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What Controls You, Owns You

0 comments WHO CONTROLS YOU?

What Controls You, Owns You!

Now that’s a million dollar question isn’t it?

Who controls you? I mean, who controls your day? Your feelings during the day, how you think and most importantly WHAT YOU DO in those 16 hours of waking time we call “a day”?

A partner? Your kids? The media/news/fears? Is it your family? Any random fool with a laptop and an internet connection who wants to throw something your way (Facebook /emails, etc)? Are you getting me?
Who is it? Have you ever stopped to think??

Who Really Controls Your Life?

Do you control your day, your thinking, your life? Or do you let others control your day, your family, any dramas, random occurrences that distract you and push you here then there?

Frankly, I’m confused with people who let others control them. How do they a/ get anything substantial done (they don’t)…. and b/ how do they achieve their dreams, goals and targets (they don’t do much of that either!)?

It might come off as a tad rude, but really I am just battling “the noise” for MY autonomy, for MY freedom of thought and actions, for my time to do the things I need to get the things I WANT done, without being derailed by someone else’s drama! I guard my time like a lioness and I do not get manipulated by social guilt and BS. So it may be perceived as rude, perhaps a snob, but why do what mediocrity does? Unless you want mediocre – but then why would you be here?

Get Out Of The Rat Race!

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We are assaulted daily, everyone is vying for our attention… for our interest can be so exciting… but we end up with the attention span of a 2 year old!

You know what I mean…..we have our phones with SMS, WhatsApp, LetsChat….then we have our emails, Facebook, messenger, TV, radio, there are conversations EVERYWHERE…But with all the conversations going on around us, we can’t let ourselves get caught up in all the noise and all of the clutter. It takes REAL effort stay focused on the task at hand – on what’s important and not give in to all the noise….. the chatter, the immature peer group-pressure which says “you do it because everyone else is doing it” hummm….

Remember- it takes strength to stand your ground against the status quo. It takes courage and audacity almost. That’s why very successful people tend to be audacious. That’s why when people say “you are rude” or “what audacity” – I smile proudly and softly say “ really, THANK YOU!” ….

Because I believe that control is Key.

Controlling your thoughts, your feelings, your day is THE key to your success. whatever the target may be!

Warm regards

Myriam Borg

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