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Myriam Borg; The Sweet Potato Story!

0 comments The Story Of Sweet Potato By Myriam Borg - The Creator Of Refund Consulting Program

I have a story to share today, it involves my husband and potatoes, but it’s really related to business 😉

A little while ago I was cooking, and I had a sweet potato that had been at the back of the veggie basket for a while, it was old, squishy, had sprouts, so I decided to throw it away.

My husband standing next to me said, “don’t throw it, I’ll cut the top off and see if we can grow it” – I asked if that would work, and really we had no idea… I Googled it and there was nothing I could find on lobbing the end of a potato and sticking it in a planter, but it was an experiment!

A few months pass and we see the planter is absolutely full of greenery, and what looks like could be the end of a potato – and this seemed to spread.

Then one day, we pulled back the earth and this planter was full of sweet potatoes – beautiful looking sweet potatoes when we dug them out and there were about 12 or so.

Myriam Borg - The Sweet Potato Story
The lesson to me in this is that no matter how small, or ‘incorrect’ something looks, it could have huge potential to become something so much more – don’t automatically discard it because you can’t see past what it is right now.

The original potato we planted was nowhere to be found, but the legacy it left behind was amazing 😉

Start from where you are right now, it doesn’t matter where that may be, it may take a little time, but with care and attention you’ll GROW, it’ll be worth the wait. Here’s to your success and abundance!

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