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“Hi” From Koh Samui, Thailand:)


  1. Hi Guys,

When i was 15 I read a book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. That book became a catalyst in my life. For the first time ever I realized that I was not a victim of circumstance, that if life gave me lemons I didn’t have to make lemonade I toss the lemon in the bin because I liked Mangos best:) in other words at the tender age of 15 I clicked onto the fact that I was the creator of my destiny, that by my will I can create the life I wanted….

It takes a long time and plenty of reinforcement for a thought to really fruit into belief. Liking something is one thing but between getting an ‘ aha’ moment to actually living that new found belief system took me years. For me it was about a 10 year period. That’s a lot of commitment to a belief system before actually seeing any results:)

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But then things started to change quickly…. between age 25 and 30 I went from struggling to having financial security. I started a successful Refund consulting business returning lost and unrecovered funds to its rightful owners and making a killing in the process. It was a feel good business. By age 30 I felt a confidence that only comes from mastering your will. By that I mean when the force of your ‘will’ becomes stronger than the force of random circumstance. Let me repeat that again… life mastery is when the force of your will or your intention overpowers life. So you effect life not the other way around.

After that point its a very different game that you play with life. I started practicing it by reinforcing it. Materalising dreams through sheer will. A home in Strathfield Sydney, a new BMW, a trip to Tahiti for my kids these were the first markers the first steps towards a bigger life. Since then its been about creating more, being more and contributing more. I wrote a to achieve list…. i thought it would take me the rest of my life to achieve it…. on it was 15 overseas destinations to visit, several real estate investments, and a fair few Porsche cars:),  a holiday home, a private island for our family use and the best education money can buy for my kids…. I ticked them all off the list…. done! Then I felt lost, what now? I mean I achieved my dreams in 10 years, I felt great but “What to do now” I thought? That was tough. Very tough. You see if you are not growing you are shrinking. I know that…This goes for muscles, brain development and finances…

So I did what I do best, I went on a long holiday to contemplate:)  I wizzed by my place in Vava’u Tonga for a few days then headed off to new destination at  Koh Samui Thailand.

Contemplation is critical to growth…Far more valuable than unfocussed productivity.

I am writing a bucket list, and as I achieve one of my goals I will share it with you.

Now… What am I doing in koh samui…? I wake up about 7 am local time. My family and I are staying right on chewong beach, first thing in the morning I put my cossies and my sneakers on and go for a jog along the beach just a short 20 minute, we then have breakfast right on the beach (see pictures) then we go off shopping at Fisherman’s village or island hopping and doing dives in amazing spots in koh samui’s offshore islands… my 17 year old is doing his scuba licence… me?  am addicted to the coconut lassi shakes that are popular here and have several of them through out my day (along with mojitos)… I get a one hour massage at a massage hut that’s on the beach… on super hot days like today I write emails like this one, chillax.

And I contemplate. Contemplate. You think its indulgence… but what it is me prepping and gearing up to the biggest 10 year stint coming up. Where the dreams include impacting more people in more countries where I travel by private jet and have a cook available at all times to cater to my family and friends, and the biggest dream of all  “living in many exotic destinations” absorbing their culture and overall flavor… now if an average girl from Sydney’s west can do that, let me tell you anyone can:)

If you want a copy of Think and grow rich please write me back I’ll have it sent to you within 24 hours. It started me on an amazing journey, and its a must read for everyone wanting to master this game called Life.

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