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A Business Nightmare!

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This morning I was talking to a really great friend of mine, his name is Dave, we’ve known each other since University days. He lives in the USA now so we don’t really get to see each other very often which is sad… but we do like to try to catch up from time to time.

So he said to me,

“Wouldn’t it be great if we met up and maybe went somewhere with our families together! I’ve been missing AUS and could really use some RandR.”

I said,

“Yeah that would be great, send me the dates you’re available.”

That’s when he wrote back… explaining that he couldn’t get away till 2018!

Let me tell you this…

I don’t plan my trips 2 years in advance, I’d be lucky to spend a month organising them before I went. I make a decision to go and then I DO IT! I’ve always been that way.

I felt sorry for Dave for a minute before I realised, he had actually created this situation for himself. He owns his own business… why could he not take time off? Why could he not step away?

A Business Nightmare!

You’d assume that being a business owner would give you the power to call your own shots… take a break when you wanted to… etc.

Well let me tell you this…

  • Not All Businesses are created equal…
  • Not All Businesses give you the same freedom to travel and work and tools down when you want to.

And Not all businesses still bring home the doe even when you’re not glued to a computer screen.

I am talking about REAL freedom, not the superficial stuff that gurus preach to you through a microphone. About how you can CREATE FINANCIAL FREEDOM IN ANY BUSINESS… Most business models can’t actually be made to work this way and even fewer can actually sustain it.

Truely, I could wake up tomorrow and fly over to the USA with my family and not bat an eyelid at my money making potential.

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