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Work / Life Attitude That Creates Success

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Working days can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs of day-to-day responsibilities. Business is challenging at best of times. So what creates success or failure? Where is that divide.

Myriam Borg, the Create Australia Founder has mentored hundreds of new business start ups and has been instrumental in setting up a great many business success stories. The key divide according to Myriam is ATTITUDE. Attitude dictates whether the glass is half full or half empty, it dictates your appetite for adventure in your business, it dictates how you feel about any given situation you face as an entrepreneur. “As business people we need to self motivate, we should find time to have a fun-filled time and good approach to what we do in our work or businesses”

Furthermore, Myriam Borg says” to maximize your productivity as a lifestyle entrepreneur, there are certain habits that you should adopt into your daily routine such as:

– Establishing a morning routine
– Maintaining high levels of energy
– Constant and never ending improvement
– Tracking key metrics
– Self accountability and focus
– Committing to high standards and integrity
– Proactively seeking new ideas and inspiration
– Setting and reviewing goals daily
– Focusing on income-producing activities

Thus, the secret key to success of Myriam Borg and her approach to business is not just a single thing but rather a collection of habits and attitudes that you can develop and nurture each day.
” In business a GREAT Attitude will take you far!”
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