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Have you been looking around for a refund consultant to help you get back your hard earn money? How do you ensure you find best refund consultant for your refund claim. Please follow the simple question and answers provided by Myriam Borg refund consultant who could help you to make your task easy.


How would you remain progressive on industry patterns?

You need to work with somebody who is continually LEARNING and developing their professional skills- keeping in mind the end goal to completely comprehend your clients. You need that learning to be SO engrained that support for you as the end-client turns out to be second nature to them.

Give a case of a very poor refund process?

Here you look for a legitimate answer, look straightforwardness from the very first moment. You ought to have the capacity to tell if their answer is genuine. According to Myriam Borg refund consultant, she generally likes when a refund consultant can reflect on how they could have improved a given task, taking responsibility for deficiency is a very decent sign of honesty.

How would you assess your achievement as a consultant?

Search for a specialist with clear criteria in mind. For example, If you are looking at getting a refund for an old business you had – look for someone who specializes in B2B refunds. Think of who can be met qualified to assist in your particular situation.

Myriam Borg, Entrepreneur Maker On Refund Consulting

What will you require from getting a guaranteed achievement?

You wouldn’t send a specialist out to do a general job. You wouldn’t get a general hand to build you a house- so ask questions that let you know how clear they are on process, sure they may ask you to sign the authority form and their service form in order to give you any detailed information, but at least ensure that your refund consultant will be focused on the target at hand.

How do you think you can help me?

Spare this one as your last question and expect a to some degree detailed answer, particular to your case. As this will help you to understand what all steps and how much clear knowledge the consultant possesses related to your matter. Thus helping you to ensure that you are right track and with the right person.

These are only a few question search according to Myriam Borg, refund consultant – which could make your search easy as well as reduce your confusion of tackling different refund consultants in your directory. And hope this has given enough information as to allow you to explore your options more readily.

Have you ever woken up energized and with a dream to become that one in million, to join the successful entrepreneurs’ league? To be your own boss and call the shots? Surely you know that it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Tens of thousands of people do it world wide every single year, so there is hope for you yet! yes you may need something innovative and different from the ‘same old’ on offer. So, what to do and were to actually find that novel idea that could help you get the edge?

For a smart, easy and well thought through solution that has a solid 17 years of proven track record, look no further than Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program, a business system that helps you to tap into a unique and lucrative industry that can literally change your life for the better in a very short space of time. Myriam Borg is from Australia; a female entrepreneur and the founder of Create Australia – she tells us 9 Reasons why The Refund Consultant Program, is one of the last remaining opportunities for genuine business successful for the newbies or start ups.

Fully Portable Business
For those you who’s location may be their biggest barrier to seeking better opportunities, this model allows you to work with freedom and flexibility to start wherever you are and allows you the portability to ultimately live wherever you want.

The ability of fully portable business help many to work freely with more flexibility and fluidity.
Untapped Multi-billion dollar industry

According to Myriam Borg’s interviews the money refund industry is growing at a rapid rate with a whopping 1.4 Billion dollars added each year in Australia alone, The international markets which are covered in the Refund consulting program International Version has a combined total of $89 Billion dollars as of January 2017- so there is no lack of money for refund consultants to work with and there is no sign of slowing down- the sky is the limit.

Acceleration In Learning And Career
Isn’t it great that you earn while learning as you are supported in launching your new start up business, without any pressure- you do not have to pass and exam or rigid criteria. Myriam and her team at Create Australia pace your learning and support based on your own pace, because life and work should be a good fit and the right pace for YOU.

Work Of Real Value, Delivering REAL Service
Refund consulting is all about serving others, its the process where you have to make you money by providing money to others and so you work in a positive cycle, you make great money for doing something of great service to someone else. Myriam Borg had a very clear concept of this business approach, this model of service as you are providing service to those who are in need of your service and receive their refunds of monies via the Refund Consultants good work. That positive cycle of WIN/WIN/ WIN is a major difference to many businesses and jobs around today that have no real value/purpose or good deeds- this distinguishes this business model as head and shoulders above anything else around.

Continuous learning approach
Myriam Borg founder of the Refund Industry ensures as a new consultant you not only get access to the 24/7 Refund Consultant online support and training platform, the Create Business team also ensures you have everything you need for a successful business launch. This is the core aim of the company to see you succeed to ensure that you hit the ground running.

Eligibility to join industry instantly
The real credibility that you get through the Refund Consulting program is a gateway into an untapped multi- billion dollar industry that is regulated and promoted by Unclaimed Money Association of Australia to perform the ethical practice of refund consultant role. The Refund Consulting program helps to give the qualification to join the UMAA.

Easy startup and management system
With the Refund Consulting Business lets you have an innovative & unique business model, based on 17 years of industry experience and mentored by the renowned industry founder- you need not have to spend a cent on marketing expenses as the program has systems in place to assist you in a “set up, brand and launch’ 3 step process that is truly cutting edge. Leaving you to focus on the important things in your business- namely refunding and making money!

Tax deductible
Myriam Borg’s Refund Consulting Program it is completely tax deductible which means that you can claim it all back as part of your business expense. As this could provide you the most affordable way to start your own business via a small initial investment.

This business program is completely affordable and with minimal risk and solid proof to be less expensive than another business type that you may wish to start – especially when you look at the lack of overheads in this business model. Let’s be honest even thinking of going back to college would cost you a lot more than this amazing business program and college education doesn’t give you any assurances of income or real potential for financial freedom.

These are the nine benefits that were revealed by Myriam Borg Australia which she genuinely believes can help give you new wings to launch yourself into business success.

What Controls You, Owns You!

Now that’s a million dollar question isn’t it?

Who controls you? I mean, who controls your day? Your feelings during the day, how you think and most importantly WHAT YOU DO in those 16 hours of waking time we call “a day”?

A partner? Your kids? The media/news/fears? Is it your family? Any random fool with a laptop and an internet connection who wants to throw something your way (Facebook /emails, etc)? Are you getting me?
Who is it? Have you ever stopped to think??

Who Really Controls Your Life?

Do you control your day, your thinking, your life? Or do you let others control your day, your family, any dramas, random occurrences that distract you and push you here then there?

Frankly, I’m confused with people who let others control them. How do they a/ get anything substantial done (they don’t)…. and b/ how do they achieve their dreams, goals and targets (they don’t do much of that either!)?

It might come off as a tad rude, but really I am just battling “the noise” for MY autonomy, for MY freedom of thought and actions, for my time to do the things I need to get the things I WANT done, without being derailed by someone else’s drama! I guard my time like a lioness and I do not get manipulated by social guilt and BS. So it may be perceived as rude, perhaps a snob, but why do what mediocrity does? Unless you want mediocre – but then why would you be here?

Get Out Of The Rat Race!

See what the Refund Consulting program can do for you:
We are assaulted daily, everyone is vying for our attention… for our interest can be so exciting… but we end up with the attention span of a 2 year old!

You know what I mean…..we have our phones with SMS, WhatsApp, LetsChat….then we have our emails, Facebook, messenger, TV, radio, there are conversations EVERYWHERE…But with all the conversations going on around us, we can’t let ourselves get caught up in all the noise and all of the clutter. It takes REAL effort stay focused on the task at hand – on what’s important and not give in to all the noise….. the chatter, the immature peer group-pressure which says “you do it because everyone else is doing it” hummm….

Remember- it takes strength to stand your ground against the status quo. It takes courage and audacity almost. That’s why very successful people tend to be audacious. That’s why when people say “you are rude” or “what audacity” – I smile proudly and softly say “ really, THANK YOU!” ….

Because I believe that control is Key.

Controlling your thoughts, your feelings, your day is THE key to your success. whatever the target may be!

Warm regards

Myriam Borg

I couldn’t help reminiscing when brainstorming my 2017 Resolutions & Sea Mercy True Story!

Last week, I really sat down to think about what my resolutions for this year were going to be…

Straight away! I came up with what I thought were 4 AMAZING ideas (I’ll get to what they were in a minute)…

I was so excited I called one of my best friends to run them by her!

“Myriam…” she said… “That is kinda unattainable you know…”

But why shouldn’t I aim for the unattainable?

For many years I used to dream of starting my own charity to support the truely beautiful country Tonga! I always considered… what if they had access to the same education and healthcare that we are privileged enough to have here?

And Idea that is almost impossible for them as they’re population is spread out across hundred of islands in the south pacific!

As a result the prominence of diabetes and sight related issues is extraordinarily high!

A couple of years back my family and I were on a sailing holiday with a lovely older couple…

During what felt like the hundredth time I had spoken about my dream… I had a moment when I realized… Why don’t we actually do this!

Why do I keep saying the same thing year in year out without making any real progress!

I made a resolution to do something about it and I set it in concrete!

It was going to happen!

  • I had no idea how…
  • Or what resources I was going to use…
  • Or what skills I was going to need…

Then magic happened!

Soon those people who were on that sailing trip contacted me… they wanted to let me know that they waqnted me to connect with a gentleman who SHARED MY DREAM about doing something serious for those people in Tonga without access to proper healthcare or education!

Quickly I got in contact with him and found out that he not only had the skill set, the financies and the resources to make this a reality….

But also the dream!

We spent ages going over the business structure, sourcing medication, donations… he was so clear & focussed.

After months of work of really hard work especially from his side, Seamercy launched our big project and we were off to a flying start!

My vision of seeing medical help received by many of the south pacific islands was realised!

In truth, I must admit, it was not my effort or resources… It was a dream that I see happen. you I just wanted to see something done for the people on remote islands in the south pacific. Life bought me all the resources and the opportunities to make it about. that vision is now a large charity called Sea Mercy.

It excites me to think that something that I wished was a reality is now REALLY HAPPENING for the gorgeous people of the south pacific islands and it re-enforces to me the power of just making a COMMITMENT to your vision and taking your very first step by just VERBALISING your dream and heading towards that vision…

No matter how big, how unattainable it may seem at the very beginning!

This year!

I want you to make your 2017 count!
I want you to reach for the moon!
Even if you miss… you’ll land among the stars!
This is your YEAR!
This is your TIME!
Give us a call to find out how we can get you started on making your 2017 your BEST YEAR EVER!
Call us on 1800 617 111

Hi guys I bet you are all super ready to enjoy a marvellous and blessed Christmas:) where I am right now It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like A White Christmas!

As you are aware I am in Eastern Europe Prague & Poland at the moment, so while you are all running around in shorts and singlets enjoying 35 degree temperatures I am wearing 4 layers of clothing leather Gloves and boots, a beanie to cover my poor ears from the sub zero temperature here… and you know I am lovin it!!!!!

This Christmas I feel overwhelming gratitude for 2016, which was my toughest year to date.

I hadn’t shared this with you before but 2016 started with a major hit to my health, it was brutal, endless medical tests, numerous complicated medical issues, emergency life critical surgery, add to that a very demanding year in my growing business, a family that’s active and a mother that had medical needs and you end up with a most challenging year indeed! so why am I so grateful you ask?

Well…as Tony Robbins (a totally cool dude btw) so eloquently says,

“I live in a state of grace.”

Its that feeling that no matter what happens everything will be fine, and in fact better than ever. It living in the belief that my life is filled with grace. And so I will always be blessed.

Grace is neither deserved nor is it earned. It just IS. That is a critical part of grace. the most important defining feature of grace and it’s very real. This is very real guys so do not dismiss it…..

Now review my year as you had seen it, it was filled with business triumphs, travels to exotic destinations and tons of fun….

Then remember I had major health issues that would have destroyed most people…. totally wiped them out, can you see it in my pictures? I was travelling the world living an amazing life … and it was no lie-  If you meet me in person you wouldnt believe the year I had, I am usually glowing and buzzingly happy, not because I am amazing, I had some off  from time to time, but because I reside i a state of real grace. my worse year ever was actually awesome- I got to meet amazing people, learned a ton of new things, grew up as a person alot, got serious about taking care of my health…I travelled alot  from Hong Kong and hung out for a few week with my brood loved it, then I went tothe south pacific and soaked in the sun in Vava’u , followed by 5 weeks in Koh Samui Thailand which I love, love love… then back to Oz, only to go off to Prague & Poland for a nice white Christmas, I can’t help but think “thank you!”

because I believe and choose to live in a state of GRACE.

So I am super grateful for what 2016 brought me good and bad for truth be told I am bigger, better, perhaps kinder because of how tough it was. I look at the experiences as real blessings add today as I write this I can’t help but be deeply thankful. I am in fact more fearless than I had ever been which is a huge plus for my future success!

I survived the toughest year in my life in style, enjoying amazing surrounding and travels with my family and becoming a better person for it.

BUT the truth is I am most grateful for having a portable business that can be taken anywhere and run in any state:)

That my friend is the greatest blessing of all….

So my friend, take time this Christmas to give gratitude for what 2016 good and bad, bless someone around you who needs kindess, give small thoughtful gifts and then be truly MERRY 🙂

And if you were truely wise you would give the first gift to yourself, be kind to yourself and may 2017 bring you a life full of grace.

God bless you all

So if you subscribe to my emails you know I left off yesterday on the conversation my client of 8 years (and friend) Cordelia and I had in Poland yesterday… her venture down the road less traveled and the BIG decision she had to make when she first decided to come on board with us.

I will let you guys go back to read through my last email to catch up on what we went over yesterday.

What I didn’t know about Cordelia was that on the morning she decided…

‘Enough Was Enough!’

She walked into work to quit her job and her manager instantly offered her a promotion and a raise! (An offer an ordinary person would have a problem turning down.)

I know, based on the people I talk to day in day out… most people would have taken this! She was actually about to take the offer herself, when she paused a moment to think about the decision she was about to make!

  • The 13 hour days weren’t going to end
  • The time she missed out on being with her family and friends she was never going to get back
  • The distaste behind serving someone else wasn’t going away…

She was about to sign her self up to continue down the same road she had been traveling down. She knew she was only signing herself up for more of what she had been getting…

But worse… she wasn’t just signing herself up.
She was signing up her whole family to be part of the exploitation.

To her kids this was normal, having a mum who didn’t respect herself enough to priorities herself above the injustice that was been dealt on her.

She knew what she had to do, she told her boss to ‘kiss her a$$’ and walked out!

That afternoon she bought our program.

And in her first year as an agent, she turned over $130,000 !!!

That’s what happens when you start putting in the same amount of effort into yourself as you are for someone else!

She knew why they were offering her a raise, they wanted her to stay because she had made it so easy for them exploit her.

When she told me this, my respect for her doubled.

She’s a fighter!

The strength it takes to realise you dream and prioritize others above what’s easy to just continue doing… is huge.

I know this because I see it day in and day out here. People who don’t follow through on their promises to themselves.

You have to ask yourself, is this you?

Are You A Fighter?

Do you have what it takes to venture down the road less traveled and do what is right by YOU!

I want you guys to think seriously about whether or not you are going to be one of the final applicants for our final intake of clients this year!

Because there really is NO BETTER TIME to get in on this.

If you’re looking to give your business the leg up that it deserves… then you won’t pass up this opportunity.

If you’re looking for a business you can work from home… or Poland (like I am today)…

^666813390CC02E224450AB727C2DAB2BC9D12E47CEA033228A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Venture Down The Road Less Traveled

(Something you can switch on and switch off if and when you want to… So that… well you can go and live once and a while!)

We Have
3 Spots Remaining!!

Then call us NOW
1800 617 111

or email me if you have any questions via

Want to know MORE about what you get in the package?
Check out this link here

Want to know how I first got started as a refund agent…

Read My Story Here

A Kid Proof Business- Or Emergency Proof

So you probably know Dave by now, he’s featured in a couple of my previous emails I’ve sent out to you. He’s an old Aussie friend of mine who is now currently living in the USA.

(If you haven’t you can subscribe to my emails here)

Anyway I’ve been talking to him over the past couple of days from Prague. But last night I got a call from him at around 12am. He was a mess because his youngest daughter had just fractured not one of her legs! But TWO while she was playing with her brother on their scooters.

She’s fine now, a bit rattled and the doctors assured him that there was no chance that the accident would effect her growth later in life.

So That’s Lucky!

However, it does mean that for the next 6 weeks. She’s going to be fully out of action, and he is needed at home to help out!

  • No catching the bus to school…
  • She can’t get up to make her self something to eat…
  • She can’t really shower properly either… etc, etc, etc

So What Does This Mean For His Business? 

It means HE’S OUT! Nada, he isn’t going to be able to work for the full 6 weeks as she’ll need his full attention at home. He’s in a real pickle as it means he is not going to have those extra funds they were really depending on over the January, February, March period…

This has been a real eye-opener, he wasn’t planning on having a TEMPORARILY disabled child over the next 6 weeks.

He is self employed so he gets NO paid leave.

In the blink of an eye his world has been turned upside-down!

It kind of made me think back to when I was first looking at getting starting in business. My top requirement apart from it being a home business… was making sure it was

“Kid Proof!”

(Or emergency proof!)

If one of my kids got sick or wanted my attention then I needed to be able to put it down at any time. Close shop and walk away. But still have funds coming in…

When I think back to when I initially decided to start a home business. I remember how hard it was deciding what I was going to do, finding something that was a genuine opportunity, then embracing it!

It was tough, but today I am genuinely grateful…

Check out my latest blog post from Prague today, I had a bit of an epiphany. But I will save that for those of you who are interested.


Click Here

Today I want to share with you the same opportunity that I had that allowed me financial and time freedom. I want to offer you a system that is completely tried, tested and proven.

It’s a model that allows you to work from home. As well as build an asset and a great income while STILL having the flexibility to fit your life in. (No nasty trade offs!)

A portable business that I am literally running as we speak from Prague! (My family and I are on holidays!)

lc308-9a58dba9-e753-4e09-9a7e-57d2646944b3-v2 A Kid Proof Business

(Looking Out Onto Beautiful Streetscape Of Prauge)

I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to launch it, run it and make money from it pronto!

And what’s better… I am going to be with you every step of the way.

Even while I am away here, on the other side of the world inPrague, Czech Republic. I am constantly answering support questions, making calls to clients and doing everything I can to aid my students in refunding their client’s money.

Now, Christmas is our busiest time as most of you know. January, February and March are the best times to be a Refund Consultant. You know it’s that time of year people need the money THE MOST, SO we’re giving back more than EVER!

As a result, our positions are going FAST! We’ve barely had to send any emails out and we’ve only got 6 spots remaining!

Yep… Only 6 Spots Left!

Reserve your spot now, even if you’re unsure, then at least you’ll have not waited too long.

Call us 1800 617 111

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Our official close date for this offer is the 22/12/16

This time of year is magical

It holds so much reflection for its the very end of the year- we are tired and reflective, ready for Christmas time in Prague and kicking back. A time for real thought and emerging to all that the new year will bring.

I think December and Christmas time is a time of gratitude.

You have survived another year and you are wiser for it, so spend moments at the end of the year thankful. This year was the toughest year of my life. I had a major emergency operation and the shock of it shook me. I am not a woman that shakes easily or at all for that matter…. and It changed me.

I am grateful for it.

The shock, the pain, the aftermath, it made me gentler, softer. And it made me stronger. I had a really tough year with my health and yet I had amazing times. In the end I traveled extensively, one of my dreams was to spend Christmas time in Prague, well, right now I am sitting in a street cafe eating goulash soup in Prague, the air is fresh and crisp & I am LIVING MY DREAM.

I look onto the square and I give thanks, for a blessed year and a blessed life. When I was 29 years old I had a dream, ‘if only I can work from home around my kids’ I thought, ‘wouldn’t that be something.’ Someone was listening and my dream became a reality. It grew and grew and grew.

A life of true privilege…

You see I believe that life tests you to see if you can be a true and good custodian of little blessings. If so, then life gives you more. So from a little dream grew a big life. I think you can not achieve great things without integrity, without good intent, this is a universal law- you must earn success.

Many people think they can “steal success”, that they can hussle their way into it- success is a state of being, its not just dollars in the bank, its your health, your mental state, your daily joy, your people and your wealth- and you can’t fake that or steal it- life destows it upon you once you have proven yourself deserving through years of good action. at least this is how I have seen it work out:)

So have faith in yourself, work on your beliefs, ensure you do everything from good intentions, be true to your ethics, and be good to others- don’t buy into other people’s negativity – it’s their problem, not yours… don’t worry what others are doing, run your own race.

Christmas time in Prague, long live dreams! I can’t help but be amazed at  the state of grace my life is in. No matter what happens its like divinity has bestowed grace on me. I feel satisfied and blessed. I am thankful for everything the good and the bad, for both have made me better. I encourage you to start viewing your life in similar terms.

As I explore Prague this time of year I am filled with a sense of joy, and I wish you my reader endless blessings, and may god’s absolute grace engulf your life so that all things that happen to you are to your advantage and for your good.

This morning I was talking to a really great friend of mine, his name is Dave, we’ve known each other since University days. He lives in the USA now so we don’t really get to see each other very often which is sad… but we do like to try to catch up from time to time.

So he said to me,

“Wouldn’t it be great if we met up and maybe went somewhere with our families together! I’ve been missing AUS and could really use some RandR.”

I said,

“Yeah that would be great, send me the dates you’re available.”

That’s when he wrote back… explaining that he couldn’t get away till 2018!

Let me tell you this…

I don’t plan my trips 2 years in advance, I’d be lucky to spend a month organising them before I went. I make a decision to go and then I DO IT! I’ve always been that way.

I felt sorry for Dave for a minute before I realised, he had actually created this situation for himself. He owns his own business… why could he not take time off? Why could he not step away?

A Business Nightmare!

You’d assume that being a business owner would give you the power to call your own shots… take a break when you wanted to… etc.

Well let me tell you this…

  • Not All Businesses are created equal…
  • Not All Businesses give you the same freedom to travel and work and tools down when you want to.

And Not all businesses still bring home the doe even when you’re not glued to a computer screen.

I am talking about REAL freedom, not the superficial stuff that gurus preach to you through a microphone. About how you can CREATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM IN ANY BUSINESS… Most business models can’t actually be made to work this way and even fewer can actually sustain it.

Truely, I could wake up tomorrow and fly over to the USA with my family and not bat an eyelid at my money making potential.

My business is fully portable

I simply boot up my ipad or computer in the morning and i’m in business returning millions of dollars annually to unsuspecting owners! It’s beautiful!

If you’re serious about getting your hands on a portable business this year then CALL US NOW ON 1800 617 111 or visit the link below to learn more about becoming a refund consultant.

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What my son did this morning, will resonate with me forever!

I got out of bed this morning, smiling. I got in my car, drove to my sons school, took a seat in one of the front rows of parents and waited for the ceremony to begin.

Out stepped my son onto the stage above us, proud as anything, excited that all of his hard work throughout the school year had yielded such results.

Immediately… he looked down, he was looking to see if I was there in the crowd to watch him. Then he saw me, he grinned ear to ear and waved!

… I can’t tell you what I means to me that I was there…

This is what I did it for. The day I quit my job and career as a trainer was one of the scariest days of my life. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into let alone how I was going to make it work.

All I knew was that I had to. Today… I tell you, from the heart of a proud mother of 3… It’s all worth it. I was there for the early mornings, the homework, the life lessons, the “mum… we need to talks” and I can’t tell you what that means… you have to live it or live without it to really know.
I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since I embarked on what was one of the biggest leaps of faith of my life. I know that if it wasn’t for my fierce determination and resilience I wouldn’t have made it as a Refund Consultant (especially without any help)…

Because that’s what it takes.

If you haven’t read my story of how I stumbled onto this hushed up industry that made all of this possible, I will leave you a link below… it also comes with important industry information that you will need to know as an agent, critical info if you’re serious about becoming an agent.

Read My Story Here

I want you to consider if you’re someone like me with bull dog tenacity, ready to do what it takes to work from home, own your own business and lead a portable lifestyle.

If you’ve got a feeling that my refund consulting program is right for you… or if you’ve got questions and been meaning to reach out for a while… then send me an email now.

Let’s talk.

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