaranteed achievement?

You wouldn’t send a specialist out to do a general job. You wouldn’t get a general hand to build you a house- so ask questions that let you know how clear they are on process, sure they may ask you to sign the authority form and their service form in order to give you any detailed information, but at least ensure that your refund consultant will be focused on the target at hand.

How do you think you can help me?

Spare this one as your last question and expect a to some degree detailed answer, particular to your case. As this will help you to understand what all steps and how much clear knowledge the consultant possesses related to your matter. Thus helping you to ensure that you are right track and with the right person.

These are only a few question search according to Myriam Borg, refund consultant – which could make your search easy as well as reduce your confusion of tackling different refund consultants in your directory. And hope this has given enough information as to allow you to explore your options more readily.

Have you ever woken up energized and with a dream to become that one in million, to join the successful entrepreneurs’ league? To be your own boss and call the shots? Surely you know that it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Tens of thousands of people do it world wide every single year, so there is hope for you yet! yes you may need something innovative and different from the ‘same old’ on offer. So, what to do and were to actually find that novel idea that could help you get the edge?

For a smart, easy and well thought through solution that has a solid 17 years of proven track record, look no further than Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program, a business system that helps you to tap into a unique and lucrative industry that can literally change your life for the better in a very short space of time. Myriam Borg is from Australia; a female entrepreneur and the founder of Create Australia – she tells us 9 Reasons why The Refund Consultant Program, is one of the last remaining opportunities for genuine business successful for the newbies or start ups.

Fully Portable Business
For those you who’s location may be their biggest barrier to seeking better opportunities, this model allows you to work with freedom and flexibility to start wherever you are and allows you the portability to ultimately live wherever you want.

The ability of fully portable business help many to work freely with more flexibility and fluidity.
Untapped Multi-billion dollar industry

According to Myriam Borg’s interviews the money refund industry is growing at a rapid rate with a whopping 1.4 Billion dollars added each year in Australia alone, The international markets which are covered in the Refund consulting program International Version has a combined total of $89 Billion dollars as of January 2017- so there is no lack of money for refund consultants to work with and there is no sign of slowing down- the sky is the limit.

Acceleration In Learning And Career
Isn’t it great that you earn while learning as you are supported in launching your new start up business, without any pressure- you do not have to pass and exam or rigid criteria. Myriam and her team at Create Australia pace your learning and support based on your own pace, because life and work should be a good fit and the right pace for YOU.

Work Of Real Value, Delivering REAL Service
Refund consulting is all about serving others, its the process where you have to make you money by providing money to others and so you work in a positive cycle, you make great money for doing something of great service to someone else. Myriam Borg had a very clear concept of this business approach, this model of service as you are providing service to those who are in need of your service and receive their refunds of monies via the Refund Consultants good work. That positive cycle of WIN/WIN/ WIN is a major difference to many businesses and jobs around today that have no real value/purpose or good deeds- this distinguishes this business model as head and shoulders above anything else around.

Continuous learning approach
Myriam Borg founder of the Refund Industry ensures as a new consultant you not only get access to the 24/7 Refund Consultant online support and training platform, the Create Business team also ensures you have everything you need for a successful business launch. This is the core aim of the company to see you succeed to ensure that you hit the ground running.

Eligibility to join industry instantly
The real credibility that you get through the Refund Consulting program is a gateway into an untapped multi- billion dollar industry that is regulated and promoted by Unclaimed Money Association of Australia to perform the ethical practice of refund consultant role. The Refund Consulting program helps to give the qualification to join the UMAA.

Easy startup and management system
With the Refund Consulting Business lets you have an innovative & unique business model, based on 17 years of industry experience and mentored by the renowned industry founder- you need not have to spend a cent on marketing expenses as the program has systems in place to assist you in a “set up, brand and launch’ 3 step process that is truly cutting edge. Leaving you to focus on the important things in your business- namely refunding and making money!

Tax deductible
Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program it is completely tax deductible which means that you can claim it all back as part of your business expense. As this could provide you the most affordable way to start your own business via a small initial investment.

This business program is completely affordable and with minimal risk and solid proof to be less expensive than another business type that you may wish to start – especially when you look at the lack of overheads in this business model. Let’s be honest even thinking of going back to college would cost you a lot more than this amazing business program and college education doesn’t give you any assurances of income or real potential for financial freedom.

These are the nine benefits that were revealed by Myriam Borg Australia which she genuinely believes can help give you new wings to launch yourself into business success.


I have been working in the Lost money industry for 17 years now, and during this time I was lucky enough to grow both financially and as a person. I think loving the industry had a lot to do with my success in it. When I first encountered the lost money industry there was approximately 5 people in it. It was not an industry at all:)! You see, the “Refund Consulting Business” is a well kept secret. Even though there’s plenty of money to go around, it really was a monopoly closely guarded by those already in the industry. I went about changing things, and in the process wrote the book on refunding lost funds for profit,  training most industry players for the past 15 years.

Well, I see things a little differently. I think there’s more than enough money for all of us refund consultants … and I like helping people. It’s a Business with Many Perks.

You can run it from home, so you can still have time with your family.

It provided flexible hours, so you can keep your day job and start slowly part time.
Minimal cash or equipment is required. (you could get by with my computer and printer.)

you don’t have to hire staff who are often a big headache. Best of all, it had the potential of bringing in a steady, decent income.

You see, I think that if you’re going to get into this business, you might as well get a jump start. I wish I had something like the business program I now offer to help me out when I first got started. There are certainly a lot of shortcuts to discover….

Introducing: The Refund Consulting Business – Insiders Secrets Revealed!

A SWOT Analysis that reveals the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this business.
ROI expectations and financial forecasting (real statistics).
How to gain an edge over competitors ethically & intelligently.

How to brand your new business for success, we even provide branding and website development service!

Precisely where to find the money. You get detailed listing and links to resources in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK, etc.

The system I use to track down money owners and legal heirs, etc.

Sample contact letters (you just fill in the blanks and plop them in the mail).

How to properly complete agency refund claims. (What is really required!)

50 industry terms and buzz words to speed up your learning curve.

Where to find the MOST hidden money (dividends, salaries, wages) Plus, much, MUCH MORE!

The Complete Guide to Getting Started!

Like I said before, in this business you’ll have to work for what you get. But, I can show you how to work smarter and how to cut through the red tape. In my 17 years of running this business, I’ve discovered a ton of shortcuts.

But be warned: I’m not going to sugar coat anything. I’ll tell you the pros and cons, and give you the straight goods. That’s just the way I am. So if you’re expecting this business to be a walk in the park, you better look elsewhere.

That’s because I want you to be fully informed before you embark on this journey.

Sure, you must be thinking “It sounds too good to be true”, well in this line of work, you need to throw that saying out the window, because that is what this business is all about…… By helping others get their money back and improving their financial situation, you are improving your financial situation. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Find out more now go to: Create Australia

Christmas was magic to me as a little girl, my mum wanted us to have a very special time filled with special memories, for that I will cherish her forever- there is nothing more wonder-FULL than experiencing the excitement, expectation & overwhelming Joy – that can come with Christmas, oh, and new things & the smell of that wonderful pine Christmas tree filling the home for weeks…

For me growing up, Christmas was all about anticipation, and dreaming of that special time Christmas night & Christmas day!  For weeks before xmas, I secretly harbored all these Christmas wishes, I thought santa could deliver ANYTHING not just presents…. My mum encouraged me, saying anything you want just ask Santa Claus– so I thought she meant it literally, anything I wanted he would bring me…. So for weeks before every  Christmas  before I fell asleep I would secretly ask Santa for a heap of things ‘ santa I really want that big doll I saw in the store when I was with my best friend, you know the one, with the long light brown hair, that one…. And santa I want to be really pretty like that doll, mum keeps cutting my hair short! i’d whinge…On and on I shared my little dreams & woes with Santa’ I was such a dreamy kid…  every night I’d have my chats with santa Until  it finally comes ‘that night’ Christmas night and we would have all new clothes; new undies, singlets, dresses, stockings, shoes, hair band… everything was brand spanking new and very festive, special Christmas food with all the goodies…. We would have to stay up late for midnight mass, before going to our grandparents house for the feast…we all stayed up, and on that night I always,  always ask mum to put a cup of milk and a biscuit by the tree for santa and I swear to myself that I will not sleep – I will stay awake to speak to santa one to one!! The next thing  I knew was getting woken  with ‘ MERRY Christmas’ and rushing to see our gifts!

The thing is that habit of secretly wishing as I drifted off to sleep, that stayed with me till….. well, till now & that is that part of the Christmas Magic that says ‘ always ask your heart’s desire, always hope for wonder, never give up on that whisper in your soul for the things that give you joy’  as a big girl, I dreamt of  working from home and having my babies around me so I can enjoy my kids and you know that wish was delivered 16 years ago with my own amazing refund agency that has been a blessing to me and many others, then I dreamt what it would be like to go a buy a brand spanking new BMW 323 straight from the dealer, yes, all black leather interior, sunroof and orient blue exterior… it’d be safe for my young kids I would say to myself, German cars are safe…that was my frivolous wish 16 years ago, and it got delivered too, ohhh waw I would dream imagine owning my own home, imagine living on the waterfront with my own boat, imagine my kids having anything they want, imagine travelling the world and showing my kids other cultures for months on end, imagine owning our own island, imagine imagine imagine…the dreams got bigger… you know as god is my witness ‘someone’ just keeps delivering my wishes… some cynics will say I am a fool, a dreamer or a liar or worse… but hey, no agenda here. If you clearly know what would give you joy, want it badly enough in your heart and ask for it with clear intention, magic happens. Call it manifestation or  goal achievement or call it answered prayer. It doesn’t matter. Children have it right. So I hope this Christmas your heart wishes are strong, don’t forget them or give them up, think about them every night as you drift to sleep, because if you want something good with faith and clear intent… life always delivers it to you.

God bless you & yours and may 2017 be filled with realisations of your hearts desires, and may it bring you joy, well-being and effortless abundance.

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The Refund Consulting Program, it’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

It’s a beautiful business. And because you have low overheads.. guess what? That goes hand in hand with low risk. You’ve got no sales. You’re not selling anything. No sales or marketing budget. Which is another thing that kills traditional business.

You’ve got a captive audience. Your clients… you know who they are. You know how big of a PLUS that is, that you don’t have to go out there and sell and be seen and be known? As a refund consultant, I never met a client. Not a single client, face to face. It’s all via telephone, email, fax, etc.

I made obscene amount of money. Where can you do that? From the Refund industry, really. The lost funds Industry is amazing and it’s given me huge confidence to go from being an employee to being a business woman and doing it successfully which is an amazing thing. But I think that the biggest thing about being a refund consultant in lost money is that profits and profit margins are insane. If you ordered my report, I’ve actually got a picture of one of my checks… I think it was my third check. That was my commission on one job was nearly 12,000 AUD.

The most important thing of course is you can also switch the business off and attend to any emergency, attend to anything in your life and actually step out without you having any losses. In any other traditional business, the minute you stop working you are LOSING money. You are bleeding money. Because you’ve got monstrous overheads. In any business, whether it’s marketing, sales, staffing. But in Refund, the overheads are so low. I was in profit, in serious business within six months of becoming a refund agent. To teaching staff from having zero knowledge and skills… you know what, that doesn’t happen in any other business. That doesn’t happen.

So how can you be able to push off the business and go off and do whatever? You don’t want to be working while you’re attending to things? How do you do that? The only thing you can do that is you have very little overhead and this business has such low overhead that it becomes a problem for your profitability. Why? Because you only have to maintain a laptop and your mobile. That’s it!

I guess what I’m saying is, amazing industry, amazing profit margins, flexibility, portability and you’re doing something of real value. Very often you get people that are feeling down and desperate… and I was getting all this feedback from people and it was very exciting for me.

And so those key things got me inspired to write a post. In a nutshell, for me, these are what makes a business beautiful in its intrinsic value and worth, time- and resources-wise:

  • You have low overheads
  • No sales or marketing budget
  • You’ve got a captive audience
  • You don’t have to go out there and sell and be seen and be known
  • You can also switch the business off without you having any losses
  • You only have to maintain a laptop and your mobile
  • You’re doing something of real value

I hope this post has given you insights on how to forge your own path to success and financial freedom!


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The coffee industry is a global industry. It’s monstrous in size. You can’t even imagine. The money in it is insane, that’s why it gets you rich very easily. And you’re competition is most likely local…  so it’s very, very limited and there for  very lucrative, did you know that? 🙂

I like business pictures like that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Here’s the Picture in the lost Money Refund Industry, Huge global pie –  with tiny local competition, AND embarrassingly low overheads  (Get the picture ) all this = a fighting chance to actually succeed and strive!           Its common sense really!

80% of business fail. Why? Because you got a very small pie and lot of competition. External. This one, it’s reverse! What was the reverse of what happens in most businesses and why they fail? You got a huge pie with very little competition. So in looking for my very own business, that alone has been a huge tick for me!

After hours of browsing through magazines for possible home business opportunities, I found just the right business that emulates what I’ve observed happens in the coffee industry. 

Here’s the Picture in the lost Money Refund Industry, Huge pie – tiny local competition, embarrassingly low overheads  = a fighting chance to actually succeed and strive. Its common sense really!

With unrecovered funds, you got a mom and pop industry that does fund refund individually so you’re not competing with big firms and big corporations. You are in a business that does not rely on sales or marketing. you have a captive client base, millions of them-  you know where they are, and you can easily monetise them, So when you find yourself in a multi billion dollar industry  and you’re actually not competing like you would in regular business… you have a reverse situation to regular business, suddenly the odds are stacked in YOUR FAVOR,  most local businesses in Australia have global competition. You got tiny little Australian industry,  and you have your local competitors and then you get overseas firms coming in here and competing for that Aussie dollar too.  Cn you see why thwy say 80% of businesses fail, because REGULAR business is a SLAUGHTER!    That’s not the case with lost funds at all…..and if you cant see that by now, you really should leave this site.

You know, the reason why I always say if I made it in business anyone can is this-  I started in business when I was 8.5 months pregnant… and with a toddler and I had zero capital in fact I was $350,000 in debt so that’s MINUS $350,000. I was young and my biggest ambition then was this; I wanted time with my kids and wanted to earn a decent income at the same time. that’s it. that was my greatest goal 15 years ago. Being around my children, and having money to look after them well was critical to me as a 20 something year old mum,  You don’t want to have kids just to hand them over at 5am for someone to raise and then take them back at 8pm… that didn’t make sense! I wanted to be around my kids… I call it organic motherhood. To be with them, do things for them, just hanging out. I wanted to be in their environment, I wanted them to absorb my values and be connected to me. and that is exactly what I did, and much, much more…. by being a home based refund consultant.

The refund business can be done from home and is fully portably. Portability means huge freedom, just taking your laptop anywhere and bahham! you are at work. huge plus. HUGE!  it means I can go and travel… and live in different areas in the world,  Your dreams can be totally different from mine, but having the odds stacked in your favour when choosing your business vehicle, having a portable business where your phone on roaming and laptop on wifi and you’re in business anywhere anytime- that is an awesome feeling that you never get over. I haven’t yet!

there are  slavery businesses and there are freedom businesses. There are industries on the path to extinction and industries in exponential growth, you need to assess and make smart choices because its the choices you make that dictate where you end up a few years later.

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Gordon Gecko said it. “Greed is good.”

Gordon Gecko was the fictitious character in a movie called, Wall Street.

When he said that, initially it stirred my stomach up. At the time, I was struggling and couldn’t really relate to high-flying stock market gurus fleecing companies and destroying jobs in the process.

So, is greed good or bad?

Here’s another take on it.

You may have heard this recently in the media. It comes from the great man, Warren Buffet.

He said:

“When there’s a lot of greed, it’s time to be fearful and when there’s a lot of fear, it’s time to be greedy.”

So is Mr. Buffet saying that greed is GOOD

I suppose it just comes down to perspective and more importantly the TIMING.


Check out the Refund program information…

Check it out! The Refund Consulting


Right now I think it’s time to be greedy. Get into your own business to develop a smart income stream so you can invest for your future.

Truth is, greed is another word for ambition; wanting more.

After years of struggling with the concept, I finally settled that;
it’s ok to want more…
It’s ok to give my family everything they ever want…
it’s ok to see my dreams as a reality…

It’s taken 12 years for me to say this but “greed is good.”

Go to to find out about the most lucrative home based business in Australia today.

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