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A Kid Proof Business

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A Kid Proof Business- Or Emergency Proof

So you probably know Dave by now, he’s featured in a couple of my previous emails I’ve sent out to you. He’s an old Aussie friend of mine who is now currently living in the USA.

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Anyway I’ve been talking to him over the past couple of days from Prague. But last night I got a call from him at around 12am. He was a mess because his youngest daughter had just fractured not one of her legs! But TWO while she was playing with her brother on their scooters.

She’s fine now, a bit rattled and the doctors assured him that there was no chance that the accident would effect her growth later in life.

So That’s Lucky!

However, it does mean that for the next 6 weeks. She’s going to be fully out of action, and he is needed at home to help out!

  • No catching the bus to school…
  • She can’t get up to make her self something to eat…
  • She can’t really shower properly either… etc, etc, etc

So What Does This Mean For His Business? 

It means HE’S OUT! Nada, he isn’t going to be able to work for the full 6 weeks as she’ll need his full attention at home. He’s in a real pickle as it means he is not going to have those extra funds they were really depending on over the January, February, March period…

This has been a real eye-opener, he wasn’t planning on having a TEMPORARILY disabled child over the next 6 weeks.

He is self employed so he gets NO paid leave.

In the blink of an eye his world has been turned upside-down!

It kind of made me think back to when I was first looking at getting starting in business. My top requirement apart from it being a home business… was making sure it was

“Kid Proof!”

(Or emergency proof!)

If one of my kids got sick or wanted my attention then I needed to be able to put it down at any time. Close shop and walk away. But still have funds coming in…

When I think back to when I initially decided to start a home business. I remember how hard it was deciding what I was going to do, finding something that was a genuine opportunity, then embracing it!

It was tough, but today I am genuinely grateful…

Check out my latest blog post from Prague today, I had a bit of an epiphany. But I will save that for those of you who are interested.


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