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Working days can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs of day-to-day responsibilities. Business is challenging at best of times. So what creates success or failure? Where is that divide.

Myriam Borg, the Create Australia Founder has mentored hundreds of new business start ups and has been instrumental in setting up a great many business success stories. The key divide according to Myriam is ATTITUDE. Attitude dictates whether the glass is half full or half empty, it dictates your appetite for adventure in your business, it dictates how you feel about any given situation you face as an entrepreneur. “As business people we need to self motivate, we should find time to have a fun-filled time and good approach to what we do in our work or businesses”

Furthermore, Myriam Borg says” to maximize your productivity as a lifestyle entrepreneur, there are certain habits that you should adopt into your daily routine such as:

– Establishing a morning routine
– Maintaining high levels of energy
– Constant and never ending improvement
– Tracking key metrics
– Self accountability and focus
– Committing to high standards and integrity
– Proactively seeking new ideas and inspiration
– Setting and reviewing goals daily
– Focusing on income-producing activities

Thus, the secret key to success of Myriam Borg and her approach to business is not just a single thing but rather a collection of habits and attitudes that you can develop and nurture each day.
” In business a GREAT Attitude will take you far!”
Want to learn more habits that plays an important role in an Entrepreneur’s success?

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What Controls You, Owns You!

Now that’s a million dollar question isn’t it?

Who controls you? I mean, who controls your day? Your feelings during the day, how you think and most importantly WHAT YOU DO in those 16 hours of waking time we call “a day”?

A partner? Your kids? The media/news/fears? Is it your family? Any random fool with a laptop and an internet connection who wants to throw something your way (Facebook /emails, etc)? Are you getting me?
Who is it? Have you ever stopped to think??

Who Really Controls Your Life?

Do you control your day, your thinking, your life? Or do you let others control your day, your family, any dramas, random occurrences that distract you and push you here then there?

Frankly, I’m confused with people who let others control them. How do they a/ get anything substantial done (they don’t)…. and b/ how do they achieve their dreams, goals and targets (they don’t do much of that either!)?

It might come off as a tad rude, but really I am just battling “the noise” for MY autonomy, for MY freedom of thought and actions, for my time to do the things I need to get the things I WANT done, without being derailed by someone else’s drama! I guard my time like a lioness and I do not get manipulated by social guilt and BS. So it may be perceived as rude, perhaps a snob, but why do what mediocrity does? Unless you want mediocre – but then why would you be here?

Get Out Of The Rat Race!

See what the Refund Consulting program can do for you:
We are assaulted daily, everyone is vying for our attention… for our interest can be so exciting… but we end up with the attention span of a 2 year old!

You know what I mean…..we have our phones with SMS, WhatsApp, LetsChat….then we have our emails, Facebook, messenger, TV, radio, there are conversations EVERYWHERE…But with all the conversations going on around us, we can’t let ourselves get caught up in all the noise and all of the clutter. It takes REAL effort stay focused on the task at hand – on what’s important and not give in to all the noise….. the chatter, the immature peer group-pressure which says “you do it because everyone else is doing it” hummm….

Remember- it takes strength to stand your ground against the status quo. It takes courage and audacity almost. That’s why very successful people tend to be audacious. That’s why when people say “you are rude” or “what audacity” – I smile proudly and softly say “ really, THANK YOU!” ….

Because I believe that control is Key.

Controlling your thoughts, your feelings, your day is THE key to your success. whatever the target may be!

Warm regards

Myriam Borg

I couldn’t help reminiscing when brainstorming my 2017 Resolutions & Sea Mercy True Story!

Last week, I really sat down to think about what my resolutions for this year were going to be…

Straight away! I came up with what I thought were 4 AMAZING ideas (I’ll get to what they were in a minute)…

I was so excited I called one of my best friends to run them by her!

“Myriam…” she said… “That is kinda unattainable you know…”

But why shouldn’t I aim for the unattainable?

For many years I used to dream of starting my own charity to support the truely beautiful country Tonga! I always considered… what if they had access to the same education and healthcare that we are privileged enough to have here?

And Idea that is almost impossible for them as they’re population is spread out across hundred of islands in the south pacific!

As a result the prominence of diabetes and sight related issues is extraordinarily high!

A couple of years back my family and I were on a sailing holiday with a lovely older couple…

During what felt like the hundredth time I had spoken about my dream… I had a moment when I realized… Why don’t we actually do this!

Why do I keep saying the same thing year in year out without making any real progress!

I made a resolution to do something about it and I set it in concrete!

It was going to happen!

  • I had no idea how…
  • Or what resources I was going to use…
  • Or what skills I was going to need…

Then magic happened!

Soon those people who were on that sailing trip contacted me… they wanted to let me know that they waqnted me to connect with a gentleman who SHARED MY DREAM about doing something serious for those people in Tonga without access to proper healthcare or education!

Quickly I got in contact with him and found out that he not only had the skill set, the financies and the resources to make this a reality….

But also the dream!

We spent ages going over the business structure, sourcing medication, donations… he was so clear & focussed.

After months of work of really hard work especially from his side, Seamercy launched our big project and we were off to a flying start!

My vision of seeing medical help received by many of the south pacific islands was realised!

In truth, I must admit, it was not my effort or resources… It was a dream that I see happen. you I just wanted to see something done for the people on remote islands in the south pacific. Life bought me all the resources and the opportunities to make it about. that vision is now a large charity called Sea Mercy.

It excites me to think that something that I wished was a reality is now REALLY HAPPENING for the gorgeous people of the south pacific islands and it re-enforces to me the power of just making a COMMITMENT to your vision and taking your very first step by just VERBALISING your dream and heading towards that vision…

No matter how big, how unattainable it may seem at the very beginning!

This year!

I want you to make your 2017 count!
I want you to reach for the moon!
Even if you miss… you’ll land among the stars!
This is your YEAR!
This is your TIME!
Give us a call to find out how we can get you started on making your 2017 your BEST YEAR EVER!
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A Kid Proof Business- Or Emergency Proof

So you probably know Dave by now, he’s featured in a couple of my previous emails I’ve sent out to you. He’s an old Aussie friend of mine who is now currently living in the USA.

(If you haven’t you can subscribe to my emails here)

Anyway I’ve been talking to him over the past couple of days from Prague. But last night I got a call from him at around 12am. He was a mess because his youngest daughter had just fractured not one of her legs! But TWO while she was playing with her brother on their scooters.

She’s fine now, a bit rattled and the doctors assured him that there was no chance that the accident would effect her growth later in life.

So That’s Lucky!

However, it does mean that for the next 6 weeks. She’s going to be fully out of action, and he is needed at home to help out!

  • No catching the bus to school…
  • She can’t get up to make her self something to eat…
  • She can’t really shower properly either… etc, etc, etc

So What Does This Mean For His Business? 

It means HE’S OUT! Nada, he isn’t going to be able to work for the full 6 weeks as she’ll need his full attention at home. He’s in a real pickle as it means he is not going to have those extra funds they were really depending on over the January, February, March period…

This has been a real eye-opener, he wasn’t planning on having a TEMPORARILY disabled child over the next 6 weeks.

He is self employed so he gets NO paid leave.

In the blink of an eye his world has been turned upside-down!

It kind of made me think back to when I was first looking at getting starting in business. My top requirement apart from it being a home business… was making sure it was

“Kid Proof!”

(Or emergency proof!)

If one of my kids got sick or wanted my attention then I needed to be able to put it down at any time. Close shop and walk away. But still have funds coming in…

When I think back to when I initially decided to start a home business. I remember how hard it was deciding what I was going to do, finding something that was a genuine opportunity, then embracing it!

It was tough, but today I am genuinely grateful…

Check out my latest blog post from Prague today, I had a bit of an epiphany. But I will save that for those of you who are interested.


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Today I want to share with you the same opportunity that I had that allowed me financial and time freedom. I want to offer you a system that is completely tried, tested and proven.

It’s a model that allows you to work from home. As well as build an asset and a great income while STILL having the flexibility to fit your life in. (No nasty trade offs!)

A portable business that I am literally running as we speak from Prague! (My family and I are on holidays!)

lc308-9a58dba9-e753-4e09-9a7e-57d2646944b3-v2 A Kid Proof Business

(Looking Out Onto Beautiful Streetscape Of Prauge)

I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to launch it, run it and make money from it pronto!

And what’s better… I am going to be with you every step of the way.

Even while I am away here, on the other side of the world inPrague, Czech Republic. I am constantly answering support questions, making calls to clients and doing everything I can to aid my students in refunding their client’s money.

Now, Christmas is our busiest time as most of you know. January, February and March are the best times to be a Refund Consultant. You know it’s that time of year people need the money THE MOST, SO we’re giving back more than EVER!

As a result, our positions are going FAST! We’ve barely had to send any emails out and we’ve only got 6 spots remaining!

Yep… Only 6 Spots Left!

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This morning I was talking to a really great friend of mine, his name is Dave, we’ve known each other since University days. He lives in the USA now so we don’t really get to see each other very often which is sad… but we do like to try to catch up from time to time.

So he said to me,

“Wouldn’t it be great if we met up and maybe went somewhere with our families together! I’ve been missing AUS and could really use some RandR.”

I said,

“Yeah that would be great, send me the dates you’re available.”

That’s when he wrote back… explaining that he couldn’t get away till 2018!

Let me tell you this…

I don’t plan my trips 2 years in advance, I’d be lucky to spend a month organising them before I went. I make a decision to go and then I DO IT! I’ve always been that way.

I felt sorry for Dave for a minute before I realised, he had actually created this situation for himself. He owns his own business… why could he not take time off? Why could he not step away?

A Business Nightmare!

You’d assume that being a business owner would give you the power to call your own shots… take a break when you wanted to… etc.

Well let me tell you this…

  • Not All Businesses are created equal…
  • Not All Businesses give you the same freedom to travel and work and tools down when you want to.

And Not all businesses still bring home the doe even when you’re not glued to a computer screen.

I am talking about REAL freedom, not the superficial stuff that gurus preach to you through a microphone. About how you can CREATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM IN ANY BUSINESS… Most business models can’t actually be made to work this way and even fewer can actually sustain it.

Truely, I could wake up tomorrow and fly over to the USA with my family and not bat an eyelid at my money making potential.

My business is fully portable

I simply boot up my ipad or computer in the morning and i’m in business returning millions of dollars annually to unsuspecting owners! It’s beautiful!

If you’re serious about getting your hands on a portable business this year then CALL US NOW ON 1800 617 111 or visit the link below to learn more about becoming a refund consultant.

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  1. Hi Guys,

When i was 15 I read a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That book became a catalyst in my life. For the first time ever I realized that I was not a victim of circumstance, that if life gave me lemons I didn’t have to make lemonade I toss the lemon in the bin because I liked Mangos best:) in other words at the tender age of 15 I clicked onto the fact that I was the creator of my destiny, that by my will I can create the life I wanted….

It takes a long time and plenty of reinforcement for a thought to really fruit into belief. Liking something is one thing but between getting an ‘ aha’ moment to actually living that new found belief system took me years. For me it was about a 10 year period. That’s a lot of commitment to a belief system before actually seeing any results:)

(If you want a copy of Think and Grow Rich, let me know and I will send you a copy… email me at

But then things started to change quickly…. between age 25 and 30 I went from struggling to having financial security. I started a successful Refund consulting business returning lost and unrecovered funds to its rightful owners and making a killing in the process. It was a feel good business. By age 30 I felt a confidence that only comes from mastering your will. By that I mean when the force of your ‘will’ becomes stronger than the force of random circumstance. Let me repeat that again… life mastery is when the force of your will or your intention overpowers life. So you effect life not the other way around.

After that point its a very different game that you play with life. I started practicing it by reinforcing it. Materalising dreams through sheer will. A home in Strathfield Sydney, a new BMW, a trip to Tahiti for my kids these were the first markers the first steps towards a bigger life. Since then its been about creating more, being more and contributing more. I wrote a to achieve list…. i thought it would take me the rest of my life to achieve it…. on it was 15 overseas destinations to visit, several real estate investments, and a fair few Porsche cars:),  a holiday home, a private island for our family use and the best education money can buy for my kids…. I ticked them all off the list…. done! Then I felt lost, what now? I mean I achieved my dreams in 10 years, I felt great but “What to do now” I thought? That was tough. Very tough. You see if you are not growing you are shrinking. I know that…This goes for muscles, brain development and finances…

So I did what I do best, I went on a long holiday to contemplate:)  I wizzed by my place in Vava’u Tonga for a few days then headed off to new destination at  Koh Samui Thailand.

Contemplation is critical to growth…Far more valuable than unfocussed productivity.

I am writing a bucket list, and as I achieve one of my goals I will share it with you.

Now… What am I doing in koh samui…? I wake up about 7 am local time. My family and I are staying right on chewong beach, first thing in the morning I put my cossies and my sneakers on and go for a jog along the beach just a short 20 minute, we then have breakfast right on the beach (see pictures) then we go off shopping at Fisherman’s village or island hopping and doing dives in amazing spots in koh samui’s offshore islands… my 17 year old is doing his scuba licence… me?  am addicted to the coconut lassi shakes that are popular here and have several of them through out my day (along with mojitos)… I get a one hour massage at a massage hut that’s on the beach… on super hot days like today I write emails like this one, chillax.

And I contemplate. Contemplate. You think its indulgence… but what it is me prepping and gearing up to the biggest 10 year stint coming up. Where the dreams include impacting more people in more countries where I travel by private jet and have a cook available at all times to cater to my family and friends, and the biggest dream of all  “living in many exotic destinations” absorbing their culture and overall flavor… now if an average girl from Sydney’s west can do that, let me tell you anyone can:)

If you want a copy of Think and grow rich please write me back I’ll have it sent to you within 24 hours. It started me on an amazing journey, and its a must read for everyone wanting to master this game called Life.

Email me now via

OK guys, today is pretty hardcore.  Normally I’m fairly “gentle, gentle’ but every now and then whammm! I just say it as it is:)!

So many people come to a new business opportunity with high hopes, big dreams and a bad needy employee mentality.  They need so much support, they need so much training, so need so much encouragement, they need so much recognition, they just plain need need need all the time.

This is how employees are they need to be told what to do, they need to be supervised, they need to be given schedules, they need to be told when to start work, they need to be told everything.

Jim Rohn once said “Life doesn’t respond to need.  Life responds to deserve”

Depending on others is not going to lead you to success.  Sure consult with us if you have a question, if you want a little mentoring mentors but don’t rely on anyone else to tell you how to go about your life or  to make decisions for you. 

Nobody makes money sitting on the couch drinking a beer.  Trust me, I’ve tried it many times.

Work harder on deserving something rather than needing something.  

Being needy is employee thinking, it’s not at all entrepreneurial thinking.  Do you think Elon Musk is a needy baby or a real legendary leader?  Last week he had a rocket explode on the launch pad.  Do you think he went home and cried into his pillow and asked his mum for help?  No you know he didn’t, he just went on kicking ass!

Snap out of the silly employee mindset , make some choices about what you want to do and commit to it! if you can’t take action towards your dream today then go get a job, go back to being one of the sheep and stop lying to yourself. 

the better alternative of course is to start relying on yourself, make your own decisions, make your own destiny and success.

If you haven’t read my story on how I stumbled across my BIG success with an UNHEARD OF industry that’s STILL trying to be HUSHED UP… Then make it your first point of call to read up on how your next big business opportunity could be sitting right under your nose!



Get fired up and kick some ass!

Set your own goals,  seek the knowledge you need to become a success!

Pull up your big boy pants and be the strong confident leader you know you need to be.  Strength, confidence and leadership are attractive.  Be that person who is deserving, say goodbye to the needy employee baby and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

A wise guy once said to me that we are the sum of the people we meet and the books we read.  What’s that make you?  Get into reading about entrepreneurs, read personal development books, read the training so many great sites, including ours, provide for free.

Get out there and make a difference to you, your family and the world!

Read up on how I PERSONALLY change the lives of my clients EVERY DAY!


For most business owners, there’s a giant gap between what we EXPECTED running our own business would be like and what it’s REALLY like.

When we decided to take the plunge and start our own business, most of us hoped that success would bring freedom to work on our own schedules, a level of financial abundance that our jobs couldn’t provide, and the fulfillment that comes from knowing that you’re making a positive difference for your clients.

Unfortunately, when you look at the experience that most small business owners are actually having, you really don’t see overflowing financial abundance, total fulfillment and satisfaction, or the kind of freedom that we imagined we were creating for ourselves. In fact, you see a whole lot of the opposite.

More often than not, business owners are tied to their computers and phones at all hours, struggling to make ends meet financially, and spending most of their time doing everything OTHER than what’s most fulfilling or inspiring.

And why is this all so predictable? What are we missing?

Stop Building a Job

The reason is that most entrepreneurs are fundamentally confused about what it takes to build a business.

We’ve grown up believing that the primary ingredients for success in business are hard work, intelligence, and maybe a dash of luck. By the sweat of your brow and the superiority of your thinking, it’s assumed, you’ll beat the competition, prove the doubters wrong, and rise to the top.

And of course, success in business does require hard work and clear thinking.

The problem is that most entrepreneurs are applying their hard work and focused thinking to the wrong things.

Imagine back to the 1940s when the McDonald brothers started their first hamburger stand in San Bernardino, California. They opened the doors and started flipping burgers, and people loved them and the quick service they offered.

But where would they have gotten if they thought the key to success was flipping more burgers faster? There are only so many hours in a day, after all. If they thought that starting earlier in the morning to make more milkshakes, more fries, and more burgers was the answer we wouldn’t have a McDonald’s on every street corner in America today. (Which, of course, would be a great thing… but that’s not the point of this story.)

There’s no possible way that you are going to achieve your vision of freedom, financial abundance, and fulfillment by answering more phone calls, handing out more business cards, making another appointment, or working longer hours.

The very best possible outcome down that road is that you’ll create a JOB for yourself. Maybe it’ll pay ok, and maybe you won’t have a boss. But you can expect to be frantic, always maxed out and to have a hard ceiling on your financial future. After all, there are only so many hours in a day.

Working harder and faster to do more WORK is not business building. Its job-building and ‘being your own boss’ is never going to get you what you set out to get when you started your business.

Now maybe this sounds familiar, and you know where I’m going with this, and you’re saying to yourself ‘that’s not me, I have employees that do a lot of the work’ but stick with me because it takes more than simply getting other people to do the doing of your business for you.

So, if working harder IN your business is not the answer, what is?

Start Building a Business

The answer is, of course, working harder ON your business. That is, to focus less on doing the work and focus more on building systems and processes that are designed to do the work.

Building SYSTEMS is the work that is the actual building of a business. You will never perform enough services or sell enough gadgets to build a business because those things have nothing to do with business building.

Business building is system building.

The McDonalds brothers did not flip-burgers their way to success. They (or, actually, the guy who bought the brand, Ray Kroc) built systems and processes for burger flipping and fry frying and hat wearing and napkin dispenser refilling, which he cumulatively called The McDonald’s Operating System and which he taught at Hamburger University to over 80,000 franchisees. Even today, McDonald’s is one of the top ten most valuable brands in the world because they built a business, not more burgers.

Why Systems are Good

So, let’s consider the value of system building specifically: why are systems better than not-systems?

Systems are Predictable

Imagine running a bakery without a system for baking cakes. Every day the cakes would come out a little different. Some days they’d be great, but sometimes they’d probably come out a little flat. Some customers would love your cake and come back, only to discover that the next time it didn’t turn out so great. Even if they got lucky twice, it would be only a matter of time before they got a dud cake. This is no way to run a business.

The same is true in every area of your business. If you follow up with a new lead differently every time, then the experience you’re delivering is going to be hit and miss. Some clients find you prompt and professional while others feel like you’re dropping the ball and maybe can’t be trusted with their business.

If you were to do your accounting a new way each month… well, you can imagine.

In order to have any consistency in the products or services you deliver, there must be ‘a way’ you do it every single time. An operating system for your business. For many small businesses, this happens naturally out of habit and ‘the system’ is never clarified or written down. That’s a shame, because when they are clear and written down…

Systems are Delegate-able

Until you’ve got clear systems in place, you are doomed to one of three possibilities:

  1. Doing it yourself.
  2. Being frustrated that your employees don’t do it right.
  3. Being hostage to an employee who DOES do it right.

Here’s how this goes.

When you start out, you do everything yourself. You answer the phones and set the appointments and perform the service and sell the goods. You are the best at it because this is your baby, you’re smart, and you care.

But eventually you run out of time in the day to do it all and you decide it’s time to bring on someone else to help out. You assign them some work – answer the phones and manage the appointments! – and hope for the best.

The first person you hire stinks at this. They can’t get it right. Appointments are double-booked or forgotten entirely. People show up at the wrong times. It’s a mess. You are frustrated beyond belief and can’t understand why this new person can’t get it right. You decide they must just be dumb.

You suffer through until they go find another job that’s less stressful.

Then you hire a replacement… and you strike gold! They’re awesome. Not only do they manage the phones and appointments, they’re great with your customers and they even start managing billing and the books. It’s a miracle! You are relieved and feeling good about yourself and your business.

A year goes by. Life is good.

Then one day, your employee comes to you and says they’ve gotten another job offer for twice the money.

You panic. You can’t afford to pay them that much, but you also can’t imagine running your business without them. You literally don’t know how to do their job. (What’s the login for the new appointment system they’re using, and how does it work?) Worse, you wouldn’t have time to do it even if you did know how.

You realize that your employee has you over a barrel. You have to pay them double and beg them to stay or risk having your business fall apart.

You have just learned – like almost every entrepreneur before you – the difference between delegating responsibility and abdicating it.

Without clear systems, you can not successfully delegate an ongoing responsibility. You can turn it over and get what you get, leaving yourself at the mercy of your employees.

With clear systems, delegating responsibility becomes easy. Training someone who has the skills required for the job becomes a simple matter of orientation. Expectations are clear.

And you can rest easy knowing that the job is getting done well because…

Systems are Measurable

When things are done the same way each time, they become measurable in a new way.

For example, if your sales presentation is done differently every time you do it, then you can’t possibly know what’s working and what isn’t. Sometimes you’ll make the sale and sometimes you won’t. Some salespeople will get dramatically better results than others, but you won’t know why or how.

On the other hand, when you write down and train a new sales team member how a presentation is done in detail, then you can reasonably expect them to (eventually) achieve results that are pretty close to others who have gone before them. And you could expect them to take a similar number of calls each day or week, to manage a similar number of leads.

You could also expect a new baker to make a nice fluffy cake every time, just like you did, if the recipe were detailed enough and the baker had the required skills or experience. And you would know how many cakes a baker could be expected to make in a day. And how many people walk through the door on a typical Tuesday, and how many cupcakes get sold on an average week.

Your entire business could become something that is measurable in detail. Looking at those numbers, you would quickly be able to see when everything and everyone is operating normally, when something is wrong, and when it’s time to step in and make some changes.

Best of all, when you made those changes, you’d know if they were working or not because…

Systems are Improvable

When you’re able to measure the details of your business, you suddenly have a whole new ability to improve things.

Sticking with the sales presentation example, you might know that your current presentation inspires, on average, 25% of the prospects who hear it to buy your main product. Armed with this knowledge, you could try a new style of presentation or share the benefits in a new way or shorten it or make it longer. Pretty soon, you’d be able to measure your new results and determine whether the changes you made are an improvement over what you were doing before.

From there, you could try again and, step-by-step, experiment your way to a much more effective presentation.

Or a better cake. Or better packaging or customer service or advertising.

Without systems, you are guessing at what works and what doesn’t, who’s good at their job and who’s not, and what your clients like or don’t.

With systems, you have the ability to create a measurably better business over time by using the one strategy that is time-tested and proven to work in ALL businesses: trial and error.

Systems are Scalable

When you don’t have clear systems in your business, growth is extremely challenging. Since delegation without clear systems is hit or miss, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed trying to keep things from falling apart all the time. Quality will suffer, customers will notice, and everything stops being any fun at all.

Once you have systems that are predictable, measurably working, and clear enough that you can delegate them successfully, doing more becomes a simple matter of throwing resources more at it.

If you want to bake more cakes, hire more bakers. If you want to manage more leads, hire another salesperson. Growth becomes a choice.

Better yet…

Systems are Automate-able

A famous investor named Marc Andreessen once said that “software is eating the world.” What he meant is that industry after industry is being upended by companies using software to automate systems at a previously unimaginable scale.

Amazon uses software to sell books, LinkedIn to do recruiting, Apple to sell movies and music. Pixar makes movies with software. Skype makes phone calls with software.

In every industry, even yours, companies are replacing high cost systems (managed by people) with low cost, high volume systems managed by software.

Salons and yoga studios are booking appointments and selling passes online. Restaurants are taking reservations online. Coffee shops are taking orders and payments online.

Of course, not every system is automate-able, but for those that are (and it’s more than you think) employing software to reliably, instantly and inexpensively run things can be a game changer.

Systems are Sellable

Finally, and possibly most importantly, systems create massive value in your business.

Companies that are run by the seat of the owner’s pants are virtually worthless. Any prospective buyer or investor needs to know that if or when you go, there’s a viable business left behind. Having a couple of well-trained employees is cold comfort to a new owner who knows that any employee can leave at the drop of a hat.

To a prospective buyer, systems that are documented in enough detail that they’re easy to follow and easy to train are, as much as the customer list or anything else, what they are buying. Systems ARE the business.

So, in the truest sense, the building of systems is the actual stuff of business building.

To know more call us on 1800 61 71 11

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Seoul, Korea

I love travelling to new places. Traveling is a way to challenge one’s self, to remain flexible and fluid. I am not a flexible person by nature; I like things done my way so you can imagine when that ideal is challenged, then I am  really challenged.

Myriam-Borg-at-Korea22 Keeping The Best Home BusinessThere is no better way to challenge one’s self than going to a totally ‘foreign’ country… what do I mean? Well a place that has no English language, for one thing.The language barrier can challenge the most mild mannered person and take them into a frenzy–when you talk but NO one understands you! What’s more some places have different none verbal communication all together.I have great none verbal communication but if it’s not relevant to the culture you are in, guess what, it’s useless! My current place of choice is South Korea where my family and I are hanging out. In South Korea my none verbal communication, my facial expressions, and my hand gestures mean very little!:)   So add that to the locals’ lack of understanding in English means they don’t get my attempt to be understood via gestures! 🙂
^A747DDA2B46F46416C826BB476F41BC7F79903BA62308B2C99^pimgpsh_thumbnail_win_distr Keeping The Best Home BusinessHere in Seoul, there are very few signs in English, EVERYTHING is in Korean, if you are lost you can’t even copy the street sign on a piece of paper and try to google the street name, you can feel really, really lost! So, why do I do it, to go somewhere totally foreign unprepared and figure out how to get by, you ask?  I mean is that any kind of holiday?  well its my kind of holiday BECAUSE it challenges me. It keeps me sharp and it allows me to develop ways to survive where it’s very difficult.


We developed a way of getting hotel staff (who barely speak English) to write things down on little sticky notes, which we then showed to relevant people (taxi drivers,  bus drivers, random person on the road). How do you figure out how to go from A to B on the public train system when nothing is in English and Google Maps is actually inaccurate? You become systematic, very systematic. You see their language as images and you problem solve. And that’s good, it sharpens you up. Because in business only the sharp survive. I get a sense of accomplishment from it, frustrating as it is; it makes me grow and gives my kids survival skills you cant buy any other way.

Which brings me to an important point about business. In the business world you need to be a hard core survivor. You need to enjoy challenges, and you need to have serious tenacity.

So here’s the thing, whilst you see me of travelling the world, working portably while enjoying an amazing lifestyle, what you need to realise is that it is a result of very hard work, tenacity and real discipline. So if you are considering being in business for yourself and reaching for that dream, you need to get real. Portable home business is still business; it takes hard work to set that up and no one will do it for you. If you find working for a boss too hard now, let me save you a whole lotta trouble: it’s 3 times as hard to SUCCESSFULLY work for yourself to maintain the best home business in Australia. If you enjoy playing victim a lot as is rife in our ‘your are never to blame for your failures ( cause someone else is always responsible)’ western culture, guess what, you are not suited for business. Business will break you. So I will give you the advice I give my kids, it goes like this ‘you are always always always responsible for everything that happens in your life.’

Everything that happens in your life is a RESULT of what you think, what you do and what you choose to ignore, or not do.

there are no victims. There is reality, as is. its called life.

If you want to see how things really are, go to India or Egypt where if you do not work and know how to survive you may end up begging on the streets. It’s harsh reality; ‘Reality’ being  something we are desperately lacking in our society-   if any of this is too harsh for you, stick to  what you are currently doing, because business is a game you either survive or die.

In Korea I gave my two older boys 60,000 WON (equivalent to AUD $80.00) and told them to tour the city for a full day and come back safe to our hotel. They have no skills in the Korean language and had to use the public transport system. Nothing–as in nothing–is in English… they survived and, in fact, they loved it so much they are planning another trip to south Korea.

Now I am not sure why I am writing this out, I think we tend to be so politically correct as Australians and the older I get the more real I want to be. My opinion is a reflection of our company brand, so if you agree then we are on the same page. If you don’t agree with my opinions… even better. There are many business gurus and business products that could be better suited for you. Here at Create Australia we only want the few who see things our way, since this creates a synergy that can propel you to success as you set out in your own home business.

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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is involved in all manner of selling and marketing, then you better listen close. We all know that closing networking and recruiting someone to buy into your program, service or product can be difficult most of the time. Some of you may be starting to become more and more wary of rejections and objections coming from seemingly all sides possible.

Turning a “No” to a Resounding “Yes!”

What if I told you that I have something that can make the rejections and objections stop? That’s right, no more “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t know how to sell” or “I need to think about it.” Indeed, it’s time to say goodbye to the familiar lines that you encounter on a regular basis whenever you are doing a pitch. I know people who just wish for the opposite every single time they hear these lines. They will usually ask themselves, “What am I doing wrong? I think I presented the product very well.”

Little do they know, that is exactly why these prospects and customers become disinterested; and I want you to avoid this very common pitfall in closing. What I am about to share with you is a very effective way in turning your networking conversion around. So much so that it’s the people who would be asking you how to subscribe and buy in to what you are pitching.

Entrepreneurs should listen more; talk less

The key here is to do not get too absorbed with the networking process. That’s right, I’m telling you to stop thinking about presenting your product or service and, instead, let your prospects and customers dominate the conversation. Ask for their dreams and hopes and make sure that you let them know you are hanging on to every word. Let them know that you are also a consumer just like them and that you are very well aware of the difficulties that come with it time and again.

You just have to believe that what you have for them is good and can be really helpful to them. Communicate with integrity and make sure that your actions will always present a mutual benefit. When you do this, I assure you that not only will you lessen the questions throughout your pitch, you could also eliminate objections right from the bat! Just do these things and pretty soon you will feel that you are growing increasingly confident in your product or service, and most importantly, to yourself as a communicator.

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